Bentolicious #151
Good News! Yesterday we went to the doctor and have x-ray on Audrey's broken hand. And she is now free from her sling, back to normal. Doctor said she needed to be careful for the next 6 months until everything has recovered perfectly. Her left broken hand looks a look smaller than the right hand. She will have to exercise with the squeezed ball to strengthen the muscles. Meanwhile, we have made a letter to the PE teacher and the school principle to give her exemption for not taking PE classes for the next 6 months.
I layered the pink egg sheet on the top of the rice and decorated with a cow character made from 3 colors egg sheet. I found a new way to make pink color egg sheet with pink dragon fruit extract juice. I just need one drop to mixed it with the egg white to get that light pink color. And if you can see, the pink egg sheet got the white pattern on it. That was because I didn't whisk and strain my egg white. Inside the other box : stir fry green bean with onion and red paprika, prawns with salted duck egg, chuka wakame, and cherry tomatoes.


So glad to hear good news on Audrey ^_^ and this is definitely the cutest cow I've seen ....

@Just a MOM : You are so quick Lin! Thanks a lot for being such a nice bento friend that always encourages me with your sweet comment :)

Glad to hear it! Love the cow and the pink egg sheet, blh di coba nih mbak tekniknya :D

Congratulations on the good news abt Audrey's arm. Praise God! :)
And love those pinks... specially the mooooo.... :P

ya.. good to hear Audrey's hand has recovered well.

cute moo moo cow, actually i like the what patches on the pink egg sheets, like pattern.

its like a picture on the strawberry milk carton..hehe.

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot Sysyl! Silahkan mencoba ;)

@Yeapies : Thanks a lot Yeapies! Very appreciate it. I hope my girl will be more careful next time, so this won't happened again in the future :)

So glad to know the good news about Audrey :D. What a great invention with the pink egg sheet, gonna to try it if I get red dragon fruit :D. Sapi oh momoooo... You're the cutest momo in the box :D

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! This cow is a kind of reminder for my girl to drink a lot of milk. She loves to drink strawberry milk, that was why I made a pink egg sheet :D

Hooray!! Kids are so lucky that way. They heal fast and bounce right back. Super cute cow bento, I love the milk encouragement!!

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Found it accidentally. Last week I cut the pink dragon fruit and the pink color stained on my hand. Happy with the color turn out on my pink egg sheet. Natural coloring :)

Lia the cow is adorable!!! I love this bento! :)

Love the cow. So cute!! And yay for your daughter. I bet she is thrilled to have it removed.

I wonder if it can be applied for coloring rice too - doesn't it sound great? :D

What a good news about A :)
heheheehe...this cow looks playful :b very sweet cow, Lia

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! Couldn't more agree, kids' bones are quick to heal. Audrey said the same thing too ... this bento reminded her to drink a lot of milk (^.^)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan for your kind comment!

@Kelly Polizzi : Thanks a lot Kelly! She felt so relieve. Can use both of her hands now :)

@tatabonita : Let me know later when you have time to try it on the rice ;)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Pink makes the cow too sweet I think hahaha :D

Cute moo moo...

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot!

So happy to hear the news about Audrey! It is nice she doesn´t need the sling anymore, I guess she is feeling "free" ^_^.
Don´t worry, she will recover fast!
That cute cow in the bento really encourages to drink milk :P, so sweet.. And the patterned egg sheet is fabulous!

@karaimame : She is free now. After more than one month with the sling, she's finally can use her left hand again. Thanks God and thanks a lot Lilian for your kind comment (^.^)

I'm so glad to read your good news !
Your cow is just so cute ! I would like to make some beautiful bento !

Great to hear that Audrey is doing well! hopefully she will take care of her hand for the next 6 months! :P

Love the moo-moo cow! So cute!!!

Hi Lia, not sure if you got my email but the coloured seasoning was from Daiso SG.

@Juliglups : Thanks a lot! Just hoped to your blog. Love your bento :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Kids being kids, she always need to be reminded :)

@SIG : I haven't receive your email perhaps went to the spam box. I will check it later :) Thanks a lot for the info!

Lia, I just gave you the stylist blogger award!!! came by and claim it ^_^ Congrats!!!

You are a master with egg sheets! Such a beautiful bento! It's good to hear that Audrey is getting better, having to wear a cast can be very frustrating!

Moo moo...lovely pink egg sheet and cute cow. :)
Happy to know that your girl's hand has recovered well. ^.^

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lin! Very appreciate it :)

@OhayaBento : Thanks a lot Heather! It's funny that she used to do everything with one hand and now when she is free, she sometimes forgot can use her left hand hehehe ...

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily!

Very happy to hear of Audrey recovering so nicely! Warm thoughts to you and family, Lia. Wonderful new bento explorations here--pink dragonfruit extract, how amazng!

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn for everything! Really appreciate your support through your sweet comment for me :)

Your ideas are really awesome:) I also have this Bento Box. Which is really pretty.

I also want to give you the Versatile Blogger Award for your really brilliant blog

@Mokiko : Thanks a lot Mokiko for your sweet comment and the award too! Much appreciate it :)

I'm so happy to hear that Audrey's hand healed well! I hope the next 6 months continue with no problems.

The cow is absolutely adorable!

I'm so sorry I didn't know that about Audrey... How much you were worried about her but good for her and mom!

Your eggsheet is always perfection. I love the way the pink sheet has white spots. Of course the cute cow face too!
The d/f extract came out a nice pink color.

Please check on my recent post about blogger award!!! and claim yours! ^o^)/ congratz!

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! Really hope that too :)

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! My kids said the cow's hands are too skinny hehehe ... :D

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot for the blogger award! Very appreciate it :)

yay, so happy to hear audrey is getting back to normal!

cute and funny cow here, i like how she is a little bit goofy. the background egg sheet is so cool, looks like tie-dye!!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Always so sweet :)

the cow is very adorable xx love it!

@My Taste Heaven : Thanks a lot!

I wish her luck with her arm. I dislocated my thumb in august and now will have to have surgery on dec. 6th because of a blockage and can't use my hand, which is my dominant hand lol.
Anyways, I am new to bento, as in just found out about them today:). These are great ideas here, I am a new follower, though wish there were an email update option. can you please tell me what are these egg sheets your speaking of? Those characters are so cute. Thank you.

@Mari : Thanks a lot Mari for your kind comment and for visiting my blog! You can find the tips to make egg sheet in my blog here. Hope that will help :)

nice to hear that your daughter's arm has recovered. My boy's arm has recovered too! Finally after more than a half year he can do everything again but still has to be careful.

And such a cute bento!

@charsiubau (Bento-Mania) : Thanks a lot! Agree, kids usually forget what happened before so we have to remain them to be careful :)