Bentolicious #103
Hi everyone! How are you all? I am still not quite into bento making yet because my kids are still on their school holiday. They will get back to school on July, 12. A lot of things have happened in my life during my 'silent mode' from blogging. Some of the good news that I want to share were that both of my kids got excellent marks for their final report, Audrey will go to Grade 5 and Andrew will go to Grade 2. Gosh ... time flies so quickly, I don't even realize that 2 more years my daughter will be in Junior High. I'm feeling old LOL :D And finally, we moved in to our new house 2 weeks ago and now are settling down really well. Audrey and Andrew are now having their own bedroom. My husband was worried that Andrew would refuse to sleep in his own room when we moved in. He was so attach to Audrey all these years. But thanks God, he took the transition very well - no problem at all of him sleeping on his room; although he still moved to our room in the early morning for couple of times and I was too sleepy to say no. When I asked him why he moved to our room, he would say that he was sleepwalking for an excuse hahahaha ... Oh yeah sure!! The bad news was that my dad had been hospitalized 3 weeks ago but now he is getting better and has been discharged from hospital. Pray that both of my parents will stay healthy. I have been busy to unpack our things and arranged them at the new place. Bento stuffs were one thing that gave me a headache to arrange. Now, I have them in the cupboard in kitchen, in the play room, and in the dining room ... hahaha so basically I still can't put them in one big cupboard. The Pooh Bento was made for Sunday School. Inside the box : Indonesian yellow rice shaped in Pooh, strawberry, fried chicken wings, cucumbers, edamame & tomatoes. I don't usually make a bento for Sunday School but I have been off way too long for bento posting. So this week, I tried to make one since I had a new bento tool that I bought last month from J-Mama & Baby, an online shop from Singapore. I just can't resist to buy a whole set of Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Chip & Dales, Doraemon, Stitch, Marie The Cat, and Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Love them! They can be use for molding bread, molding rice, cookies cutter with a face stamp and nori puncher for quick and easy to decorate. Cool ... :)

My daughter picked the winner for the Yum-Yum Bento Box this morning and the lucky winner for the Yum-Yum Bento Box book is :

Hope the book can be helpful and give inspirations in your bento making.

And I wanna say thanks to those who joined this event, really appreciate all of your comments and your participation.


Welcome back to bento! Pooh set is so cute; I've missed your bright sunny creations! Hope things continue to move smoothly for you so you can enjoy the summer. And congrats to A and A on their report cards! Great job!

Yay! I've missed your bentos and posts. You haven't missed a beat Lia. Super cute bento and the photo of you picking the winner... just as lovely. How do you do it? :)

Hope you and your kids are having a fun summer holiday!

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Missed your bento too, will check on your blog soon. Enjoy your summer and have a lot of fun too (^.^)

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! Hope you enjoy your summer too! To pick the winner ... I print the name of all the participants on the pink paper and cut it. After that the kids rolled up the papers and Audrey picked the winner from the pink bowl. Andrew was asking why he didn't have a chance to pick hehehe ... I said next time when mommy makes another give away :D

oh... i m waiting quite a long time for ur new update. finally with the cute pooh bento. wish ur father recover soon ya !!! wish u & ur family in good health!

@仪仪妈咪 : Hi 仪仪妈咪! Nice to read your comment again ... Forgive me for the lack of the post during the moving and kids' school holiday. I will totally back in bento making after the kids' get back to school on Jul,12. Thanks a lot for the wishes, very appreciate it (^.^)

congratulation for your new home, lia and certainly hope you will find suitable place in your kitchen to store all your bento gadgets. I am sure mine is less than yours but I already experience some headache in arranging them well. hahaha...
Ouch, so sad I am not the book winner :-p love to try my luck again next time. Wishing a full recovery for your dad

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a bunch Yen! Feel sad too that not everyone can get the book. Who knows next time you will be the winner? I'm happy with the spaces for my bento stuffs even though there are put in different places hehehe :D

I'm very happy to see you back here. Moving has to be hard, then with your father in the hospital that must have been so hard! Wishing him well.

I am so very excited on winning the book, I can't even tell you! This will help me so much! Thank you Audrey for picking my name! I owe you! :D

That is great on both Audrey and Andrew doing so well in their studies. Our school won't be back in session until August 23.

Thanks again and it's good to have you back. You've been an inspiration to me!

Congrats to Audrey and Andrew on getting great marks!!

