Bentolicious #131
For today's bento, I made Pichu - baby Pokémon that can evolve into Pikachu and Raichu. I hope I can make other Pokémon characters later. Hundreds of them from my kids' Pokémon dictionary; it will be a good resource. But I think I just need to start with the easy one first. Pichu was made of yellow egg sheet, nori, and kamaboko. I actually can use cheese but I didn't want to ruin it because of the humidity and the hot weather here, the cheese will just melt in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Inside the orange round box : pan fried shrimps with Indonesian yellow spices, fish balls with carrots, stir fry Chinese cabbage, and raspberries.
On Sunday afternoon an accident happened in the house. Some of you knew about this from my tweets. Big A broke her left arm. She was running around in the living room downstairs while I was in my bedroom upstairs. Suddenly Little A entered my room and told me Big A fell down and her arm was twisted. She tipped over her own legs and felt down with the left arm went down first. When I saw her hand, I knew that it was broken. Me and my husband brought her immediately to the ER. That afternoon, the traffic jam was so bad that it took us 1.5 hours to arrive at the hospital. We were so blessed because in the ER there was one senior Orthopedician who happened to visit his family in ER at that time. After done with the X-Ray, the doctor explained to us that 2 bones broken and the doctor needed to do a process called reduction (moving the bones back into their correct positions) before fitted with a cast. And that would hurt a lot that Big A would need anesthesia. After that everything went so fast and we went back home around 10PM. Yesterday, she was absent from school and is back to school today. We visited the doctor again yesterday and did another X-Ray. She will need to wear a cast for 6 weeks. Hope everything is going well with her bones' recovery.
Thank you very much to all of you that have been so kind and so supportive via Twitter!


Oh dear! Hopes she recovers fast.
Ya, we shared the same weather as you so I try to minimize my cheese usage. But my eggsheets are horrible. I reli admires your always smooth and perfect eggsheets. :)

Love every details colors ... cute bento!
Oh I am so sorry to hear what happened with Big A, hope she'll get better soon. I am feeling you Lia ... I know it must be hard on you.

Oh dear! So sorry to hear about Audrey's accident. I strained my back yesterday too and it was really drama that I have to go for physiotherapy!!!

Such a cute baby Pikachu in the bento!

Mummy hurt the most when the children get hurt..
Wish Big A a speedy recovery...

@Yeapies : Thanks a lot Yeapies! Use the smallest burner always help, don't give up :)

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lina! I wish that didn't happened to her but now I can only hope she will be more carefull next time :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! I hope your back is okay now. I hate backpain, really is uncomfortabl. Take care dear :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! You are so right ... When they hurt / pain, we feel hurt / pain too. I think that is because we are so connected to our kids :)

Scary! Poor A; that must have hurt SO much ;_; I only broke one bone before; my pinky finger. For such a small bone it hurt a lot!! I feel for her. Please give an extra hug from me.
I look thru the Pokemon book and there are so many characters -- don't know how they remember them all. Good idea to choose the cute (and simpler!) ones! This one is cute!! Love all your sweet bento Lia!

What a scare you must of had. Glad that Big A is on the mend. {{hugs}} to all!

What a Mom...injured kids and still calm to make a wonderful bento!

You rock!

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Really appreciate that. She didn't cry at all in the beginning, she cried when the doctor decided to give her anesthesis. I never remember the Pokémon character's name except for Pikachu hehehe ... But the kids can remember almost everything from the Pokémon dictionary :p

@hapabento : Thanks a lot Debra! I was in shock when I saw her left arm shaped differently from the normal one. Lucky no blood, that will be a horror and I will be passed out first :)

how adorable! I love Pichu, you can really create anything, so talented ^^

So sorry to hear that Big A broke her arm. Hope that she will recover fast. With mummy's great love and care, I believe she will overcome everything.

Cute Pichu. I thought it's typo error. In fact, it's Pikachu and Raichu before evolution (^.^)!!

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! So sweet of you to say that. I just love to use egg sheet to decorate kids' bento :)

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot dear! Really appreciate it :)

all I can say is... WOW! sooo cute! :D

Sorry to hear what happened to your daughter( she's the eldest right?). I'll include her in prayer for a fast recovery. Get well soon Big A! :(

the Pikachu is just lovely, Lia... and I send my prayer so A will fully recover soon.

I just know that Pichu is the baby name of Pikachu. Yours is cooo cuuute :D. Omaigod... I'm so so sorry to hear what happened with Audrey. Hope the fastest recovery for her...

