1st Blog Anniversary
Today is my 1st Blog Anniversary and also my birthday (I'm one year older but still young at heart, believe me ... ). I would like to thanks my hubby and kids for their support for my blogging. Thanks for being my angels who bring so many joys in my life. Also I would like to thanks to so many bento friends that always give very positive and encouraging comments. I love you all! I learned so many things from all of you with your talented works that really inspired me through my bento journey from beginning until now. I feel so lucky to meet you all through bento blogging.
My kids gave me big hugs and kisses this morning with surprise gifts for my birthday. They even prepared a birthday card with their writing inside ... oh so touching! Hubby will fly back this afternoon from his business trip so we can celebrate tonight. I made Hello Kitty rice cake to celebrate 1st Blog Anniversary and cooked Japanese Curry to eat with the rice cake.
To celebrate my 1st Blog Anniversary, I would like to giveaway 2 gifts for 2 lucky bento friends that will be drawn by my kids later.
You just need to leave a comment why you like to read my blog and don't forget to put your e-mail address too. You can put your comment until July, 31.
The winner will be contacted via e-mail on August, 1.
Have a great weekend for all of you!


Wow! Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the most wonderful things in life for your special day. What have you got planned? And also, congratulations on your 1 year anniversary of your blog! Wishing you many more years to come...
Ok, my entry... why do I love to read your blog? Because it's so beautifully laid out, and your bentos are incredible, never dull and always creative!
Lots of hugs and kisses to you Lia!

Hello Lia, Happy Birthday & Happy 1st Blog Anniversary.生日快乐!! muak**kisses ;)

just going to join in the fun...

and i'm saying because the bento you make are all always very very adorable! i will just stare at the pictures and tell myself if i were to be your hubby or kids, i won't bear to sink my teeth into them!

anyway, congrats! :)

p.s. if you need to find me, tweet me! ;)

Hi Lia

I enjoy reading your blog because I'm a newbie in bento making. and your pictures are oh-so-beautifully taken! Your blog teaches me many skills and give me lots of ideas to work with. Most importantly, I got to know a great pal like you!

Happy birthday to you once again! And happy 1st year anniversary to your blog. Hope more anniversaries to come in the future and you to stay al healthy and happy always!


Dear Lia, happy birthday to you and happy anniversary of your blog! Yes, age is just a number he he he...
I love to visit your blog because it gives me a lot of inspiration for my bento work. It is truly a challenge for have to prepare twins' lunch boxes everyday. Thus sometimes I come running to you...ha ha ha

my mail address is yenny.handoko@gmail.com

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So sweet, 1st Anniversary = Birthday (^.^)

"Happy Birthday 2U, may all your sweet dreams come true, healthy and young always."

Ops, almost forgot to wish u
"Happy 1st Anniversary. I am sure there is 2nd, 3rd......."

I love reading your blog, you have wonderful bento to share with us (although we can only see but not eat), useful tips and also plenty of cool bento stuff to widen my horizon. Gambateh, Lia!!!


Happy birthday and Happy Blogging Anniversary Lia Chen!

Lia, a very happy birthday to you! May all your wishes come true! Wow, a double celebration! Here's wishing you a happy 1st year blogging aniversary , and many many more years to come!
Besides your beautiful bento eyes feasting, your blog is my gateway to the other bento blogs too!

Have a blast celebration! Cheers! Hugs hugs! ^.^

Happy birthday to you :) wishing you all the greatest mba lia..Your blog is simply adorable yet amazing,such an inspiration for me to make an outstanding bento like yours for my pre-school baby girl..thanks for sharing with us!

Happy Birthday & Congratulations Lia!!
I love reading your blogs simply because it gives me inspiration on my bento creations. Love the tips and books too!

Keep it up,
Dzuzi aka 3h'smom

Happy Happy Birthday to you and Congratulations to your blog anniversary!

May the Good Lord Bless you, favour you and cover you under His protective wings always! May happiness follow you everyday of your life! :)

It is obvious why I love your blog. Not only are the bentos awesome, I love how u take the pix. Most of all, you are so generous to share all the tips on bento-ing to newbies like myself.

Thank you a bunch! :)

Email : tona1912@gmail.com

congrats and happy birthday!

Only a year? Wow, I would have thought you'd been doing this much longer. Your blog is full of so much beauty and inspiration. Happy Birthday and Happy Blogging!

