Bentolicious #160
This is my last Christmas theme bento and the last one for this year. I made a simple fried rice bento covered with omelet, decorated with egg sheets to form our family. From here, although it's a bit early, we want to wish you a joyous Christmas! Our family has been so blessed through out this year, in bad times or good times ... God is always watching over family. I'm personally want to thank you all for your supports via comments, emails, tweets all this time. I really appreciate the friendship through this blog with all of you, I really do.
Tomorrow, kids will have their school Christmas celebration and it will be a final day of school for this semester. They will have school break until 9 January, 2011. So the second semester will start again on 10 January, 2011 where I will begin my bento making again. So now, it's time to enjoy the holiday. We will depart from Jakarta this Sunday to our holiday destination, Maldives. And later we will stop by in Singapore to celebrate Christmas there. And back to Jakarta again to celebrate the New Year with our families and friends.
So, until next year ...
Hope all of you enjoy and have fun holiday with your family and friends!
Today is the last day of the exams. Phew! I feel relieved ... But this semester is rather different. Usually the kids will receive their report card on the last day of the school before the break. But this semester, they will have it after the school break.
Last night I made chocolate painting. I used the Hello Kitty and the Christmas wreath picture that I found on the internet. This is my first time to do it. It took me 4 hours for the whole process from chopping the chocolate, melting the chocolate, paint the picture on the parchment paper and let it dry cold in the fridge for 1 minute. I only got 8 pieces, and I broke 1. I still need a lot of practice but it's fun to do. I want to take the pictures on how I did that but it was so hard to do the painting and have to take the picture by myself, so I just gave up. Probably next time. Kids love it especially the green chocolate is mint flavor.
This time I didn't took a picture with the foods inside the snack box. But the foods that I prepared for the snack bento was pretty much the same : heart shapes sandwiches with Hello Kitty chocolate painting on the top, mini roll cake - strawberry & pandan flavors, sweetened cherries, mini strawberries, and mini tangerines.
Bentolicious #159
I couldn't get online much last week. So sorry for the lack of posts. This week will be the last week of Christmas theme bento before the school holiday begins. My brother in-law's wedding was held on last Saturday. Everything went very well although it was raining in the morning during the Holy Matrimony at the church. Kids didn't attend the Holy Matrimony because Andrew got sore throat and a bit feverish, so they just attended the dinner party in the afternoon.
For Monday's bento, I chose to make Mr. Snowman from bread as this will be a snack bento during the exam day. I stuffed pandan kaya jam inside the bread and added strawberries, tangerines, and bananas. The fruits were pretty tiny this time so fit perfectly in the small snack bento box. Mr. Snowman were decorated with fish sausage wrapped with egg sheet (hat), red egg sheet (scarf), colored egg sheets (buttons, hat), carrot (nose), nori (face details), and jelly balls (hat details).
We will have a hot Christmas at our holiday trip destination. So instead of snowman, I think my kids will build a sandman LOL :D Me and my husband made a check list for our holiday trip. Travel with the kids has to be prepared for any kind of situations. We are all looking forward for the holiday soon :)
Bentolicious #158
My kids are starting their final exams today. And because tomorrow is a public holiday, they will finish the exam next week. 2 more subjects have been added to the final test. Usually they only have 9 subjects tested, now it becomes 11 subjects. The school will dismiss earlier during the final exam week at 12PM so I didn't prepare lunch bento for the kids only snack bento. They can eat it during the break between the tests. I put sandwich filled with chicken floss and butter inside, fruits, mixed nuts, and decorated with an angel on the top of the sandwich. Angel is coming with the gift for well behave kids!
We celebrated hubby's birthday yesterday. We had a delicious lunch at the Rustique Grill & Wine restaurant after Sunday Service. Kids woke up early to surprise their Daddy with the birthday cards and presents, hugs and kisses. We had a great time together. So, how was your weekend? Hope all of you had a good time too.
Bentolicious #157
Friday is here again! I'm planning to take the kids to the cinema to watch The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader this afternoon. Audrey got the Narnia book collection and Andrew loves Aslan. So I'm sure they will enjoy the movie so much. The movie comes in 3D format, so it will be more fun and exciting to watch. I found a birthday gift for hubby already, so this afternoon before watching the movie the kids will have a chance to find theirs too.
I made Santa's reindeer for Audrey's bento this morning. And my boy mentioned yesterday that he wanted to bring bento again next semester. I think he heard my conversation with my girl every time in the car when I picked them at school. I always check my girl whether she finishes the bento or not ... and she would told me about her bento, her friends, her teachers in the classroom. I can say that become our little sweet conversation along the way. The boy got jealous? A little bit maybe or he got bored with the school catering already :) Either way, next semester I will have to prepare double bento again for the kids.
Inside the box : rice, pork yakiniku, tamagoyaki, carrots, and Chinese spinach.
Wish everyone a great weekend ahead!
Bentolicious #156
December is here ... yeay!! How fast is that? So many things in my to-do-list yet so little time to accomplish *sigh*. Soon we will have Christmas and enter a new year. It might sound so rushing but I can tell days in December flown away pretty quick. Hubby's birthday is coming in another 4 days and I'm still blank, don't know what to prepare for his birthday gift. Kids have been asking when I will take them to buy hubby's birthday gift. They want to choose by themselves, each one of us will have different birthday gifts for hubby. Kids usually will pick up something 'amazing' that we as an adult will never think about it. I used my various small cutters to make boy and girl with their Christmas outfits. As usual, using cutters save me a lot of time.
Inside the yellow box : strawberries, braised peanuts, stir fried Chinese okra, crab meats in tomato garlic sauce, and spam wrapped in egg.