Bentolicious #153
Have you watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1 - The Deathly Hallows? We watched the movie on Friday afternoon. The theater was full but hubby was so smart to buy the tickets for us ahead. Audrey was enjoying the movie while Andrew was bored after half it. My kids never watched the Harry Potter moview (1-6) at the cinema before. So it was always only me and my husband. But I have the Harry Potter DVDs collection at home and my kids were having Harry Potter movie marathon (1-3) on Saturday. Inspired by the movie, I browsed the internet and found the cute Harry Potter cartoon here. I used egg sheet to re-create the character although I couldn't create as details as the original cartoon because of the time limitation. But I think I'm happy with it.
I hope everyone had a great time on the weekend. I have one good news to share. One of my bento pictures has been featured on newsletter from SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn Bhd (picture shown below). The company asked me whether they could use one of my bento pictures for their company newsletter and I didn't have any objection on that. In fact, I love they asked for the permission first which showed their appreciation for my bento pictures. Thanks to Jasmine and Sherin to send me a complimentary gift. I was surprised to receive that on last Friday. Now thinking about Christmas, thinking about when I should start making Christmas theme bento. Maybe I will start tomorrow, school break is coming soon. So I will try to find some ideas for that tonight.


wow congrats on the feature, that's awesome! As is the harry potter bento. Which parts are nori?

Would love a tutorial on how to cut egg sheet so detailed! *hint hint ... nudge nudge*

wow! that is a very cute harry potter! i'm not really a harry potter fan but i think you have the cutest daniel radcliffe, i mean harry potter bento! :D

Aw, this Harry Potter is so cute!
As child, I loved the Harry Potter books. But I only read up to No. 6.
I don't watch the movies, but your Harry is really really great ^-^ Beautiful bento!

Wow Lia,
I can't believe that cute Harry is made of egg sheet. It looks amazingly neat and expertly cut! No winder your bento is chosen to feature in the publication! Congratulations! So happy for you and proud too! Your Monday bento is so incredible! I can never manage a nice-looking Monday bento; so tired from the weekend. Haha! Love it :)

Harry Potter!!! Love it! You are so great Lia! I don't think I can ever make one cute one like this! :D
And congrats for the bento feature in the newsletter! I think soon our bento community will goes into Christmas bento, can't wait to see all the lovely creations! I already made one for my son, but no chance to share it yet, haha...

Lia, you are the GREAT bento maestro! I really admire the amazing things that you can do with the egg sheet. I really could use some lesson from you.

@Kelly Polizzi : Thanks a lot Kelly! I just edited the post. I want to use nori for the hair and eyes details but still have the brown egg sheet left, so used it and saved my nori hehehe ... You can use X-Acto knife to cut the details. It helps a lot :)

@Rio : Thanks a lot Rio for your kind comment!

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! I love the books more than the movies. More details in the book :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri for everything! Really appreciate your supports all this time. Feeling blessed to have you as a bento friend. The Japchae was made last night and re-heated in the morning. Saved me a lot of time so I can do the Harry Potter peacefully hahaha ... :D

@KidsDreamWork : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! I am excited too for the Christmas theme bento in our bento world, yeay!!

Congratulations for the bento feature in the newsletter! Great job.
Your Harry Potter look cute and pretty...your are so good with egg sheet. I wish I can make one too...hehe...but I am too lazy for this. :)

@Xelia : Thanks a lot Xelia! I am totally scare if you call me maestro. That is too big for me. BTW, you can do it too, I am sure of it :)

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! I think I just feel comfortable to use egg sheet to make characters for the bento :)

ckckckckck....itu harry potter-nya lucuuuu bgt!!!!
itu warnain egg sheetnya pake apa mbak?kok coklatnya bisa ad yg tua ad yg muda?

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot Syl! Egg sheet coklat bisa pake kecap manis, choco pasta, choco powder. Bisa 2 warna karena aku balik pakainya. Hasil atas coklat tua dan bagian belakang coklat muda ;)

Lia, Congratulations! You're superb :)
Love this Harry Potter, so cute!

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann!

oh your Harry Potter is so cute !!! In France the movie will be on theater Wednesday, I'll see it this week end with my boyfriend! I hope it will be great !

And congratulations for your bento in the company's newsletter !

@Juliglups : Thanks a lot Juli! Have fun watching the movie with your boyfriend later. Hope the second part will not take too long on screen :)

Cute Harry Potter... Very2 cute....
Really love your bento....
Nice bento for busy Monday....

@benTo-BEnToAn : Thanks a lot Debby! Very sweet of you :)

Congratulation for being featured!

Lia.. you are the egg sheet expert. The Harry Potter is perfect and cute! Omigosh if you had more time to make it... he is perfect like that already!
Congratulations on your feature in the company's newsletter! I´ve noticed it is Swedish one ;) eheheh. Swedish is the second official language in Finland.. thanks for the country belonging to Sweden for a while ;)
I am looking forward seeing your Christmas bentos! They might be gorgeous...

