Book #006
In my opinion, Kaerenmama - Japanese Mom with 2 active boys is one of the very well known charaben bento artists from Japan along with Akinoichigo and Asami. I have collected her 3 bento books. 2 books contain all of her bento works and the other book contains a collaborative bento works between her and Asami. The bento book shown on the top is the newest release. Not like the other bento books that I collected, this bento book is the first one that come with the bento tools (1 face puncher and 5 small cutters). This is cool and brilliant! The book contains a lot of cute characters from Sanrio, San-X, Nintendo DS, NHK, and lot more. At the back pages, you can find so many tips and also tips using the free tools to decorate bento.
Second bento book is a collaboration between her and Asami. This bento book also contains a lot of cute characters, recipes, and tips; plus attached at the back of the book you can find a lot of cute characters that you can copy with trace paper. Unfortunately many of the tips are using ingredients that are very hard to find in my country. But still, the ideas can inspire us to make a cute bento.
I bought her first bento book back in September 2009. Just fell in love with this book with all colorful pages and creative charaben works in it. All of these 3 books are very useful for me as they have step-by-step pictures for each bento, mainly pointed out the important point. With those pictures, we can easily understand especially for non-Japanese reader like me. I learned a lot about bento making especially charaben bento from these books. I do hope that perhaps someday Japanese charaben bento books will be released in English too. So we are not just looking at the beautiful pictures but can understand more about the recipes and tips for each bento in every page.
If you are interested with Kaerenmama's bento works, you can visit her blog here.
Her bento books can be bought from Kinokuniya Bookstore and Amazon Japan.


Lovely books Lia! Kaerenmama and Asami belong to my category of "charaben bento goddesses" ^_^
It is very difficult to get japanese books here (the one with goodies together is so tempting..). Those I have I got from my dad when he last visited his home country.. *sigh*
Should appeal to (if hubs agree :P )
Have a nice week!

wah, yang ada puncher-nya seru bgt ^^

She is so talented. Even the cover pictures are enthralling!

Liaaaaa!!!! not only that I envy your amazing talent, but your HUGE bento gadgets and books collection make me so jealous of you ....
Will keep checking on your blog every time I need some ideas ^_^ ...

@karaimame : Hi Lilian! So lucky that we have Kinokuniya here, so can get those Japanese bento books. Although sometimes I have to order it from Amazon Japan too. Hope your hubby is agree to buy some bento books from Amazon Japan, good luck :)

@Sysyl : Iya Syl, yang buku terbaru dengan bento tools-nya ok banget. Value for money :)

@sherimiya : Hi Sheri! I agree with you. How can I pass the books with such a cute cover like that? hehehe ... :D

@Just a MOM : Hi Lina! Books are one of my resource to learn my bento making. And I think those books are worth enough to collect :)

Oh dear, I hope I can find her latest book in Kinokuniya!! So lovely!

Wow! Book 3 with the tool sets are sooooo cool!!! Wonder if I can find them at Kino here.

Thanks for introducing us to her. Now to find these books, they look awesome!

I had her first book and recently got the 3rd. Hm, it means I should find the 2nd book time goes by, collecting bento books might be an addiction for me too :-)

thanks lia for sharing. just in time too, kinokuniya singapore is offering 20% discount storewide for members!! yipee.. =)

@Kids Dream Work : I think you can. Please check it later :)

@Yeapies : I'm pretty sure you can find it at your Kinokuniya :)

@Mommyof2girlz : Nice to share in our bento world :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Yen, all of 3 books are available at Kinokuniya. They are stocking the 1st and 2nd bento books :)

@anna2003 : Oh so lucky! Go get them girl :)

Hi Lia..salam kenal ya..begitu nemuin blogmu first comment is WOW!! It's great both Bento tools & ceated Bento boxes..keren abis deh! Pengen nyoba jg nih. BTW, mau tny nih..3rd book Kaerenmama ada ISBN ga ya? Thanks a lot!

@fang fang : Thanks a lot Fang Fang! The ISBN number for Kaerenmama's 3rd book is ISBN-13: 978-4796679114.

Lia, thank you!