Book #004
Bento books are always great resources to learn about bento making for me. This time I wanna show you some of Mari Miyazawa's bento books that I 've collected so far to learn more about making cute bento / kyaraben bento. She is a very talented bento artist and her works are so inspiring, very creative. Even before I started my blog, I loved to check on her blog at E-Obento. You can check it too, and I am sure that you will love her amazing website. Some of my bentos, if you remember, Bentolicious #010 and Bentolicious #072 were actually inspired by her bento book.
You can check all of her books at E-Obento, or you can also check it from Amazon Japan.


Lia, E-Obento link doesn't work. I think the html code is incorrect.

The colour of Bento books is usually so pretty. :)

@Indonesia-Eats : Thanks a lot Pep to let me know. The link has been fixed, please try it again :) I agreed with you ... bento books are awesome!

I would love to check them out...yeah that's just what I need another obsession! LOL! thanks Lia! :D

Huwaaaaaaaaaa...... telat berapa hari aja guwe dah ketinggalan kereta api bento ekspress nya Mbak Lia, huhuhuhu *larinya jgn kenceng2 bu masinis :D*. Maklum habis terkena serangan bertubi-tubi udara dingin kota Malang yang membuatku hanya bisa tepar di bawah selimut setiap sore setiap pulang kerja yang capeeek bgt krn hbs kerja keras banting daging *huahuehuehueheeeheee: --> itulah tata :D*. Mbak Lia, mbak Lia... *kepala sambil geleng2* koleksi bento apa sih yang kagak punya??? Jadi berhasrat tingkat akut untuk ngehak rumah dikau yang baru hihihihi. Btw, horeeeee besok ada yang ultah... Gak sabaaaar liat surpresnya :D.

@Lyndsey : Your welcome Lyndsey! Hope I won't be blamed because of this LOL :D

@tatabonita : Tata, hope you are okay! Kalo keretanya kenceng bisa nyampe Malang ng? hehehe ... :D Hayo kemari kalo ke Jakarta, siapa takut? LOL :D

hi lia, oh no! i may just want to collect all. i read your review on akinoichigo's books, and bought all 5! as tata said - *kepala sambil geleng2* haha.. cheers/karen

@anna2003 : Those are great bento books so I think it's so worth it to collect them. Who knows I will retire someday and giveaway all my bento books to my girl or my boy LOL :D

Hi Lia, thank you for sharing. I just visit E-obento site, all the bentos are really cute. I think maybe you can open a small library on your collection of bento books... ;DD

@Anncoo : Hi Ann! I love my bento books. Learn so much from every book :)

Wow! Everytime you share your bento gear collections, they alway amaze me! Oh dear, I feel so much wanted to get one of the copies!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks Ai Ping! You can order it online from Amazon if you can't find it there :) Have fun!

These books look really fun! I'm going to see if I can find them. :)

i love her website, i bet the books are fab too! thanks for sharing this info lia!

@Kuusou : You can try, they should have it :)

@megan : Mari is very talented bentoist, her web always full of new ideas. Happy to share it Megan :)