Bentolicious #097
Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for the lack of post during last week. My father-in-law got a stroke on Tuesday morning after playing badminton and fell down during the game. Nothing happened when he was in the badminton court until he arrived at home, suddenly he couldn't speak at all. He tried to call my brother-in-law with an unclear voice. My brother-in-law was already on the way to his office and he immediately drove back home, picked up my FIL and brought him to the hospital. My husband went to the hospital directly from the office. I was in shock too because my FIL was very healthy and very active. My husband and my brother in law took turn to spend the night at the hospital. Yesterday after lunch time, doctor said my FIL could go home. A lot of improvement after day 2 in the hospital. Now, he will need speech therapy and motoric therapy for his right hand and foot. Thanks a lot to friends on twitter, who read my tweets ... Thanks a lot for all the supports and prayers. Really appreciate it!

On Friday, me and my husband took a 1 day trip to Kuala Lumpur to watch West Side Story (Original Broadway-South East Asia Tour) and flew back again on Saturday's afternoon. We had to leave our father because we could not cancel the trip. We almost canceled the trip because my FIL was still in the hospital. But my husband decided to keep the trip on schedule because we have already paid the hotel, airline tickets, and show tickets early this month. Our FIL and bother were very understanding fortunately. So we tried to enjoy this little blessing in our life. We enjoyed the show very much. It was a great show! And a great time spent together without the kids :)

Today's bento was very simple (hope tomorrow I can do a better one). I made the flowers from egg and crab stick. Put them on the top of the rice and made flower shapes carrots as baran around the rice. Since this month theme for BOMB challenge is Flowers, I think this bento is qualified to be entered into BOMB challenge. You can read the details from Debra's blog, Hapa Bento. Please join this fun event!

Inside the box : rice topped with egg and crab stick flowers, sauteed Chinese okra with egg and tofu, and sauteed Weisswurst sausage with onion.


Glad to hear that your FIL is recovering well.
That's a very flowery bento. :) And oh boy, you have just reminded me about BOMB!

Lia, I'm so glad that your FIL is recovering so well. That entire event must have been pretty scary. Just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend's mother suffered a minor stroke and we were pretty shaken up by the entire event.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed that you're able to get even this lovely of a bento made with everything happening in your life lately. It's very lovely and all the flowers look terrific. :)

@shoppingmum : Thanks a lot Amy! Really appreciate it ... and don't forget to join the BOMB :)

@hypothermya : Thanks a lot dear for all your supports! It was pretty scary at the first because he couldn't speak at all and couldn't move the right side of her body parts. Prayers and supports were coming from friends and families ... make him stronger. Will get back to the bento this week. Catching up with everyone's bento making :)

I somehow missed your tweets about your FIL :( I am very glad to hear he is doing better! We will pray for his continued recovery!

I love the pretty flower bento today :)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! Very kind of you :)

Love your pretty flowers, perfect for BOMB! So glad your FIL is doing better!

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri for all your supports! GBU :)

I hope your FIL will fully recover, Lia...and I always love your lovely bento

@Yenny : Thanks a lot Yenny! Very appreciate it :)

So glad to hear your FIL is on the mend! Keep the faith!

Praying for a complete recovery for your FIL. Hope you and your family are doing well after such a stressful time. Lia your bentos always look so lovely despite everything!

No wonder your "HOME" is locked for few days, thought you were busy with your kids exam and new house. Hope your FIL will get well soon.

So glad that your FIL is recovering so well.
Lovely bento with all that cute little flowers.

Awesome that your FIL is recovering! I'm glad you enjoyed the the show. I love going to the theater. Bento is gorgeous as always :)

Sorry to hear about your FIL but the good thing is that you caught it quickly and hopefully his recovery won't be too long. Phew!

Beautiful bento, those flowers really perked up my morning :)

Good wishes to you and yours.

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! We will :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan for your prayers! Really appreciate it. We believe God will heal him completely, just need to be patient :)

@Vanessa : Not lock lah! The owner isn't in the house hehehe :D So the blog was empty for almost 1 week. But I'm back! Good to hear from you and thanks a lot Vanessa :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann for everything!

