Bentolicious #106
Today's snack bento was pretty quick to prepare. I stuffed thin slices of spam inside the onigiri and decorated with Hello Kitty shaped thin layer rice on the top. To make the thin layer rice, you just need to put rice between two plastic cling wraps and use roller pin to flatten the rice. After that, press with a small cutter to get the Hello Kitty's head shape. Press softly the cutter on the onigiri then put the thin layer rice on the top, so the thin layer rice can stick properly.

Onigiri boxes are fun to use. They come with different sizes, colorful, and sometimes with cute character on the lid. Those 2 in the pictures are pretty small, just perfect for the kids.

Inside the other box : fried chicken drumlettes, green tomato & cucumber, and strawberries.

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I added today's bento. It's fun event for every Wednesday, so we can share our bento picture to others.


So lovely, once again! Beautiful Hello Kitty faces and flower decorations. This sweet bento art added sparkle to my morning, thanks Lia!

@bentobird : Thanks for your kind comment too Jenn! Hope you have a beautiful day :)

That is so cute! Did you use food dye for the pink? Perfection!!

Thanks for the tut on the thin rice design, love it!!!

aww.. hello kitty and its pink! what else a gal could ask for? thanks for the thin layer rice tip!
;) cheers/karen

The Hello Kitty faces look so adorable and love the onigiri boxes, fitted so nicely.

What cute onigiris! Thank you for the instructions on how to make the thin layer rice...I can't wait to try it. :)

Your bento looks very tasty!

Hello Kitty! Ahh memory of my childhood :D

Aw, your flat rice idea is really great! Never thought of it. I will try this to color my bento up ^-^

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale! To make pink rice, I mixed rice with sakura denbu :)

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot! Hope you can try it too sometimes :)

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! Happy to share it to bento friends :)

@Anncoo : Hi Ann! Thanks for your kind comment :)

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! Please try it, it's fun to make :)

@Indonesia-Eats : Yeah! Who don't love Hello Kitty? Simply adorable :)

@Lil'chan : Thanks Lil'chan! Hope you can have fun too with 'flat rice' :)

Wow, great idea to flatten the rice! NEVER would have thought of that, hehe! Have to try now :)

P.S. can't comment on my bb now; don't know why :(

Like the hello kitty very much ^_^

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! What happened to your BB? Hope you can figure it out soon and solve the problem :)

@仪仪妈咪 : Thanks a lot 仪仪妈咪!

Wow Lia, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing this method. It will open up whole new ways of decorating bento. :)

ah, nice idea of thin layer rice and onigiri boxes. i am always have a doubt in getting an onigiri box but i'll try to have one and explore in using it. hm, my eternal love to hello kitty :-)

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot! I've got the idea from one of my bento book. Glad to share it with all of you :)

Oh dear, I came late! This is super cute! Love the vibrant colour of the bento and of course the cute HK...Wonder if I can make HK for my boy? Guess he will complain if I do! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! You can always make his favorite character :)

What a pretty bento!
I still have to wait another year b4 I could start any HK bento! LOL

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Oh ya wait until the baby girl getting bigger :)

thanks so much for sharing this brilliant idea of rolling out the rice for a flat cut-out! i can't wait to try it, and hope mine come out even half as cute as your adorable HKs!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! I'm sure 100% you can make it cuter than mine, it's fun ;)

This has got to be the most creative looking bento ever. I just started getting into it and hopefully with enough time, patience and hard work I'll create something worthy of bento.

Hi! I love your blog and the bento boxes you made for your kids are beautiful! I have this pan in Mickey mouse pattern but I just couldn't made the pancake as good looking as yours, would you mind sharing your batter recipe? thanks!

@Frankie "Beatz" : Thanks a lot for your kind comment here! I'm learning a lot too from others ... so I hope you can have fun too with your bento :)

@siudow : Thanks a lot! I don't even make my secret ingredients for the pancake. For busy morning, I just use a pack of Homestyle Pancakes from Pillsbury hehehe ... :D