Bentolicious #135
I always wanted to make Disney Cuties characters since long time ago but always forgot about it. So today I made one. I chose Minnie Mouse for my daughter's bento. When she was younger, she loved to watch Disney movies. But now although she still watch Disney Channel but her orientation has changed to the teen Disney movies like the Camp Rock and Hanna Montana. So before she say NO to Minnie Mouse, I decided to make Minnie bento for her.

Minnie Mouse was made of egg sheet and nori. I wanted to use cheese instead of egg sheet but it was just impossible for me to do that. I think the cheese will melt quickly because this week is quite sunny and hot day after last week rainy days. I hope all of you don't get bored to see my bento because I often use egg sheet to make a character. I added ume somen and egg flowers for decoration too. I was inspired by Sheri's ume somen bento. So far, I found 4 colors for somen : regular somen (off white), cha somen (green), ume somen (pink) and egg somen (yellow).
Inside the dark green box : crispy fried chicken, lemon, carrots, grape tomatoes, stir fry cauliflower & chayote, and mun tofu.
I linked this bento up for What's For Lunch at Shannon's blog.
Many bento friends has joined up the Pink October event organized by Bento Blog. You can check all the links here.


hello mba lia,

its me 3sna. your fellow friend on multiply.

kindly i always peeping your site to see your bento creation and read all the journal.

All your bento creation is adorable and make me droolling.
I love the taste, colour also the story behind it..

love you always and visit my own private homa at


SO cute Lia!! What a darling Disney baby :) What did you and A think of the ume somen? I found it a bit sweet. Super pretty color though, so I'll use it again.

i don't get bored seeing your bentos but I do get very envy over your perfect eggsheets.. sob .. sob..

I would never get bored seeing your cute yet stunning bentos.... I love visiting your blog and just love looking at all your bento posts to get some inspiration ... Thanks Lia!

@3snahousedesign : Thanks a lot Esna for your kind comment and for checking on my blog! I will jump to your site soon :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! I felt in love with the pink color first hehehe ... As you said it tastes a bit sweet compared to the regular one. But my kids couldn't tell the different except for the fragrance. They said, it smells like candy and I agree with them (^.^)

@Yeapies : Thanks a lot Yeapies! I am sure you can make your smooth egg sheet too. My first few tries always got wrinkles or too dry :)

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lin! Glad to have you as one of the very supportive bento friends :)

So sweet, Lia! Ben was always a huge Mickey fan, he still watches it sometimes. I will miss it as he gets older.

is your Sakura pedals made from pink egg sheets? ya.. i agree with others you make the smoothest eggsheet.

ya.. kids grows up so fast right? think you will be making Miley cyrus bento soon.. haha..

pretty and sweet baby Minnie...!

Yes Lia, both of us using the same ume soumen today. Yours is a lovely bento, really cute. Love it!

Do you have a tutorial on making good egg sheets?

@Shannon : Thanks a lot Shannon! They are growing up so fast *sigh*

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! Yes, the flowers were made of pink egg sheet ;) Hope I don't have to make Miley Cyrus bento hehehe ...

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! Love your ume somen post too :)

@Ludicrous Mama : Thanks a lot for your nice comment! You can find the tutorial here. Hope that will help :)

Ooh Lia, this has to be my new fav. So sweet ... Pink. Every young n 'mature' gals colour!! I wonder if my son will eat pink noodles!! Haha...

bentonya cantik bangeeetttt...terutama efek ume somen yang kaya' pita!!! :D

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! Just try it, who knows he will like it ;)

@purple angel : Thanks a lot Sysyl! Iya suka banget warnanya, sayangnya tinggal 1 pack lagi dah mau habis :)

Lia, this is so cute! if A doesn´t want baby-Minnie anymore I do! ^_^ Who can resist...
Lovely bento, so perfect egg-sheets.. you are the best with them!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! You are so sweet ... Don't want to think that someday I have to stop making bento. So just enjoy it while I can :)

Lovely bento and I love Minnie too. As usual, you are perfect in presenting the bento. I want this too. ^.^

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily!

How do you come up with such creative beauty every time? Jaw dropping, Lia! You are SO talented!!

Today, I saw 2 posts that used pink noodles. What a coincidence! I guess October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

Lovely bento as always! I wish that my triple C can be a part of your bento.

Omaigod!!!!! I'm SOOOOO jealous with Audrey hehehe... Haaash, I dunno what to say. Those pink flowers, pretty smiley look of Minnie, the pink somen... Oh it is winner bento, super kawaiiiiii :D

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Get creative because of all of my good bento friends so kind and supportive :)

@Indonesia Eats : Thanks a lot Pep! Our bento community join up to make our pink bento for Pink October event. Will love to have your triple C for my bento :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Audrey sure will so happy if you make her your cute bento :D

I love looking at your bentos. This one is so much fun with the pink swirls all around the lovely minie! Keep them coming!

Fabulous!! Better not let my girls see this one or i'll be in the kitchen for It's perfect!

@Lyndsey : Thank you so much Lyndsey!

@Mommyof2girlz : The girls always love pink I think hehehe ... Thanks a lot Steph!

This is just too cute! How can someone be bored at your eggsheet cuties bento, no way! :D

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping!

This is really so cute! I'll try to make a Minnie for my daughter one of these days!!!

What a gorgeous bento!!! I love Minnie and how you used the pink somen. :)

@NoveiMC : Thanks a lot! Disney characters always kids' favorite :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! So excited when I found the pink somen. My girl just love it :)