Tips - How To Use Pocket Bread Mold
As promised yesterday, today I posted my bread mold collections for your reference. I have put some tips too just in case if you needed it. But I think most of you already know how to use it. I usually use my bread mold to prepare breakfast for the kids. This is very useful if you want to put bread instead of rice in your bento. We are doing a quite intensive packing and moving stuffs for the next few weeks. So I will take a break from making bento for a while. Hope I can get back to post something very soon.

Create a clean sandwiches with the closed edges. Very convenient! You don't have to worry the filling spill everywhere.



These cute cookie cutters can also be used as bread mold. Just cut the bread with the cutter and press down the stamp on the top of the bread to get those cute characters.


(1) Open the pocket bread mold. (2) Put a bread on the bottom part. (3) Close the mold with the upper part and press it gently. (4) Open the upper part and you can see the outline on the bread. (5) Put the filling in the center - in this picture I put strawberry jam and 'pandan kaya' jam. (6) Put another bread on the top before you close the upper part. (7) Press it very hard with your hand, up-down-left-right-center. (8) Open the upper part and you can see your pocket bread are cut perfectly. (9) Remove unwanted part.
For successful pocket bread, remember to not put too much filling and check the size of the bread, and try to use soft bread. If the bread is too small then you are likely to find some of the edges are not closed perfectly.


(1) Take one of the cutter and press it down to the bread. (2) Make 2 cut outs with the same cutter. Put the filling in the center. (3) Take another cutter which is one size smaller and put it upside down with the sharp edge facing up. Press it down to the bread. (4) You have a pocket bread with the closed edges.


Wah! You've so many cute bread molds ~ 真的眼花缭乱噢!

I love those bread cutters, but I don't have any :P. I especially like the smallest one you showed tips for !

thanks for these helpful tips lia, i am still very bad at making pocket sandwiches and this will help a lot!

do you think it's correct to say the key things are 1) not overfilling and 2) soft bread?

i think maybe not having the right bread has been the culprit so far.

love your HUGE collection -- one day you need to take a photo of ALL your bento tools, bet it fills up a whole room! the tiny corner heart pockets are my favorites :-)

good luck with the moving, we will miss your bentos in the meantime!

i'm new in the field, and i don't have any bread molds. but now i can make sandwiches with cutters! yey! thanks for the tip! :)

@Anncoo : Thanks Ann!

@ktycat : You can buy it from some online stores and e-bay :) Thanks for your comment!

@megan : Ah yah I forgot the soft bread point ... will edit and add it to the post. Thanks a lot Megan! ... And btw, I'm scare to take a picture of the whole collections LOL :D

@vicuska : Thanks a lot! Yes, you can make a cut out from your cutter too :)

These are so neat!! I haven't progressed to sandwich molds yet - mostly because my family is not big on sandwiches, but it might be fun to have a few cute ones every once in a while. Thanks for sharing. :)

I'll miss your bento posts and look forward to when you can start again. Hope the move goes well!

Oh, it's that easy? I can use simple cutters too? Perhaps I can try! Thanks Lia!!

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou for your kind comment! I will still checking on everybody's post and will be awesome to see your posts too :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Hope you can try it too :)

I'm going to have to try the cookie cutter technique, I have some heart cookie cutters that are very close on size. I envy that miffy cutter though, too cute! Thanks so much for the tips!

Yeah, I'm jealous ;)

Hi Lia, I've been following your blog but haven't had a chance to comment. anyway, thanks for sharing. i am curious as to which online stores do you go for these cute things? Also, with all the bento that you prepare for your kids, do they normally heat it up? and do you use microwave-safe containers? I am interested in bringing bento to work but not sure how to deal with heating it up, my work has microwave though. thanks

Your collections make me WOW..:D.. feel happy just to look at the pic..haha~

@scwkitty : Thanks a lot for your comment! Hope you can use your cutters to make a pocket bread :)

@Angi : Forgive me Angi hehehe ... :D

@sulovessew : Thanks a lot Su! I usually ask some friends living in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to get the stuffs for me or buy it from online store. You can check : NST, J-Mama & Baby, J-List, Bento & Co.
I prepared kids' bento in the morning so they eat it without reheating it. If you need to reheat it with microwave and then yes you have to use micowave-safe containers. Hope this can help :)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! We just love bento stuffs, don't we?