Congrats! I love how welcoming and warm you are in all of your posts. It makes me want to come back!

Happy birthday, Lia Chen!

Why am I like to hop over here? Hey girl, u made such pretty bentos, I wanna steal ideas from u :p

Happy Birthday and Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary. Great JOB!

That is so cool your birthday on the same day as your blog anniversary! Happy Birthday! You sound like you have such great support and a wonderful family!

I love how you have been so helpful to me and my venture into bento making. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. I love your tips and how-to posts so much! Thank you for welcoming me as your friend and fellow blogger!

Hope you have the best day ever Lia!!

A very happy birthday to you, Lia. And to your blog as well. Without which, we wouldn't have gotten to know you. Really love the bentos you prepare for your kids as they are always picture perfect. Always look oreads to your posts every day. Hope you had a wonderful
celebration and that is a gorgeous cake. You must teach us to do that some day. Maybe a smaller
version? ;)

Congratulations! Your blog really stirs up the appetite AND inspires at the same time which is why it's such a delight to read :) Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

+ Tiffany

Blessed birthday Lia!!! Wishing you all the best blessings in life.

Happy Anniversary! I love looking at all of your bentos!

Happy Birthday! Hope you were able to spend a wonderful evening with your hubby.
I didn't know your blog started only a year ago - I enjoyed for the last 2 or 3 months since I started reading your colourful entries. It's attention-grasping and you often wind up with interesting ideas for bentos - though I sort of can't get myself back to doing some since the holidays started...

PS: I absolutely want some Curryrice, too! We run out of the curry-preparation, but hopefully we'll manage it tomorrow to the Japanese shop! <3
PS2: Oh, email! Because, hey, I'd love to win anything bento! bluemchenblatt[AT]gmail dot com

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Birthday,生日快乐,Selamat Hari Jadi...

Congrats and happy birthday both Lia!! I am so fortunate to have found you thru the wonderful bento community. You have a loving heart and talented hands. Not only do I learn something from your blog every day but you always put a smile on my face. Much ♥ to you!!! Thank you for everything you do! ☺

Happy Birthday, I enjoy looking at all your colorful, beautiful and yummy bento boxes you made for your kids. My 5 year old boy will be in Kindergarten this Sept so I am so happy to find your blog which gives me more idea for preparing his lunch boxes.

Thanks so much!


Hi Lia! Happy birthday to you, and happy anniversary for your blog. Oh, wow! Two wonderful things happen in one day.. such a lovely day...
Ohhh.. and how sweet of your kids.... Your heart must be melting inside... =)
Oh, yes and about your blog... I really love your blog because it is so inspiring to see such beautiful bentos made whole heartedly (well, we can obviously see the love that you pour into the bentos).

Ohhhh I'm sorry, I left out my email address : jenny_s_puteri@yahoo.com

Happy Birthday Lia!!! I hope you ahve a wonderful birthday and I am such a big fan of yours! :) Not only are you the nicest person you are extremely talented. Thank you for all of your beautiful bentos, great tips, and most of all your friendship. May God bless your life with abundance and good health.
Love, Susan

Lia Chen, happy birthday and happy blogoversary! I wish you a great year ahead. I love your blog not only because it showcases your great talent at bento-making, not only because everything you made is oh-so-cute, but also because your warm and sincere personality shines through from your words and creations. Keep up the good work :)

Hi Lia,
I started reading your blog in Feb. I haven't done much for bento yet b/c my baby is only 10 months old. You are an inspiration. In my opinion, you bento boxes are the prettiest. I look forward to your post everyday. Thanks for putting in the effort to show your work! I enjoy it very much!

Happy Birthday Lia! May all your birthday wishes come true.

Hi Lia
Happy birthday first of all, then happy blog birthday too (>_<)

I love re4ading your blog as you have so many fabulous ideas and the bento you create just look so perfect and cute. I wish my bento turned out as well!

Enjoy your birthday, I hope you have a special day!

Happy Birthday Lia! I read your blog because you've got so much wonderful ideas on bento-making! I have about 8 blogsites that I read regularly and you're one of them! Thanks for always posting pics of your bentos!

happy birthday and blog-anniversary! i love that your blog is always adorable, accessible, and informative! [tara.guclu@gmail.com]

happy birthday and blog-anniversary! i love your blog because it is always super adorable, accessible, and informative! {tara.guclu@gmail.com}

happy birthday! that hello kitty cake is a great idea, and i love japanese curry~

i love your ideas, they're so creative!

discojing (at) gmail.com

Happy Birthday and Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!

