Bentolicious #109
Since this week's bentos always come in three (3 chicks, 3 aliens ...), this morning I made inari sushi of 3 white bears called Korilakkuma (friend of Rilakkuma). I decorated the ears and nose from fish ball, the eyes from nori, and the red cheek from tomato sauce. This time I put tuna chunk inside the inari sushi. The kids have been very busy lately with homework and school projects. No playing time except for 30 minutes basket ball time in the afternoon. Hope they can really do well in this new school term and hope they will learn more responsibilities at school and at home.
In the blue box : sauteed brussel sprouts, veggie fish balls, star kamaboko, sweet corns, and grape tomato.

Please check on my blog this Friday! I have surprise giveaway for my blog 1st Anniversary.


good things come in pairs, er, in this case in three! cute little fellas. counting down to friday! hehe... cheers/karen

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! The more the merrier hihihi :D

Ooo, exciting. Looking forward to Friday! ;)

@SIG : Oh yah! I'm excited too :)

Now I learn one more character - Korilakkuma. So far I only know Rilakkuma, haha...These are cute ones!

Wow, your blog is already 1 year anniversary! Can't wait for Friday surprise! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! 1 year is like wushhhh ... so quick :D

love this series so much! these guys have a special shy cuteness, I've sat here sighing over them! beautiful happy bento, always such a treat to see, Lia!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Bento world is full of nice people like you :)

So so so kawaii!! Oh my gosh, I love everything from the white bears to the white and pink kambokos! I want to hug this bento. hahaha! Lia, I hope your kids don't burn out from school. Whew, only 30 minutes play.. This is why asia does so much better in academics.. lol.

@Chantale : Thanks a lot dear! They still enjoy it, no stress. That's why we 'free' them on the weekend. I think Asia has a different perspective in learning & studying, tougher even from my old days hehehe :D

Congratulation on your 1st anniversary!! (Ops! I think too early to send the wish).

I am so excited, can't wait until tomorrow....

So, triplet is theme of the week ya?.hehehe...

Inari sushi it's delicious. I'm sure your inari sushi no less delicious with the inari sushi from my favorite japanese restaurant :)

titip salam gemes saya untuk si Korilakkuma ya :)

So, triplet is theme of the week ya?.hehehe...

Inari sushi it's delicious. I'm sure your inari sushi no less delicious with the inari sushi from my favorite japanese restaurant :)

titip salam gemes saya untuk si Korilakkuma ya :)

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! No problem at all ... The blog's birthday will be on tomorrow :)

@The Bargowo : Thanks a lot Menoq! As you said so let it be triplet for this week hehehe ... Ntar disalamin deh :D

so cute!

Love the three bears! So fresh and cute!
Wish blogger would let me comment on my BB! I read your post in the morning and want to tell you how much I love it right then!

hohoho..i like inari sushi too...
and also the triplets bear...
just wonder if it is your boy's or girl's lunch box?

I am not really good at the name of those characters. But they really look very cute! Really admire your skills! Lia ;D

the white bears are the cutest onigiri ever. You are really so talented :)

@sherimiya : No problem Sheri. I always love your comment whenever you post it. Thanks a lot for always be my great bento friends with your kind comments every time (^.^)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! My bento always 1 version only for both of them but sometimes when one of them want to eat from school catering, I will just make one bento or no bento at all if something come up (no inspiration, waking up late hehehe ... ).

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! You are so sweet :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! I learn from many bento books and bentoist. They are amazing :)


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background fotonya mesti bagus2. You do have so many polkadot sheet yah :)
Oya, mau tanya.. kalau beras jepang yg bagus untuk membuat sushi merek apa ya? :)

sori komen in Bahasa :P


Oh Lia, this bento is so cute! I love all of the bears, they are so sweet!

nice books!~

So very cute...I really like the star kamaboko and the faces on the bears!

the bears are soooo adorable lia, i love how they are peeking out of the inari pockets!

the star kamaboko is cool too - did you put slices inside a flower-shaped cutter to mold, or did it already come in that shape?

@megan : Hi Megan! How are you? The star kamaboko comes in that shape. But I guess we always can re-shaped it with our cutter. Thanks a lot Megan for your sweet comment as always :)