Bentolicious #142

Made the Witch sillhoutte for today's bento. I found the picture from the internet. I copied and pasted it to a trace paper, put the trace paper on the top of the egg sheet and then cut it. This was pretty quick to do. Inside the box :rice, chicken karaage, braised five spice egg, and stir fried veggies (baby corn, carrot, green bean).
Indonesia is mourning for the earthquake with tsunami in Mentawai, Sumatera and for the volcano eruption in Merapi, Yogyakarta. There are many victims in those disasters. Hope and pray for them, hope God will give they strengths for this hard time and for them not to lose their hope. Jakarta itself had some flooding in some places in the past couple of days because of the extreme raining season. It has caused hour and hour of traffic jam. One of Jakarta's biggest problems that is never resolved yet after so many years. One only can hope that the condition is better soon. So sad all of these bad things happened in Indonesia. Although we can't avoid natural disasters but at least I think Government should have better plan to minimize the losses.

Added this bento to "What's For Lunch" every Wednesday. Add yours too!


This is so nice! It can't be easy Lia, is your skill that make it easy, haha...

A very good witch sillhoutte, Lia :)
*thumbs up*
yes, so concern over the natural disaster but so mad aver the flood issue. In my opinion, the city arrangement is terrible and the officials don't seriously get into it.

It seems like Indonesia has been beset by many disaasters and tragedies lately. Wishing all the best for the victims and families that are affected.

Hope you are feeling better too Lia! You always manage a delightful, bright bento to put a smile on my face. So thank you for that :o)

Very sorry to hear about the situation in Jakarta. It is indeed very sad. I'm sure many prayers are with you and your countrymen. You did a wonderful job with the witch and how can you even say it is easy?! Hahah!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Believe me, this one don't take a lot of time to do. And I love it because I don't need to make small details for the witch hehehe :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Always so kind with your comment. I don't know until when the flood issue will remain ... Agree with you that our officials never seriously try to solve the problem and just blame it on the weather *sigh*

nice tracing and cutting done.

Watched the news, Yogjakarta is affected most is it? is it near to Jakarta?

Hope all the victims received the necessary assistance from the government and the public.

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! You are one of the very supportive bento friends. Keep me in the mood to learn more in bento making (^.^)

@SIG : Thanks a lot dear! This want just copy and paste, not much effort needed hahaha :D

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! Jakarta is a bit far from Yogyakarta so I can say we are safe here :)

No more doubt that you're the egg sheet queen! :D. I have some relatives in Sleman Yogyakarta, thanks God they are safe and sound. Hope all of these will be over sooner and everything's gonna be alright :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Glad to hear that your relatives in Sleman are all okay. Hope no more disasters in this country. Feel awful to see on the news.

Yes Lia, I read in the news about the disaster in Indonesia. I'm sure God will bless them.
The witch in the bento looks really cute :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann!

I was very unsettled when I´ve heard about the situation in Indonesia. Very glad your family is ok. I send my strength to all people affected by the disasters.

Your witch is s amazing! Did you cut with a knife? OH, MAD skills!

@karaimame : You are the first one that asked me about the earthquake via twitter. Thanks a lot Lilian for the concern! I cut the witch with X-Acto knife. You can get it from your craft supplies store. The knife is commonly use for paper tole craft :)

Joining your prayers for the victims of the earthquake and I'm so releived you and family are safe, dear Lia.

Wonderful details in this delicate witchy bento, you have such amazing cutting skills!

Oh I just love your bentos. I look forward to seeing them. You did such a great job on this one. It looks like an intricate design to cut out too!

@bentobird : My patient level is high for egg sheet cutting but low level for nori cutting hehehe ... Thanks a lot Jenn for your kind comment and for the support :)

@Kelly Polizzi : Thanks a lot Kelly!

Sorry to hear everyone going through such hard times, I'll keep the victums in my prayers!

You can tell you spent a lot of time and effort in your intricate witch! Very nice job.

@Lyndsey : Thank a lot Lyndsey! Really appreciate it.

Aw Lia, so sorry to hear about all the devastation in Indonesia.. One after another, it's really sad to see and hear about. I hope & pray everyone survives this..
Hoping you are okay as well..
This bento is awesome! As usual.. : )

Great bento ... you make it sounds so easy Lia, but I am not sure if I can do that ... you are very talented!!

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale!

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lin! I'm sure 100% you can do it too ;)

Haha..the witch sillhoutte is so nice and neat! The bento have so many variety of foods, yummy!
Yeah, so sorry to hear that so much natural disasters happen in your country...pray and pray for the victims, hope all bad thing will over very very soon. God bless!

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily!

Wow! I like your witch shadow!

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot! Glad that you like it :)

what a simple but very striking silhouette! this stylish bento is a little bit more "grown up" but still has lots of fun halloween spirit!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Think I have to be prepared for a little grown up bento now. Since Big A will soon enter Junior High. But still 1,5 years to enjoy making charaben bento though hehehe :D