I love reading your blog because you make food looks so cute! I know I could never make bentos so I read your blog quietly, so I can dream of making bentos that look so extravagant, cute, and tasty all at the same time!

Woops, almost forgot to include my email address!


Happy birthday ^^
The cake looks so cute. As all of your bentos do.

Lia! Congratulation on your birthday and blog anniversary!
I hope you will have a lot fun and happy moments today! ^-^ I wish you god's blessing for your new life year.

I love to read your blog, because you have always so cute ideas. And your bento are always perfect. You are one of my idols. I hope you will make more great bento in the next year, so that I can smile everyday ;)

*Hug again* Lil'chan

Dearest Lia,

Happy happy birthday--may it be a day full of love and laughter!! And congratulations on your beautiful blog's b-day, too!

I love to visit because every one of your bentos is a carefully created vision of beauty and joy, full of delicate rainbow colors and wonderous details. You truly are an artist and I come here to be amazed and refreshed by your creativity and great skill.

Hugs and here's to a wonderful year ahead!!

Happy Birthday & 1st blog aniversary. My first impression to see your blog, it was so interesting, fun and creative. Photo quality is also very good. I even put your badge to my blog http://aralee-christella.blogspot.com/
As a mother of 2 years old daughter, i want to practice making bento from now, (cause i can not cooked and i think i'm not too creative) So, since i read your blog, it's give me full inspiration for collecting bento stuff and making it. Because i'm thinking to make Good Bento for her when she enter kindergarden.

** Wish u all the best **


First of all, happy birthday! I hope your birthday was wonderful :) Also, happy one-year-blog-anniversary! Your blog is so neat. I'm a fairly new follower, but I love reading about all the delicious bentos and food you make. Everything looks so yummy and colorful; your photos are super attractive.

I like your blog because you describe how you make your delicious bentos and you attach great photos along with each description. It makes each post so appetizing! Plus, it shows through your blogging that you really love what you do and it's so amazing when I see people doing things they love because their drive of passion is so strong, and that includes you!

Thanks so much for having a giveaway too! On your birthday and on your one year blog anniversary! Congratulations!


happy birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day, and have many many more great birthdays!

Double joy, double b-day congratulations, and double kisses and hugs! :D. Many thanks to you for bringing us so much joy and smiles through this one-year blogging - you yourself is a big present in our lives, wish you happiest life and blogging (of course)ahead :D. Why do I love your blog? Ehm, there will be chapters for the reasons. Bentolicious simply gives me a genuine happiness and joy and it is very inspiring for sure - you're a genuine talent Mbak Lia. Happy b'day!!!! :D (aduuuuh, kagak nahan liat bukunya itu... gambarnya lucu2 bangeeeeet...)


Happy birthday and anniversary! I love reading your blog because it's so informative and you make the most charming, creative bentos! Love what you do!

Wishing you a spectacular birthday Lia!!! Congratulations on you blogging anniversary!!!

I love love love the rice cake idea! That is why I love your site... you have some of the most inventive and creative ideas and you are just simply fantastic ;)

I am a bit late (was so tied up yesterday) but I still want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and happy blogging anniversary!
I'm so glad to know you via blogging, and you are always my inspiration in my bento journey. I treasure our blogger friendship so much! *A BIG hug here* :D

Congratulations on the GREAT work.Hope this one year has been GREAT for you:)

I LOVE reading your blog because your pictures are so beautiful and attractive..It makes me wanna do more for myself! U're such an inspirational mum!! :)



wowwww happy birthday!!!
this blog was so inspiring me,love it very much :)
you are so friendly too, Lia
God bless you abundantly

email: dina_ch07@yahoo.com

Hi Yul...( I think this must be Yulia who sold bento accs sometime ago? )
Happy birthday and congrats on your 1st anniversary on bloggin'!

