Bentolicious #111
Last time I made 2 rice balls mixed with tomato sauce. Today, I made 2 rice balls mixed with light soy sauce and decorated them as doggies. The ears were made of fish cake and nose was made of small grapes and the white part of crab stick. Both ears and nose were attached to rice ball using spaghetti stick. For the others facial parts, I used nori and red part of crab stick.

Yesterday, my mood to make bento just swung away because of my migraine from the morning. After sleeping early last night, my head seemed okay... Migraine and backpain are 2 things that I hate so much when it happens to me. Sometimes can't tell when I will get those to torture me LOL ...

Inside the box : laksa prawns, cauliflower, sauteed pok choy, omelet & carrot, and strawberries.

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I did a bear onigiri yesterday and I added soy sauce too! I think it tasted good coz Darrius walloped the entire box! hahaha

Hope your migraine is not that serious. Better go get some consultations if it persist coz you might not know what is wrong.

Take care!

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Will hop to your blog to see your bento after this. My kids love it too with light soy sauce. I hate to go to the doctor and take medicine since I was a kid ... so nothing serious I think :D

The doggies look yummy, if i may say!
perhaps all you need is a long nice holidays, Lia *ha ha kiddding* but of course better to check with your doctor for sure. Hope you feel better soon

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Holiday again? Woohoooo ... I would love too but can't lah hehehe :D I'm okay now after had a good and better sleep last night. Thanks a lot Yen!

Glad to hear you are better! Lovely bento as always. Nice to know that we can use food to do facial details apart from the common nori. Take good care of yourself ya!

Super cute doggies! I like the facial details a lot, you put in so much details there!
Maybe you can go see doctor but not take the medicine, at least know what's going on right? :)

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen for your kind words :)

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! I am so stubborn if about doctor and medicine LOL :D

those teeny-tiny grape noses are making me squeal!! love these cute doggies, and the prety omelette-carrot "sushi" -- beautiful job as always lia!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan for your sweet comment (^.^)

SO cute! Sorry for your migraine. I hope it leaves you alone for a long time.

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri!

Love these little doggies! Talk about attention to detail.. they look like they're ready for school too with their little book packs beside. Well, looks like it to me! Hope you're feeling better today Lia..

So cute! Sorry to hear you got hit by a double whammy, hope your feeling better today :)

Hi Lia!

U know when I loaded your page, Kimi screamed in delight and said, Mummy! So cute the doggies!! I want!!"

I had to swallow the lump in my throat and say, "ok, mama will try one day for you ok?"

Love the mini grapes! So apt for the nose!

Hope you are feeling beta now with your migraine. Don't forget to ask our Great Loving Healer, Jesus to make you feel better ok?

Btw, not sure you heard of FitFlop. It helps with backache. I've worn that for abt 2 weeks and I feel my backache is sooooo much beta.

You can google and check it out. :)

Take care and May Jesus lay His Healing hands on you so that you will not be in pain and be whole. Shalom!

Such lovely doggies, the little freckles on their muzzles are adorable. I hope your migraine has gone away! Thanks for sharing this doggie bento. :-)

Your puppies are adorable! I am loving the teeny tiny grape noses! I sure hope your migraine is gone and will stay away. I hate having to deal with any type of headaches! Take care!

I missed this this morning! It's just darling, I love the doggies and the omelets look delicious.

Hope your head is feeling better. *Hug*

I love the doggies. They are very cute. Yes, Lia, if you get constant migraines, it might be a good idea, like Angeleyes said, to seek an opinion with the doctor. Not trying to scare you, but my friend had migraine all the time and consulted a doc. She just had surgery done. If it happens only once in a while then I guess it is just normal migraine. Take care.

@Thanks a lot Chantale! Didn't think about the book packs but since you mentioned it ... Yeah! Why not? hehehe :)

@Mommyof2girlz : I'm ok now. Thanks a lot for your kind comment :)

@tona-mama : Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! Please make one for little Kimi. You will put smile on Kimi's face :)

@Sonoma Bento : It's alright now ... Thanks a lot! Happy to share in our bento world :)

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey!

@Shannon : Thanks a lot Shanon for the hug! My head is back to normal again hehehe :)

@SIG : Thanks a lot for the info! I don't want something bad happened ... Hope is just a normal migraine :)

So sorry to hear about your migraine...hope it's better by now!

The doggies are really cute! The way you decorate your critters is so creative...I'm looking at grapes in a whole new way. :)

This bento is so adorable!! I'm sorry to hear about your migraine and pains :( Hope you get to feeling better!!


Thanks for adding this to the link up too, forgot to add that earlier. :o)

Glad that you are feeling a bit better. Weather related maybe? I get bad headaches when our weather shifts.

Hi Lia! Love the doggies and I hope you get well soon.

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! Those tiny grapes are just perfect, but expensive here ... So can't use it too often :)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! Glad to read your comment again ... :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot!

@Shannon : Thanks a lot to organize a fun event too! I'm glad I can join :) Weather shifts sometimes make trouble, but I think it comes from my low blood pressure.

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

Hi Lia, The doggies look so cute. Those big eyes look exactly like my pet dog...hhaa..
Anyway I'm sorry that I'm late to visit you recently because of my comment system nearly makes me crazy. Nothing is right after I start to use the new system. *+=

Dear Lia, hope the pain are all gone and you are feeling wonderful today! Thanks for the smiles from this adorable doggie bento--such expressive cute faces!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! I posted my comment in your blog. Hope you can view it this time. Why did you change it to the new system?

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

Hi Lia, Thanks, your comment already in my system. Because of the heavy traffic I would like to answer my bloggers individually. So now I'm waiting for the help from the support team.

@Anncoo : Oh! I see ... Hope the new system will working well soon :)

Waaaa... lucuuu... I love doggies :D. Bento jadulku ada doggiesya juga lo Mbak, trus idungnya juga aku buat dari anggur. Tapi anggur Bali, waaah kite sehatiiii hihihihi :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Hayo di-posting donk yang jadulnya :)