Donald Duck Pancakes
I didn't make bento for my kids today because they were dismissed from school at 12.00PM. So I just took pictures of their breakfast for today's post. Nothing special for all time kid's favorite breakfast ... it was just pancake. But what make this pancake special is because of this cute pan with Donald Duck character on it. The other one that I have is Mickey Mouse (will post it later). I am happy with these cute pans until now. They are easy to use and easy to clean as they come with non-stick coating. It really prints out the character perfectly. I picked up this pan when I traveled to Taiwan last year at Japanese Store 'Tokyu Hands' (it calls Hands Tailung in Taiwan). I think this pancake will be nice to put in bento box too, don't you think?


I love pancake too and donald's figure add a nice touch. Admire you do it with even color, Lia

Is this bento a meme?

You spend a lot of effort making up your bento boxes. Puts my son's lunch box to shame.

You are the second person I knwo called Lia. My Indonesian's friend's daughte is also called Lia.

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Not only kids love it but me too hehehe ... Thanks a lot for your nice comment again Yen :)

@Ann : Bento is originally come from Japan. And bento does not always have to look cute with cute characters (=kyaraben bento). There are so much from bento making that you can explore. I just simply enjoy making bento for my kids, not everyday though hehehe ... Thanks a lot for your comment and your time to visit my blog :)

I love this mould. Can't wait to see the Mickey one. :D

@SIG : Thanks! I will post the Mickey one for sure :)

So simple yet so effective! My kid would LOVE this pancake and get such a kick out of it! I'm telling you, you get the most amazing things in Asia... Great breakfast!

Oh Lia, this is absolutely beautiful. Love the pan hope can get one when someone travels to Taiwan.

@Anncoo : You have a lot of foodie friends. Anyone from Taiwan? I don't know any online store who sells this pan. I will let you know if I find it :)

@Chantale : Thanks Chantale! Where ever I go to the new place, first thing and the only thing I shop is cute stuff hahaha ... love to see smile on my kids' faces only with this simple breakfast :)

Such a beautiful and even pancake.... And I love the character, too. Can't wait to see Mickey pancakes.

@Jenny : Thanks Jen for your nice comment!

wah!!! vy cute !!!

@仪仪妈咪 : Thanks 仪仪妈咪!

My kids love pancakes! It's usually the mcdonald's. Must try packing some for them. Love the mould. Wonder they have the hello kitty one! Hehe... ;)

@anna2003 : I don't have the Hello Kitty one but saw it before from some online store. They have it but different kind from this one :)

This gadget is cool. Is this your first time prepare pancake? The result is great!!

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! No, this is not my first time to prepare pancake. But this is my first time to post about my pancake :)

That is so cool!!! The pancakes are perfect!

This is really nice! The pattern is printed out so sharp. Think this is worth invest yeah! :)

@susanyuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! 100% recommended for this pan. If you see one just grab it :)

Wow that is so adorable!

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot!

Artistic, cute and perfectly made, Lia! The photo is wonderfully styled with pretty fruit :)

Your pancakes are perfect Lia!
I wish I can get such perfect pancakes! :P

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

adorable! you always have the cutest fun accessories, and really know how to make everything come out perfectly, including the lovely photos!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan for your sweet comment! Always love the cute stuffs hehehe ... I keep trying to make a good food photography, willing to learn more :)

Li, lucu banget...where did u get the pan?? :) sooo cute

@Lia : Hi Lia! I got the pan from Taiwan last year. I couldn't find any store sell it here :(