Tips - How To Make Smooth Egg Sheet
Some of my bento friends asked me on how I made smooth egg sheet a while ago. I'm sorry for the delay of this post but I finally can get all the pictures taken this morning and ready to share it with all of you. Hope this post will be helpful and if there is any other different method to make it, please share it in the comment box. And please note that the ingredients I used for this post were only to make 2 egg sheets.
> 3 Chicken Eggs
> 15ml Water
> 1 tsp Cornstarch
> Tamagoyaki Pan (if you don't have it, you can also use your non-stick pan)
2 Bowls

> Small Kitchen Strainer
> Egg Whisker or Fork
> Flip Spatula

> Mix the eggs with the egg whisker / fork in the bowl.
> Mix the 15ml water with 1tsp cornstarch.
>Add the mixed water & cornstarch to the egg mixture.
> Strain the ready mixture (egg, water, cornstarch) to the new bowl. This step is very important to get the smooth egg sheet. Because when we mix the eggs, we will get a lot of bubbles in the mixture. By straining the mixture, we can get rid all the bubbles in the mixture.
If you would like to color the egg sheet, then add the food coloring first before you strain the ready mixture. You can either use the natural food coloring or the artificial food coloring. For this post, I'm using the artificial food coloring.
( Note : I measured 30ml ready mixture to make 1 egg sheet in tamagoyaki pan )
> Put a little bit of cooking oil or spray the oil on the tamagoyaki/non-stick pan.
> Use the kitchen tissue to wipe the surface. We don't want the egg sheet too oily.
> Use the small burner on your stove and put the tamagoyaki/non-stick pan. This also is very important because you can get the smooth egg sheet by using the small-slow heat on the pan.
> Pour the ready mixture into the tamagoyaki/non-stick pan right after you put the pan on the stove. Don't heat up the pan first because you will not get the smooth sheet later.
> Wait until you see the smooth top layer harden. Then you can turn off the stove and move the egg sheet to the plate or cutting board.

Hope you can try this and have fun making your own smooth egg sheet!!


Thanks for the tutorial, it is so detail (^o*). Can't wait to get a non-stick pan and try it out. Muaakkk....

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! Hope you can have fun making it :)

Fantastic tutorial! I am too lazy to strain my eggs so they never come out as perfect as yours do. :) I love those little measuring cups- so cute!

What a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing! I'll have to try it out for sure! And you have so cute kitchenware Lia *__* I'm so jealous!!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@Token : Thanks a lot Token! Cute kitchenware ... just love to have it :)

Aren't you simply the best!!!???
thanks for the very detailed really are the bento guru..^_^

Akuh saiiiank Mbak Liaaa muaaachh hihihihi... Makasih bgt yah mbak tipsnya, ini ni yang kutunggu-tunggu, akhirnya nonggol juga hehehehe. Oya mbak, itu telurnya gak perlu dibalik lagi ya? Wah kayaknya aku kudu beli wajan kotak itu sama saringan deh hihihi. Emang bener, problem telur dadarku selama ini adalah terlalu berminyak sama banyak bubblesnya. Mbak Lia, kayaknya mbak ntar bisa bikin Cute Stuff Museum deh hehe, soalnya koleksinya Mbak Lia lucu2... :D

all ur cooking utensil vy cute ^_^ like it

Thanks for that really detailed tutorial! I definitely have to try it out as soon as I get my new pan!

@Deby Suwito : Thanks a lot Deby! Can't take that bento guru title lah ... just happy to share :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Sorry baru bisa di-post sekarang soalnya photo step-by-step sendirian rada ribet hihihi ... Ng usah dibalik telurnya karena dgn api kecil jd dia matang semuanya tp enggak gosong di bawah. Selamat mencoba yah :)

@仪仪妈咪 : Thanks 仪仪妈咪! I love cute stuffs ... I don't know when I can stop the habit :)

@Bianka : Thanks a lot Bianka! Hope you can try it after you get your new pan :)

Finally you post this tips. I always wonder how you get that smooth egg shet. Thanks Lia for very detail photos..

this is superb Lia Chen....muaks...