@Rio : Yes, she is the eldest one. Thanks a lot to include her into your prayer! Very appreciate that :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Really appreciate your support through your kind comments :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Now the kids stop running in the house. They learn the lesson especially Big A :) sorry to know that your girl has broke her arm. Hope that she will recover very very soon. When kids are injured, Mummy will be very tired and worry, so take good care yourself too. My son injured before, so i know the feeling. Pray for her.
What a cute and pretty Pichu, great bento!!! ^.^

@Emily Ng : Thank you so much Emily for your very supportive comment!

1.5 hours with a broken arm and she didn't cry? Wow, that's brave. I hope she'll recover fast.

The pichu is really cute.

I'm so sorry about Big A. Having to be in a cast can be very frustrating, I hope she heals super fast! Pichu is adorable!

Oh my goodness Lia.. I hope Big A has a speedy recovery! Even if it was an accident, I'm sure she felt horrible that she broke her arm, the traffic mess etc. Big hugs to her!
The Pikachu is adorable!

@Flicksi : Thanks a lot! She is tougher than her little brother. Perhaps because she is the eldest one :)

@OhayoBento : Although she needs help from family and friends to do certain things, she is doing okay now. Thanks a lot Heather :)

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale! I will show all the wishes comments for her tonight. She acted very tough that day :)

Sorry to hear about the accident.. I would be shivering like crazy if I know something happened to my kid..
Wishing her a speedy recovery...
Again..Great bento u made..!

@Deby Suwito : Thanks a lot Deb!

Here's wishing big A a speedy recovery, God bless! You take good care of yourself too!

Poor Big A. So very sorry to hear what happened! I hope her hand heals quickly and properly and that she's not in constant pain.

Very cute Pichu! My girls think you did a great job. :)

oh NO lia!! i had no idea A got hurt like that, so awful! i broke my arm when i was 12 in a similar way; it was painful and uncomfortable, but i also got a lot of attention and everyone signed my cast, haha! i hope she is recovering well, not in pain anymore and maybe enjoying a few "perks" of being treated extra nicely!

very cute pichu bento, i don't have this pokemon dictionary and didn't know there were so many characters, it looked like a baby pikachu to me! your egg sheets are always so perfect :-)

Even if the "shock" had passed already I still feel for you and your little A. We really don't like to see our children getting hurt and I believe we feel the pain together with them.

Anyways, I am sure with all support and caring she will recover super fast! ^_^ Extra huge *hug* to her :)

And as usual, so beautiful bento! You are so inspirational =). Eh.. and here, when talking about Pokemóns, girls yell every time they see one "hey! It´s mom´s game" ^_^
:D ( I am so bad example for them.. )

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen!

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! And say thanks to your girls too :)

Wow, I felt the pain for Big A while reading about the accident, hope big A is fine now and recover fast.

@megan : I believe Audrey will enjoy all the attention that she can get too. Thanks a lot Megan for everything!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Karaimame for all of your supports! I need to learn more about Pokémon from the kids now. They were excited to put post-it on their Pokémon dictionary to help me remember for the next Pokémon bento hahaha ... :D

@kel : Thanks a lot Kel! I trully appreciate it :)

Now I learn another new character of Pokemon! Your egg sheet always look so perfect!

You have such beautiful lighting in your photos!

Very cute bento!

Awesome bento, Pikachu is perfect. So sorry to hear about your Big A, hope your next 6 weeks goes quickly and she heals perfectly :)

Hope your daughter gets well soon. Children take it much easier than adults. But she is luckier than my son who broke his arm this spring. He had to be operated two times :((
Now he is fine but still has to do ergotherapy to build up muscles and sense in his fingers.

Cute Pichu! I have to get a Pokemon Dictionary too ;) I have mistaken Pichu for Pikachu in one of my bentos...ehehehhe...

Oh no, I hope Big A gets well soon. :( Super cute Pichu! He's absolutely perfect!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping!

@Kelly Polizzi : Thanks a lot Kelly! I don't have any fancy equipments for lighting so I just use the natural lighting :)

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your kind comment :)

@charsiubau : Thanks a lot for your support! Lucky for her indeed ... Children's bones can heal quicker than adult. That Pokémon dictionary is fun to look at plus you can copy the characters from the book too ;)

Quick recovery wishes for Big A, I'm sure will be good as new soon with all the love around her, especially from her awesome Mom!

I loved the Pichu so much, I had to give it a try! Thanks for the great blog, and great inspiration! :)