Bentolicious #148
I couldn't get online much since the weekend. I had fun over the weekend with the dinner gathering on Saturday's night and a baking class on Sunday. We hosted the dinner at home, it was fun but made me feel so tired. I felt like my energy worn out that night. Baking class was a lot of fun from 10AM until 3PM. We baked a lot of cookies in the class. Hope the fear of baking will slowly disappear. We went to the immigration office on Monday to renew our passports so my kids were absent from the school. We couldn't make it if we had to wait until the kids went home from the school. The kids were happy because they felt like having 1 extra day for the weekend. Yesterday was uninspired and unmotivated day to do bento, so I blamed on the lazy bug LOL :D Back to bento business today, I made a simple mouse on the top of the egg fried rice. I used hard boiled egg and dry egg somen to decorate the mouse. This one was quick and simple to do. But somehow, I felt my mouse looks like rabbit or a rabbit that looks like a mouse. Oh well ... let your imagination guides you, what do you see? Mouse or rabbit?
Inside the other box : shoyu chicken, flower shapes carrot, cherry tomato, edamame, broccoli & cheese and baby corns.


I saw a bunny! I like the clean rice tier next to the colorful and fresh veggie tier. Looks so appetizing and cheerful. Glad you got your passports taken care of so you can now plan an exotic vacation this winter. We all have those unmotivated days; it's natural. I think it makes the other days all the more special. :D

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Your comment always bring smile and motivation for me. Yes, we will need the new passport number to book airplane tickets. Can't wait for the holiday :)

I've been sick and busy for the last few days, so I have also been unmotivated. Glad you were able to work on your fear of baking, I have it too! I think this is definitely a Mouse. :)

How cute. It looks like a bunny, but more like a Kangaroo mouse.

Sounds like we both had a very busy weekend .. LOL,
Cute bento as always, love every details and colors. And BTW, I still couldn't find the cookie/veggie cutter like the one you used for carrot ... very pretty flower! Maybe next time I go to Indonesia I should hunt for one LOL

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot Michelle! Hope you feel better now. Sending a positive thought to you. I think I should practice more on baking no matter what the result in the end hehehe ... :D

@moosegrl_86 : Thanks a lot! What is Kangaroo mouse? I need to google around to see it :)

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lin! I can find it for you if you want. Please let me know. Is actually cookie cutter from the bake supply shop and pretty cheap too :)

Bunny for me! hehe

Planning for a vacation? Have fun!:)

I saw rabbit. Then when I read that it looked similar to a mouse, I saw mouse.
But it doesn't matter...rabbit or mouse, it's cute.

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! Kids will have 2 weeks school break for Christmas holiday so yes, we are planning to have a holiday somewhere :)

@Debra : Thanks a lot Deb! Audrey didn't say anything this morning so I think I'm safe hehehe :D

I saw bunny too when my eyes first landed on the photo! But it is certainly a very cute one no matter is a mouse or bunny! :D

@KidsDreamWork : hehehe ... Thanks a lot Ai Ping!

It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, so I'd say rabbit :D

@Flicksi : Thanks a lot! Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is cute too. You give me an idea ;)

ehm...I saw, still can change my mind? err..a mouse..
arrgh, can't really decide because it is really really cute, Lia..
Hohoho..planning trip with kids are always very fun..don't forget to spill some story afterward :b

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Honestly we are trying very hard to get airplane ticket and everything. It seems all tourist destinations quite full for December :p

Rabbit! rabbit! That´s what my girls saw too.. they said "pupu!" (finnish word for bunny). See?
Lovely bento.. so fresh looking...
And Lia.. don´t worry about your lazy bug. I have it ALL THE TIME. ahhahaah , really, I just pretend I am active most of the time ^_^.
Nice that you had such fun weekend! I want to see your cookies soon :). And super great you manage to get your passports done.. now it is just planning for the holidays :).

No matter it is a bunny or mouse, it is still a cute one! :)
Planning for family trip?? So nice...have lots of fun and enjoy!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! Pupu ... I love the Finnish word for bunny, cute! Yeah, me and my husband almost crazy to find a destination for our holiday LOL :D

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! Always so sweet :)

I thought it was bunny hehehehe... Sama Mbak Liaaaaaaa, aku juga gak bisa OL minggu2 ini, anak2 ujian, trus belum ngurusin tetek bengek persiapan wisudaaaa, hiks hiks hiks T_T. Wuwaaaah, I hope I can join you in the baking class. My boyfriend is a big fan of bread and cake, really wish can make him a special one hehehe :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Wuah super sibuk deh Tata, semoga semua berjalan lancar. You are so talented in cooking, I think will be no problem for you to bake too. I'm really a noob in baking :D

hehee Lia, I think the ears belong to the mouse and the teeth belong to the rabbit ;DD Anyway it is very cute!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! I think you are right about the ears and the teeth :)

I keep changing my mind, but mouse or bunny, I love its perplexed, twitchy, cute expression! Cute effects are so natural for you, Lia, always amazes me :D

I called it a rabbit on Flickr just a little while ago, lol :) It definitely looks like a rabbit to me,and it's so cute!!

It sounds like the baking class was lots of fun, I need to take one too!

Whatever he is, he's adorable!

Looks like a rabbit...but it's so cute a delicious I just want to gobble it up whether it be a mouse or a rabbit. :)

So cute ! I saw a rabbit ! I really like your blog ! Best regards from France !

Totally saw a bunny but can defiantly see the mouse Either way it is adorable and I love the colors in the second box too :)

I think a bunny "married" a mouse and this is their "child". :P
bunny or mouse, its still cute as ever. :)

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Mouse or rabbit, I made everyone confuse hehehe :D

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya for your kind comment here and on Flickr too! Baking class is fun, at least we don't have to fear that we will fail because the teacher is so good to show us a lot of tips :)

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather!

@Mrs. P : hehehe ... thanks a lot Mrs. P!

@Juliglups : Thanks a lot for your nice words! Really appreciate your comment. Bento friend from France, cool :)

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot Steph! I think I will just call it Mobbit LOL :D

@Yeapies : Thanks a lot Yeapies!

I saw a bunny, but I just learned to make bunny origami so I have rabbits on the brain!! Adorable as usual!

@Bethanie : Thanks a lot Bethanie for your kind comment!

Heehee this bunny is so cute!!! I love his nose and whiskers! :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!