Thanks so much for showing us how to make the egg sheets step by step! I have to go to the store now and buy more eggs so I can try this straight away!! Great post thanks again!

@mushima hawani : Thanks a lot Wani! Hope this post is helping :)

@Jess : Thanks a lot Jess :)

@Bento Box / Asfora : Thanks a lot Asfora! Have fun with it :)

excellent detailed tutorial lia -- and i agree with linda on twitter, even your kitchen tools (measuring cup, spatula flipper etc.) are kawaii!

i tried to make egg sheets just the other night and it didn't go too well. i guess i have been doing two things wrong: heating up the pan beforehand, and adding the food coloring to the mixture after straining.

oh well, i will try again with your helpful tips! thanks egg sheet guru! hope mine can come out like yours!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Hope you can get it right this time ... I'm sure you will put it beautifully in your bento :)

Great tutorial - thanks!!

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou :)

Lia, you're the best!!! I've been wondering how to make these magical egg sheets ;) Thanks!

@gnoegnoe : Thanks a lot Gnoe!

beautiful tutorial. thanks so much!

waahhh...akhirnya muncul di blog juga tips yang ini...waktu itu aku dah sempet nanya...dah nyoba juga mbak, tapi kok msh suka berkerut yah?apa karena apinya aku besarin yah?abis gak sabar sih...hehehe

aku ngikutin blog mbak terus loh...

Yay! Thanks for the tip! I am going to do this this weekend. I have a new omelette pan hope that works. I am going to check out you other tips too. I tell you...I'm working on getting this bento thing down pat!

Ha! I was noticing the same thing with your cute cooking utensils! :)

Very details one :)

This is certainly a very helpful tutorial to me! Can't wait to try that out! And you have so many cute kitchenware, everything is just so cute, envy envy! :)

That's awesome Lia! Thanks for the lesson :)

Your tutorial is not only incredibly informative, its so beautifully produced, Lia! A delightful post and thanks for sharing your cooking expertise with us :)

Lia, I can never tell if my comment went thru or not -- so best if I leave it via laptop, I guess!
Such a helpful tutorial! Can you freeze the sheets, and for how long? I am too lazy to do this, but maybe if I can freeze them I might be able to manage it. Thanks for the peek into your spotless kitchen! The last time my stove was that clean was the day I moved in :D

@Eula : Thanks a lot Eula!

@Purple Angel : Thanks a lot Sysyl! Semoga tipsnya bisa membantu yah :)

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey! I think it's okay to use omelet pan to make this. Have fun to try it on your weekend :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot dear!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! You know me ... hehehe ... always drooling over the cute stuffs :D

@Angi : Thanks a lot too Angi :)

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I enjoy so much taking the pictures for my post ... the only problem is to do step-by-step pictures my byself sometimes it's hard especially the part that I have to hold something. But finally, glad can make these pictures and shares it :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Honestly, I never freeze my egg sheet. I tried before to put the egg sheet in my chiller. It seems only can store it for 2 days max. The spotless kitchen hehehe ... my mom always very strict so I pick up her habit to always clean my stove every time I finish my cooking :D

wonderful tutorial even a noob like me can understand hehe... thx for sharing! love the colours. You spent a lot of love and work on your bentos!

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy for always so nice with your comment :)

Wow!! Wat an excellent tutorial! Tks v much Lia for sharing!

You are so meticulous and it really shows in everything you do. I simply love love love your cutlery. Where do u buy all these cuties?

We are all down with flu again, hope your son is better now?