I just keep remembering when u said u're goin' bloggin, luckily ur blog is very easy to remembered :)
As a genuine beginner in these bento world, first I love bentos simply because of the tools u sold are so cute!
Now, seeing ur bento creations made me keep sayin' : "oooooh...." and "ahhh...that's really cute!"
I admire how u can made this bentos for your children, and as a mom of my newborn son Ethan, I'd like to make bentos too for him when he's goin' school of course!
Through your bentos I have the faith that children will eat veggies, in a different way! hahaha
well..hopefully I can win one of the gift!LOL

Yuli(we have same name, hahaha)

Happy birthday! I love to read your blog because you've always got the cutest little additions in your bentos that make them special. It was your blog that really inspired me to try to get one cure thing into each of my bentos.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you LIA! Hope you have many happy returns for years to come!

Love reading your blog coz you are one of the most talented bento mama around! Your bentos are even better than some of those bentos found in the bento books!

Last but not lest Happy Anniversary to MyBentolicious too!

Congrats! keep more coming!


Happy 1 year! I recently discovered your blog and it has inspired me to learn to cook better and to make bentos. Your work is very beautiful!

happy birthday and congrats!!

I am a new follower, about to start bentoing in the fall. I am so inspired by your creations and can't wait to get started!


Happy birthday!

Haha, I had just found your blog, but it's just so adorable. The bentos you make could brighten up ANYONE'S day. Trust me. :)

Happy Blogiversary, and Happy Birthday! That curry sounds like a FINE way to celebrate.

I enjoy your blog because it gives me good ideas for bentos for me and my daughter, although I am just starting out and keeping it simple. And, I love to see Hello Kitty make appearances - been a fan of hers for 30 year.

Blessed birthday!

Why i like to read you blog?


It's mouth-watering! Haha...
The bentos you make are AWSOME and really cute!

Would really like to make a bento meal one day soon.... :o)


Double Happy Birthday to you:)
I think that your blog is great and blog inspires me alot. When my son started his first day school two weeks ago, to encourage and prepared to distract him from anxiety I made him bento (which was not very good looking but he loved it anyway).

The second thing that I admire from your bento is that you keep balance of the nutrition (carbo, protein, fiber from vegie and fruits). Keep the hard work:)

My email: once_alifetime@hotmail.com

Hi Lia,

Happy birthday to u + Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!

Luv ur blog~ Soooo colourful, cute, nice bento!

A super newbie to bento, I hope to learn more stuff fm ur blog so as to create wonderful bento for my gal who doesnt luv to eat my cooking... lol.

Having a hard time getting all the bento tools, and books. I hope to start my 1st bento asap.

My email: yukixoxo@hotmail.com

happy 1st anniversary...ur blog is one of my fave to give me a lot of inspiration not only to make a cute and delicious lunch box, but also to give a lot of happy & meaningful lunch time for my husband and son.. especially for every mom all over the world... keep starring in our heart Lia..u hv done a great job


Happy Birthday and Happy 1Year Anniversary! I am new to making bento lunches and your bentos give me so many great ideas! Thank you!!

Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to your lovely blog!

Well, I haven't tried making any bento just yet, but I hope I'm eligible to join this giveaway :)

I love your blog because you are such an inspiration. It wasn't until I stumbled to your blog that I think bento-making is interesting. Your creations are so beautiful! I can't wait to get some items from my local Daiso store, and start creating beautiful bento myself!


Happy Birthday!!!
I really love to read your blog because the photos always look so beautiful and inspiring!

congrats!! and happy birthday lia
i love your bentos and hope you had a great day

Lia, my so late-birthday wishes! Happy birthday! Congratulations on the first anniversary of your wonderful blog too ^_^. I feel so lucky to have found you (with the help of our cute bento-friends ;)).
I just can´t stop coming to check up what you do.. everything is so amazing and you are so talented and creative!

Happy Birthday to you and your blog Lia Chen! Your blog is wonderful , I wish you many more years to come :)

Long time I havent browsed any bento blogs and visited yours too, and now that you've reached 1yr anniversary, and have a great bday too.. Wow, in one year time, your work is simply stunning..!and why do I read yr blog? easy question...^_^, YOur Blog is full of inspiration for me, never a dull bento...always create something new.. Congrats for yr anniversary and am sure u have a blast bday ..!

Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Anniversary!

I really enjoy your blog because your bento always makes me smiles; inspires me in my own bento making; and you have great advice, suggestions, and instructions!



Via e-mail :
Dear Lia,

I wish you a happy birthday and of course a happy blog anniversary. I am sorry to be a bit late to comment on your post but I have been really busy these days! I hope you had a great day with your family!