I can't believe you bought all the puncher sets!!! I bought a few coz I already have all the cookie cutters so thought I'll pass on them.

Congrats to the book's winner too!

You are back again Lia! Miss your post as usual.

Congrats to Audrey and Andrew! Well done!

Wow, you bought the whole set!! Envy...envy...hahaha...I have to really re-organize my bento stuff before I continue buying anything again! :)

your winnie the pooh rice is really cute, my fave! glad to hear that you have moved into your new place, and wishing your father a speedy recovery

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey! I will send out the book tomorrow morning. Hope you can get it within a week! And will be great to see more bento on your blog :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Bento addicts ... remember? hahaha ... I will give the cutters to my sister and I just took the punchers since I've got double too :)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Missed a lot of your bento post too. The bento stuffs are just keep growing so now I put them and organize each category into one big box :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! Ahh you love Pooh ;)

Congrats to Audrey and Andrew! My prayers and best wishes for your Dad's full recovery, Lia! Good to read that you are settling in comfortably at your new place :)

So nice to see a new adorable bento from you with lovely clear photos as always...and congrats to Lyndsey on winning this really fun and informative bento book!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn for everything! Always give so much support in your kind comment (^.^)

so nice to see your bento work again lia! these mold and cutter sets look very cool, i bet you can do a million things with them (and i can't wait to see you try)! love all the matching picks too. glad the move is over and hope you guys are settling in smoothly!

oh, and congrats to lyndsey!!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan for your sweet comment! Love all the punchers are working really well :)

Hi Lia, really miss your posts. So happy that you're beginning settling down at your new house. I'm sure your parents are getting well too and in pink of health. Don't worry ;)
Another thing... Lindsey is so lucky ~ congratulations ;D

Love Pooh and those picks are adorbale too. So jealous of all your punches..looks like I need to go

congrats to Lyndsey! cute bento Lia!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! Miss you too :)

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot Stephanie! Those cutters & punches are very useful :)

@Rachel : Thanks a lot Rachel :)

cute pooh!

congrats to winner!

Selamat datang kembali... :D. Aku juga lagi jarang ngeblog nih mbak, anak2 pada UAS hehehe. Waaah, nasi kuning, habis syukuran pindahan rumah yaaa??? Kok gak undang2 sih :D. Semoga para eyang tetep sehat selalu yaaa... Hedeeeeh... koleksimu selalu bikin gigit jari.. huhuhuhu

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot Kylie :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Wuah anak2nya semoga pada lulus semua dengan nilai bagus. Belum sempat syukuran Ta hehehe ... Ntar kali pertengahan / akhir July. Hayo kapan maen ke Jakarta?

Welcome Back Lia, and wishing you a very "Happy New Home". Hope your Dad gets better soon. Congratulations to the winner of the Yum Yum book, God Bless you all.

@Asfora : Thanks a lot Asfora! Really appreciate it :)

Moving to a new house is a lot of work. I hope you are settling in nicely and all is well. Nothing makes a parent more proud than when the child brings up a good report card. Love the pooh bento box.

@Xiao Yen Recipes : Yes, you're right. All the worries and hard works are just pay off by looking at their good report card ... Thanks a lot for your kind comment as always :)

Welcome back Lia! I miss your post too. Well done on Audrey and Andrew. And glad to know everything is going smooth in your new house moving.
Cute little pooh in the box..^^
And congratulation to the lucky winner,Lynsey.

hi lia, we all missed your bentos. congrats to the new house and the kids' good marks! on another note, wish your dad a speedy recovery. God bless!

What great nori punches! I wish I could find some that cool around here.

I hope your father feels better soon. My parents are also dealing with health issues right now, and it is hard to get my head around it sometimes. I hope you have a lot of support to help your family get through this.

Thanks for so many inspirational bento lunches!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel for your nice comment!

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot dear! Very appreciate it :)

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! Maybe you can try to buy them online :)

How cute!! Love all those seaweed cutters :)

@Margot : Thanks a lot Margot :)

Your blog is full of great recipes! If you ever want to make a cookbook, I would love to help!

Sally Ford

@Sally Ford : Thanks a lot Sally! Very appreciate that. Will keep that in mind. You and your daughter are very talented artist :)

I've been wanting to do bento for some time my own, so I was looking for examples.. After about five seconds my mouth wsa hanging wide wide open... You're an artist! It's AMAZING someone can do all that with food! *In shock*

mbak Lia, jual puncher doraemonnya ndak? hihihi...