Do take care! ;)

Thanks for the tips mba Lia.

your in my blog read list.. hehehe

Very cute wares you have for sure. Love the egg cups for measuring. The instructions are very detailed and I appreciate the exact measurement for the egg mixture. I am going to attempt this now. :) Tks. Will let you know if it works. :)

@tona-mama : The props are from housewares section in our local department store and Daiso. My son is getting better now, thanks a lot for your concern. It very nice of you. Take care too for you and family, get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water :)

@DinnaPutriAprila : Thanks a lot Dinna! Very appreciate it :)

@SIG : Thanks a lot! Hope you can try it and please let me know the result later :)

Hi Lia Chen, thank you so much! I just tried it this morning and it's a success! But I did get more than 60ml in total, so maybe the eggs I used were bigger than yours. And in my excitement, I forgot to put oil but it still worked! I did add a bit of salt though. But how do you get the colours so vibrant? I couldn't get the pink tone I wanted, and my blue turned to green hahaha. And another thing I found out what that I needed a burner which heats the entire pan evenly, because I started with a small burner and only one side was cooking initially so they were ridges in it but overall very good end result. I almost gave up on egg sheets after I tried a recipe which failed miserably. Tks much! :D More practise makes perfect. :P

@SIG : Thanks for trying it! I you would like to make the pink and blue egg sheets then you have to separate egg white and egg yolk. Just use the egg white because if don't then you will get red (pink+yellow) and green (blue+yellow). Agree with you ... practice makes perfect :)

Great tips Lia! I'll definitely give it a try one of these days!

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice!

This is so wonderful, I will be trying this soon! I also HAD to find that egg measuring cup on amazon!

@Fluteloop : Thanks a lot! You don't have to use a specific egg measuring cup. You can use the other measuring cup that you have ;)

Great tutorial and you have the cutest kitchen accessories I have seen in a long time. The egg glass with the feet is adorable. You make making eggsheets seem so easy, not sure I'll be as successful though.

@Ceinwyn/Ingrid : Thanks a lot Ingrid! I'm sure you can do it too :)

A bit behind on my blog reading... Love the tutorial - thanks so much! Now I must think of something fun to do with it! :)
Love that little measuring cup! So cute!


@Kashmirkat : Thanks a lot Tammy! Just read your post ... lots of bento there :) Please try the egg sheet and have some fun with it (^.^)

This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing...! I just bought two bento accessories a few days ago, I want to start making bento too, even though I know I wouldn't be able to make it on a regular basis...

thanks for the reminder about this post. I had forgotten that it included how you got the color. I have to give this a try, I'll let you know how it turns out when I do. One more question though, how long can you keep this in the refrigerator? Is it possible to make the night before?

@Kelly Polizzi : Hope you can try and have fun with it! Actually I never put them in the fridge. But I read before that the egg sheet can be put in the fridge for 2 days.

thanks, I appreciate the return comments! And your wonderful tutorials!

Oh, I definitely have to try this out.. my bento faces will come to life! Thanks a lot!!

heres a link to my first attempt!

@Ulla Krause : No worries. Please have fun with it!

@Kelly Polizzi : Oh my Kelly! Your egg sheet is so perfect! Well done :)

thank you're adorable!
now i know how to make the lovely character-cut like others' expert bento. i'll link mine to yours, as soon i practice to make them :)

hi,I really love all your bentos, u're so creative! Before I come across this great tutorial of yours, I kept wondering how to get those cute & colorful pieces of designs, what are they made of?? Now I know..LOL
Btw, besides using natural/artificial food colorings,can I use those colored flavored pastes used for baking/cookies/cooking etc..? Where can I get those artificial food colorings? I never use all this before so I've got no idea about all these.. hee.. :P

I know that this is an old post but I can't eat eggs - I've seen pasta sheets used the same way but I don't want to mess it up. Have you done anything on that?

I'd love to post this tutorial as part of the November challenges at Bento Blog Network. I would like people here and they would have to create an egg sheet & use it in the bento they post for that week's meme. I'd put it up November 18th. OK!

mbak liaaaa... aku tadi googling "how to make tamago sheet" dan sampe sini! Waw, kumplit! aku pengen bikin muka doraemon dari egg sheet.. Biasanya aku ngewarnain lasagna rebus :D ini kayaknya lebih mudah. Thanks!

We haven't seen you in a long time. I hope all is OK with you. I was just reading through this tutorial before attempting an egg sheet. Almost time for it to be featured at Bento Blog Network!