Congratulations on your featured bento photo! That is fantastic! Your Harry Potter is amazing! You have a wonderful talent for creating characters with egg sheets, I love seeing your art. I can't wait to see what comes next!!

WOW!!! Congrats on the feature!!!
And this is the best harry potter bento I've ever seen .... you're an amazing amazing bento artist!!! I am so glad you are my friend ^_^

thanks for the reply. i thought it was just me missing something haha. Whenever i try with the xacto knife it always comes out jagged. You do such a wonderful job! Do you put the picture over the egg sheet and then trace around it?

@Indonesia Eats : Thanks a lot Pep!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! You can speak so many languages, awesome! Hope to see your Christmas bento soon :)

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather!

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lin!

@Kelly Polizzi : For the big parts of the picture, yes I traced the picture on the parchment baking paper and put on the top of the egg sheet. But for the small parts just cut it free hand :)

Congratulations on the photo! It looks great, and I bet more people will be inspired to try bento. I also made a Harry Potter bento, but yours is light years better than mine. Maybe mine needs more training at Hogwarts. Ha ha!

Wow, what a great looking Harry Potter! We haven't seen the new movie yet and will probably wait until in comes out on video - going to the theatre is very costly where we live. It has been fun though, listening to everyone's comments about it!

Congrats on the feature and this outstandingly cute and skillful bento! You are a superstar in the bento world, inspiring us with your creations. So great, Lia!!

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot Michelle! I hope more and more people will try to make their own bento and throw away their negative thinking about bento. I love your 3D version of Harry Potter bento, so cool!

@Kuusou : Hi Kuusou! Thanks a lot for your kind comment! Watching on the video at home is fun too with the whole family. I think will be coming out soon on video / DVD :)

@bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! All of you are so inspiring too. I love how we learn from each other bento :)

wow! This is a cute Harry Potter! I enjoyed the movie very much! We have been following the Harry Potter movie too. Can't wait til part 2!!

Congrats on being in the article. Your talent deserve mentions! :)

wow.. I am big fan of Harry Potter too.. I watch all the movie.
But this time I might have to get the DVD. Never step into a cinema after my elder is born.. haha.

Love the cute Harry bento, now he has grown up, so kinda miss him in the ealier episodes.

and just curious, the face also made of egg sheets? and how u make that colour?

sometimes i am still no clue on how to mix the correct colours.

wow cute lovely Harry Potter mba lia.
Congratulation for your first international debut on Malaysia newsletter.

Kindly inform you that I have reviewed your blog on my multiply site:

Hope you like it ^^

@Mrs. P : Thanks a lot Mrs. P!

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! Me too, kind of missing his kid' face and now looks so grown up. The face was made from egg sheet too. I put just very small amout of red food coloring otherwise couldn't get the beige face color. You have to experiment with the color. Is always wise to put small amount of food coloring and increase the amount until you find a perfect color that you want :)

@3snadesignshouse : Thanks a lot Esna for your comment and your review! Actually is mother of Audrey and Andrew, not Cindy and Bryan hehehe ... :D

Congratulation on the feature, you deserve it. Your bento is like "everyday surprise" to me. Just like this bento, it's so awesome....

@Vanessa : Thank you so much Vanessa!

Lia, Congrats on the bento feature! Totally cool. For this Harry Potter bento? I am BLOWN AWAY!! Whoa. That is the cutest Harry Potter ever. So freaking cool!! I don't know how you do these but soooo cool! You need to do a book. I wanted to see the movie yesterday on my day off but it was rainy and I was still so tired. Maybe next week. Kids.. they are so used to seeing everything these days. lol!

Congrats on the feature and superb job on the cute Harry ! We saw the movie last sat and it was the first Harry movie for my kids too. Son love it but my girl said it's scary !

Congrats Lia, happy for you! your work deserves it enough! you are an Indonesian bento queen :D

Maybe we'll never be able to see the last Harry Potter at cinema coz my kid's scared of it so I'll have to watch the DVD while she's not at home ^^;

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale! I am happy just to blog it, no pressure hahaha ... You have to rest so you get fully recharge. The movie will still play next week, don't worry you have plenty of time to watch it :)

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! Lucky that your girl didn't ask to go out from the theater before the movie finish hehehe ... :D

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi for your sweet comment and for the title hahaha ... Hope you will enjoy the DVD later at home at your home alone time :D

wow...that's very nice and very detailed of Harry Potter. Although I didn't watch the movie, but I am sure he is as handsome as the person in movie :) And congrats to the feature in SCA. You really deserve it :b

congrats! this is such a cute that the actors've all grown up compared to the 1st movie.

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen!

@javapot : Thanks a lot Javapot! Yes indeed ... otherwise will be very odd to see him in his 7th year but looks like in his 1st year at Hogwarts hehehe :)

Another fabulous creation!

@SIG : Thanks a lot Debra!

Wow Lia! That Harry Potter is sooo cute.. You really are the best Bento artist, I'm admiring your art work. And my son loves it too ^^

@Pristy : Thanks a lot Pristy!

Fabulous Harry Potter Lia!!! Your bento art is just amazing. :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!