Bentolicious #162
Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 3rd of February, 2011. This year will be the year of Rabbit on the Chinese calender. Sooner or later, I should start to make rabbit theme and Chinese New Year bento, so I made this yellow ears rabbit for today's bento. The white rabbit was made of steamed rice molded with hand, decorated with egg, crab stick, nori, and jelly ball. As usual when I molded the rice by hand, I used cling wrap to shape the rice and to get the smooth surface of the rice balls. I needed a contrast for the white rabbit, so I put the fried egg rice on the bottom for the background. Inside the other box : tamagoyaki, sauteed bean sprouts, oven shoyu chicken, mini oranges, and sweetened cherry.

If you notice, I use a lot of the 2-tiers round bento box. It is my favorite. I feel pretty convenience to use it to pack my kids' bento. When I just started my bento making, I bought many bento boxes without considering the size of the box. I was too busy to choose based on the cute picture on the box over the right size box for my kids. Now, I choose carefully. I don't want to buy bento box that is too large or too deep. Too large and too deep, not only it is too much for my kids' lunch portion, but also it is hard to arrange the foods and it looks ugly to photograph LOL :D


Cute bunny, Lia. :) Love the color contrast, esp. the yellow ears, nice! I was like you before, buying the bento box without considering the size of food, but after so many bentos made, I will roughly know which one is suitable and I like 2-tiers round box, but hardly find a suitable one at my place here.

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! I actually made the white long ears in the beginning but the rabbit looked *bleh ... too plain, so I changed them to the yellow ears LOL :D Glad it worked out. The round box is hard to find too here. This one is the right size so when I saw it, I picked up the other 3 colors - all same model hihihi :p

And I thought you made the yellow ears on purpose :).
Ehehe, I liked this way, so cute!!
Gosh, I didn´t make any Christmas bento... I should hurry to make at least one bunny, before the "pupu" season goes "LOL"
Yep and in this round bento box, it looks perfect!

Hi Lia, another new creation from you:) You're always so creative..the rabbit looks real cute! Love it!!

@karaimame : hahaha ... being caught in act :D You will see a lot of "pupu" bento before Chinese New Year, so join up quick! Thanks a lot Lilian (^.^)

@Anncoo : Hi Ann! Thanks a lot! I will hope to your blog to find some recipes for Chinese New Year. I know you will post something awesome and yummy :)

long wait is over, another wonderful bento creation from you Lia! very very cute. the colors are so vibrant and as usual it looks oh-so-yummy! :D

@Rio : Hi Rio! Happy New Year! Thanks a lot for your sweet and encouraging comment as always dear :)

I love what you can do with onigiri. I try sometimes but I am not that good at it. Lovely bunny :)

I don't mind having this for my lunch. :)

@Uniflame : Thanks a lot Cynni! Sometimes is fun to shape the onigiri ;)

@Indonesia Eats : Thanks a lot Pep!

Beautiful cheerful bunny bento to celebrate the new year's sweet animal--perfect theme for us bentoists! I agree about large and deep bento boxes not working well for photography, by the way!

Super cute New Year bunny! I really love it when you dish out bento tips and tricks. I'm really only at the stage of looking at how cute a bento box is. lol! But now that I have our new lunchbags, you're right, it's getting to be more about fit. Thanks for the tips Lia! Keep em coming..

@Bentobird : I believe we will see many bunnies this month from our fellow bentoist hehehe ... Have tried to photograph a deep bento box but it didn't work out well for me. Will be happy if I can find the tricks and tips from others about this :) Thanks a lot Jenn!

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale! I wish I can make the step-by-step pictures on how I prepare my each bento ... but preparing the bento and shooting the process by myself just too much LOL :D

aww.. thats a cute little cuddly bunny! like my daughter's soft toy..

too cute to eat..haha..
nice bento again..

oh.. thanks for sharing the advice on difficult to shoot for deep bento box. I will avoid deep boxes from now on.

Super cute bunny, as always, Lia! Happy New Year to all of you. I love this two tier round box with the cute little clips. Adorable :)

too cute for words ;)

what a cute bunny, Lia
yeah, I need to make this bunny-theme too these days...
Yup, I agree with you about too big and deep box, it is too much. My kids won't finish their lunches too :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! I dunno perhaps I pack kids meal, the portion is not as much as adult portion. So the foods just sink inside the big box and deep box hahaha :D

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! The clips are fun part when open the box. But the box is not an airtight box like Lock N Lock :)

@noobcook : hahaha ... Thanks a lot Wiffy!

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! No point to pack a big box if too much for the kids' portion :)

I really like your rabbit !

@Juliglups : Thanks a lot Juli!

great to spot this first bunny!! cny is just another 2-3 weeks, so i guess we'll soon see many bunnies hopping around in the bento community. i wanted to make one but no inspiration yet. soon! =)

Mbak Liaaaaaaaaaa... You're back!!! How your fans miss you a lot huehehehe :D. Sepi hidup tanpa bentomu *dangdut mode on :D*. Love the bunny, especially his ears ^^. Iya, aku dulu kalo beli lunch box juga asal aja, liat pengen, dibeli deh. Lunch yang kegedean jarang kupake, abis binggung mau tak isi apa trus setuju juga, gak cantik dipotret hehe. Sekarang suka lunch box yang kecil2 malah, gambang ngatur makanannya :D

Setuju banget utk ukuran lunch box mbak. Aku juga sekarang cuma pakai lunch box yg porsinya kecil (diet mode on. Btw, bagi2 tips bikin tamagoyaki dong mbak,biar bagus n mulus gitu >.<

I can barely get pb&j in a baggie let alone the work of art you put out each day. Still I love seeing what you put together. I don't follow or aspire to Bento but I love yours and have you on my favorite blogs list on my blog. Thanks for showing your creativity.

@anna2003 : Thanks a lot Karen! Would love to see the hoping bunny around your blog too soon ;)

@yunitarahmasari aka tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! You are so hilarious LOL ... Kalo yg kotaknya besar tapi nggak deep masih mendingan, tapi kalo dah yang dalam banget aku nyerah deh! Sekarang kalo beli box bento udah nggak 'lapar mata' lagi :D

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot Sysyl! Buat diet emang jangan pake box terlalu gede jade isi makanannya bisa terkontrol. Atau kalo sampai nggak Ada yg kecil, isi sayuran dan buat Lenin banyak jade karbohidratnya dikurangin tapi tetap cukup mengenyangkan. Mau posting tutorial besok, ditunggu yah!

@Danee : Thanks a lot Danee for visiting my blog and to put my blog on your blog list! Very appreciate it! Bento doesn't necessary have to be cute all the time. Many bento fellows don't make kyaraben (character) bento. The important things are the healthy balance meal. And you can improvise on how do you want to put it in the box. You can take a look at,, for more inspirations (^.^)

so cute!

@prince n princess mum : Thank you!