Via e-mail :

I love reading your blog because I find so much inspiration in it. Even when your bento is a simple one you always add some detail that makes it the prettiest bento ever (and you manage to do that again and again!). I hope you'll keep on posting for a very long time! Can't wait to see what will be your next post!

Best wishes again on both your birthday and blog anniversary!


i love your HK rice "cake" lia, it's so happy and festive!

wishing you a belated happy birthday and anniversary, so sorry i missed it (was at the beach for a girlfriend's bachelorette party and didn't have internet access). hope you had a wonderful day and that this year is even better for you than the last one :-)

Dear Mbak Liaaaa,

Happy belated Bday for u n for lovely bentolicious :)

Wishing u & bentolicious always provide inspiration to anyone who love bento as long as this since my first acquaintance with u & bentolicious.

I love bentolicious more and more each time i look at the latest bento update from u, mbak...

God bless u n bentolicious :)

Even though i dnt pack bento for my kids, but i enjoy reading all your sharing on bento-making. They are so attractive & adorable.

Dear Lia
Happy Birthday! I like your blog because yr bentos are unique and inspiring. I also learned new cooking skills which helps me to make healthy bentos.

I came upon your website today by coincidence as I was searching the web for bento nicknacks. I totally love your bento designs... they're all very inspiring and truly a feast for the eyes...

Congratulations on your blog's 1st anniversary and happy belated birthday to you! ヽ(^∀^✿)ノ

Happy Birthday!

I love your blog- it gives me so many ideas for things to try. I often look at things you've prepared and think to myself "Why didn't I think of that?" and then "Hey- even I could do that!"


WOW! Cute Hello Kitty! You are so wonderful & creative in bento making, your talented work always give me "WOW!" whenever I come in here. GREAT job! I love all your bentos, they are so cute & pretty.
Congratulations on your blog 1st anniversary & happy belated birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Bentolicious!

I chance upon your site and got stuck immediately! I like the way you decorate kids bento. And seriously, you make me hungry too! I will be staying tune and would love to hear more from your creativity bento. Will be appreciative if you can link us where to get those item. Thanks for all the food ideas!

I love your blog! You make some of the cutest things. Congratualtions on your first blog anniversary!

I love your blog because it's colorful, and fun to read. I love the details of your work. I check out your website very often to get inspirations and it never cease to disappoint me! Your site is one of the few that I'm addicted to.

Happy Blogaversary Lia!!! :D


Your blog is always a fascination to read about:)All the bentos are so cute and they all look very hard to make:\
So it shows how much time you put into it:)
I'm a newb at bento making,so I come to your site for inspirations~
I like to simplify your bentos or maybe make something different.LOL.
Your site has always been very helpful to me.
So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Hope I can win those super cute prizes--->

To Lia Happy Birthday!! & also Happy 1st Anniversary for your awesome blog

Why do I love to read your blog?
Bcos it's full of inspiration and wonderful ideas.
as a newbie bento maker, your blog has help me alot in learning, so really thankful to you :)

and also, this is the place where I usually go gaga over your huge range of bento making tools hahaha

Keep on fighting!!! :))

Via e-mail :

Hi Lia,
Not sure why, but for some reason when I try to post comments on your
site I am getting an error message. It let's me type them in, but not
preview or post.

Happy birthday & blog anniversary! Laura

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... my lovely bento blog... Everyday so busy until forgot to wish u..babe..I want the gifts..pls give me..pls..(finger crossed)..hahaha.. Your blog gave me so much creative ideas to copy from..hahah..thank you so much.. Hope that ur baby can pick me.. have a nice day.. and keep up ur good work.

Hi.. i forgot to put my email address..heheh.. my email add is disreali_carrot@hotmail.com.. HAPPY your 1st BIRTHDAY...OMG i want the gifts so much.. pls pick me up..

Hi, Happy Birthday! I am just a baby in making bento. When I happened to see your blog I get super addicted. No matter how tired or late after I nurse my baby to sleep, I will still try to log in as I can't resist to read and see update from your beautiful blog. I really wish I can have such a nice blog like yours...



Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Lia, so sorry it's late! Congratulations on your Blog's anniversary too! Sending best wishes as always especially for your son, and sending get well soon wishes
x x x