Oh my goodness, what an extensive range of moulds!

look at ur bento stuffs make me crazy, hahaha~~luckily my place hard to find such cute bento (and i am lazy to buy online) if not i will really get crazy with those cute cute stuffs ~~

Thanks for the sharing for making the star pocket bread mould.

Lia, your collections amazed me!!!!! Gosh, you must have a room just for all your bento gadgets!

Found you through Happy Little those molds and stamps! I'm new to Bento making but I know what I am buying

Lia, thanks for sharing the tips. Now i know why mine didn't work out well in the past. I used soft bread! ha ha...
I'll try again soon

Envy envy envy, hehehe...

Thanks for the tips Lia, now I know how to exploit my cutters :)

After looking at your expansive collection I want to be sandwich cutter addict too! :P

Just teasing you Lia! You are a wonderful mom to take the time in creating beautiful and healthy lunches for your children.

@SIG : Thanks a lot!

@仪仪妈咪 : I'm in the other way ... because it's so hard to find bento stuffs here, keep me shopping from online store hahahaha :D Thanks a lot 仪仪妈咪!

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@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! But you were already in the right track to use soft bread :)

@mushima hawani : Thanks a lot Wani!

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! I will be happy to have a friend for sandwich cutter addict LOL :D

Wow!!!!! Your collections are huge!!!!! I love it!~

Thanks for the tips :) Learning a lot from your blog...

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot! Glad that you find it helpful :)

Wow Lia! You seems to have EVERYTHING! I'm really curious how you keep ALL your bento gears LOL

omg! you are really the queen of bento gadgets! hehe.. never mind i dont own them, just looking at the pics, i am already in oh and ah state. they are all so pretty and cute! thank you for sharing. cheers!/karen

WOW Lia! What an amazing collection! Those are fantastic sandwich cutters/molds that I have seen! Too cool!

Okay since I saw this psot I have been obsessed with finding some of these pocket molds, stamps and cutters...can not find them anywhere. Where did you get all yours from?

I hope your family will soon finalize the moving and be back to a cozy life at your new house. Anyway, I'll be missing your post.

I'm just about to make a bread bento, so I'm gonna take your bread bento idea, okay!? ;D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Not everything lah ... I hope I can get a better space to put my bento stuffs in the new house ;)

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! I just love to collect them :)

@Mommyof2girlz : I put the links for online stores on my previous comment for Su, please check it too :) Thanks!

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! I will check on your post whenever I can get online. Hope can get back into bento making soon :)

Thanks for showing us your wonderful collection of bread molds Lia! I never knew there were so many different ways to seal a sandwich! :o) You inspired me to try it out!

What a huge collection! Good luck with the moving, I'll badly miss your bentos :D. Oya, don't forget to take pictures of your "new museum bento gadgets" ya! Hehehehe :D

@Asfora : Thanks a lot Asfora for your kind comment :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata!

A lot of bread mold there, all kinds, how much fun is that! Thanks for the tips!

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey!

Your collection is really precious! I haven't seen the square ones at our daiso before.

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

i love ur tips.. i've been practicing with love cutters ^-^ for my breakfast yesterday, tq..more tips yaa

@Indah Sarah : Thanks a lot Indah!

They are just sooo cute. Would love to borrow them from you :)))

li!! they're so cute!!! kemaren, Kiani said you used to be her colleague :)...small world.

Good luck with your move, Lia! This post was SO fun and informative, and as always seeing your beautifully photographed collection of bento tools makes me so happy!

@Indonesia-Eats : Thanks a lot Pep! Will be happy to lend it to you :)

@Lia : Thanks a lot Lia! Yup, I know Kiani and we still keep in touch and hang out sometimes. It's a small world hehehe :)

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Oh my word these are SO cute! I love them!
This blog is ADORABLE!

Love from

@Green Pickles : Thanks a lot Aimee for your kind comment :)

Very smart cutters... great idea, love them :)

@Margot : Thanks a lot Margot :)

EEK! I didn't know there were so *many* different sandwich cutters -- you usually see the same few around! I especially like the mini pockets... Can't guarantee I won't fall for those in the near future! LOL :)

@gnoegnoe : Thanks a lot Gnoe for your comment! The mini one is fun to use :)

loved the pictures and oogling at your tools :)

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot!