Small Cutter Sets

I believe that everyone in the bento world has at least 1 cutter to use for bento making. I love to use cutter for quick and neat cut. They come pretty handy all the time. Cutter comes with a lot of sizes, different shapes, and materials. This time I want to share some of my small cutter sets collection. These small cutters are my favorite because I can use them for so many creations and also to decorate bento with details. They are just perfect in sizes. And the sets are not too expensive, even can be considered as very cheap; so they are worth to be added to your collection too.

If you wonder how I keep my small cutters. I put them in a box with small dividers inside, so it's easy to find and easy to take out. I don't put them in the ice bucket like in the picture above. That's only for my picture set taking for this post LOL :D

The sets following can be found and bought from many bento online stores.
And you can also probably find them at your local Japanese shops in the bento section.

The following sets can be found and bought from Daiso, 100 Yen Japanese Store.
The set from No. 1 - 5

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Have fun with your bento making!


You have an amazing collection! I love mini cutters too. Easy and fast. I just recently raided my kid's Playdoh set for new cutters! I don't know why I didn't do that sooner. hehe! Of course, washed them all super thoroughly.. who wants to take a bite of sandwich and taste playdoh right? ;p

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale! Yes, you are right those cutters from Playdoh set are also can be used for our bento. I believe you washed them thoroughly ... twice LOL :D

hi lia, you still have those cutters in their original packaging! dont tell me you bought two or more of each set! haha.. =)

@anna2003 : No Karen I just bought 1 set of each. But I still keep the packagings for picture taking purpose. Throw the packagings after the shoots this afternoon :D So don't worry, I'm still a good bento addicts hahaha ...! cool!

Good Morning Lia, I also keep a lot of cutters which I bought from Daiso. Never buy on line before because I'm still new in bento. Will store the cutters like yours and make a tag on it because I'm very forgetful type ;DD

wow that's alot of cutters you have! I only have a few. Tempted to get more but didn't want to go "nuts" and splurge. I am eyeing out a set of 12 cookie cutters that has the indent to provide more details. Those would work well with sandwiches. :)

Quite a collection, Lia. I also like to bake cookies thus my collection is mainly from cookie cutters. But yes, I couldn't resist to buy those plastic cutters too!i find them too cute to ignore

@Anncoo : Hi Ann! Online store is pretty cool to shop. Can find so many cute bento stuffs. Daiso in Singapore is so much better compare to the one in Indonesia. More updated and bigger bento section :) ... I usually forget about my bento stuffs too :p 不记得还是太多了

@Mrs. P : Thanks a lot! Mine is still under control hehehe ... But yes, the small cutters can do so much for details :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks Yen! Cookies cutters are cool too. I can't resist the cute things, that's why I become a bento addicts hahaha ...

Hi Lia! I like all the different size cutters that each package has. I wish we had a store around here where we could go to and check out all the bento accessories and pick up what we need. Thank goodness for my bento friends and online shops! I don't have too many cutters yet, but I love your storage ideas...always helpful!

@Lyndsey : Hi Lyndsey! Except from Daiso, I have to hunting from online store and ask friends to buy bento stuffs. Wish there is one big Japanese store that sell all bento stuffs :)

Love seeing your pretty bento collections, so nicely styled. Just found some fun new bento supplies online today--so fun!! Happy weekend, Lia!

Aiyo Lia!!!!!! You seems to every cutters on sale! lol

I have some of those cutters too and they do come in handy when I'm in a rush!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Have fun with your new bento supplies and have a great weekend :)

@Angeleyes : bwahahaha ... Shop till we drop?

I love it when you showcase your tools. They are always so colourful and cheerful looking :D

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy!

hai mba lia..
salam kenal, aku mirah dari bali..
aku cari-cari ngga ada yang selucu koleksi mba lia.. kalo mau pesen dari mba lia kira-kira harganya jadi berapaan ya?