Bentolicious #128
Today's quick and simple bento was just using food cups, food picks, baran and cutter. The food cups are very handy to use to make characters. No need to decorate the face parts, the food cups had already done it for me. I just needed to make onigiri molded by hand and used cutter to make hands.
I put everything on the top of the rice, layer by layer. I put rice at the bottom layer, and then stir fry cabbage, crunchy bacon and ikan bilis / anchovies. I added some sweet corn kernel too. We love to eat rice just with these ingredients on the top. The sweetness of cabbage and corn combined with the crunchy bacon and salty ikan bilis are just perfect.
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Oh...the food cups, food picks, and baran help a lot. Great idea, Lia. The rice look delicious. :)

Omg, so cute and clever of you to use the food cups!

@hapabento : So sweet of you to say that. Thanks a lot Deb!

I clicked the link right away the moment I saw two words bear and rabbit. :)

Lia, you are genius. I love to use picks and baran for easy cuteness but never thought to use the bottle caps! The rice layers sounds delish! Yummy!

@Indonesia Eats : hahaha ... Thanks a lot Pep!

wow that rice does sound yummy! How do you stir fry the cabbage? In oil? I have never done that before.

cute cute!

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! It's nice to use our bento stuffs to prepare the speedy bento ;)

@Kelly Polizzi : Hi Kelly! I stir fry with oil and garlic but didn't put any salt because the bacon and anchovy are salty enough :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot!

hehehehe...definitely they are help a lot. I love to look at your box, Lia

you are a genius in making cute bentos.. thanks for giving us ideas of using food cups.. and your ikan bilis looks so crunchy and yummy..

Gosh! I fall in love with this bento! you are so creative! :)
Do you use a cutter to cut the "hands"? I noticed it is quite neat. Can share where you get this cutter? :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! Far from genius lah ... Just happened to have those food cups to use ;)

@I love blogging! : Thanks a lot! Yes, I used cutter to cut those hands. You can find it from or on ebay. They probably have it. My friend sent it to me. If you need the picture, please let me know your email then I will send the picture to you :)

What a great idea with the food cups. Are they the tops to cups?

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! Those food cups are the set of 3 in one pack. Can't really say food cups, perhaps should be food caps :)

wow, that salty/sweet rice topping sounds yummmmmmy! never would have thought to put rice inside the bears (normally would think of using them for sauce or furikake), what a smart idea!

and this photo is styled beautifully, from the pretty gingko leaf to the lovely patterned paper and chopsticks.

you are a MASTER of prop styling!!

@megan : Thanks a lot for your very very sweet comment! Still a long way to go before I can become a good prop styling hihihi ... I always love to see other bento / foodie blogger beautiful pictures. Hope can improve better from time to time :)

Hi Lia Chen,
yes yes, can you send me a pic to my email address, so I know what to look out for.... :) thks thks....