@Angi : Thanks a lot Angi! Me and my husband love to watch show on the theater. Unfortunately we don't have it in Indonesia. The closest one will be in Singapore/Malaysia/Australia. So whenever we have a chance and a good show ... we will go. It's kind of precious experience for us :)

@Aileen : Thanks a lot Aileen! Really appreciate it. We thought will be another week in the hospital but thanks God for everything :)

Hi Lia, Really sorry to hear about your FIL, sending best wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Your bento is cool - it reminds me of some Flower Power trousers I had in college :o)

@Asfora : Thanks a lot Asfora for everything! Flower Power sounds cool :)

Comment from Pauline (Pipaw) via e-mail : All these flowers look gorgeous! I don't know how you manage to make such beautiful bento everytime, especially after such a difficult week end (I have been reading your blog for a few months but I am a shy person so it took me time to leave messages!). Hope your FIL recovers well.

@Pipaw : Sometimes I have those uninspired days too hehehe ... I just love to post something to share with everyone else in 'bento world'. Thanks a lot Pauline to read my blog and put your first comment here! Really appreciate it! You can comment anytime you like, I love to read it (^.^)

Hey LIa Chen, glad u r back and hope ur FIL is as fit as previously soon. A simple yet beautiful flower bento u made, cheer up!

@kel : Thanks a lot Kel for your kind comment as always :)

Hey Lia, you are back! Hope your FIL has a speedy recovery!
This is really a lovely flowery bento! Fit the BOMB perfectly :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! You are so sweet :)

All best wishes for your FIL's quick and full recovery, Lia!
Another lovely bento full of delicate good cheer, thank you for brightening my day with it!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Your comment always makes me happy :)

hi Lia,
that explains the absence of yr bento post...miss it really..
Glad that yr father in law is doing ok now..hope the speech theraphy also working well...
now, am the one who has to give u big hug...^_^

really sorry to hear about your FIL, hope his getting better n better... GBU
btw, your flower looks great...

@Deby Suwito : So sorry, didn't post anything last week. But I'm back now hehehe ... We will also combine Chinese acupuncture treatment for him and pray a lot of course. Thanks a lot Deby for your big hug! (^.^)

@benTo-BEnToAn : Thanks a lot Debby! Really appreciate it :)

So sorry to hear about your FIL; glad he is doing better! We hope he continues to heal healthfully.

Cute bento!

loving the flowers!

Praying for a complete recovery for your FIL. Worry to heard that you loss weight, take good care of yourself more ya.
Hope those little tiny flowers will bring all good things into your family..^^

Hi lia, I missed your blog . Thought you were busy with your kids exam. Glad to hear that all is well and you are 'back'!

Yummy egg flowers . Almost too arty to eat!

God bless!


@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou for your kindness! I really appreciate it :)

@mr. pineapple man : Thanks a lot for your nice comment!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel for your prayer! You are such a good and caring friend :)

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! Missed blogging too but I'm back again :)

@凶妈妈 : 真的很谢谢你!

i am so happy to hear your FIL has improved... what a relief, and i wish him continued recovery! nice that you got away for a quick show with your hubby, too.

SOOOOO many flowers in this one, definitely a great entry for the BOMB theme! you always impress me with your perfect egg sheets and cheerful designs lia :-)

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan for everything! You always a BFF :D

I wish your FIL a speedy recovery!

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

Lia, I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law's stroke! I will say a prayer, and glad that he is doing better! And lovely bento as always : )

This flower bouquet bento is a hit! Fabulous Mbak Lia :D. Oh, I'm so so sorry about Mbak Kakung, I'm late to know about it. But, very glad that he's getting better. Give my very best wishes for Mbak Kakung's health. Hope he'll be stronger and healthier thank before :D

@Rachel : Thanks a lot Rachel! Very appreciate it for your prayer :) He is getting better bit by bit.

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata for your kindness and for your wishes :)

a bit late in my comments, apologise. hope your FIL is feeling better by now.

on another topic, if u r ever in kl do let me know - would wish to meet up with u!!! :)

take care.