Tips - Fun Tamagoyaki
It has been so long since my last post for Tips section. And since so many bento friends have been asking me on how I made my tamagoyaki, I decided to take some step-by-step pictures on how I did it. Hope this pictorial can help, although my way is not a perfect one but I have a lot of fun make it this way. Usually I follow Maki's recipe from Just Hungry to make my basic tamagoyaki but you can improvise with different ingredients later.
You don't need to do this if you just wanna make a regular tamagoyaki. I separated the egg yolk and the egg white because I want to show you how to make 2 tones tamagoyaki.
After you put all the ingredients inside the bowl then beat the mixture until even. You don't need to beat the egg white. And if you get a lot of bubbles in your egg mixture like mine, no worries ... as long as you use low heat then tamagoyaki will turn out fine.
If you don't have tamagoyaki pan then you can use your non-stick pan. I use small spatula/turner to roll the egg later, but you can also use chopsticks if you feel comfortable with it.
Brush the pan with a little bit of cooking oil before using it and in-between each layer making.
If we use high heat then the tamagoyaki will burn or you will get a very dry tamagoyaki. So keep in mind, low heat is a must. If you are an expert then you can use medium heat.
You can start pouring some egg mixture into the pan after you heat up the pan. Don't pour too much because it will be hard to roll later.
When you see the top layer like wavy water then you can start roll the egg to the opposite site as shown at the picture below. Don't wait until it is too dry because the first layer is very crucial so you can have a nice and neat center.
Push the egg gently to the first place and start pouring the egg white mixture. Make sure that the egg white mixture is glue well with the egg yolk mixture.
As you can see on the Step 3, I've got 3 bowls which are 2 bowls for egg yolk mixture and 1 bowl of egg white mixture. And if you see the first picture on the top, the center of tamagoyaki is darker than the outside. We have 2 types of chicken egg here. One is called broiler chicken egg and the other is called organic chicken egg. The organic chicken egg is smaller and has a white shell with a dark yellow/orange egg yolk.


Wow! Thank dear Lia for sharing this wonderful idea on making the perfect tamagoyaki. I'll definitely try this! :D

I love this tutorial! I always used the tutorial at lunch in a box, but you have different tips once again. I only need a better tamagoyaki pan but I will try it again soon :) Thanks!!

Great step by step! I don't understand how you got the insides to look like a hard boiled egg though?

Thanks Lia, what a wonderful post. I never used a sushi rolling matt for my tamagoyaki before, and of course mine were never round like yours either. I get two days of next week I want to compare our organic eggs to regular ones!

@Rio : My kids love eggs and tamagoyaki is their favorite. Please try it and you can use your own tamagoyaki recipe too :) Thanks a lot Rio!

@Uniflame : Thanks a lot Cynni! Hope you can find the pan soon although the other non-stick pan will do too :)

Always love to read your tutorial. Thank you for sharing

@Chantale : Thanks a lot Chantale! I think that was because I used low heat to roll the egg layer by layer so they kind of stick well together. Looks like no gap at all but actually there are some :)

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey! Love to use sushi rolling mat to shape the tamagoyaki. Let me know later when you get the result from the egg comparison :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Happy to share it :)

I made Tamagoyaki before for my Japanese cuisine but yours look so pretty with the two tone color :D Very pretty!

@Anncoo : Is fun to make a variation from the original one hehehe ... Thanks a lot Ann! Have a great weekend :)

Gorgeous tutorial, thank you Lia!!

Fantastic! Looks yummy too, thanks for the steps.

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

@kel : Thanks a lot Kel!

Yosh,wakarimashita! (Yup, aku udah ngerti) kayaknya kunci biar padet ada di rolling matt-nya yah.wah...klo jln k daiso wajib bli nih.Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you so much)

Wow, those are beautiful Lia! :)

Lovely tuto! And I just admired all your little dishes... omg, they are my objects of desire... my kitchen is so small (as well my budget :)) , nothing fits in... *sigh*
Have a great weekend Lia!

Thanks so much Lia! This was really informative, and all of the steps are so clear. My coworker is bringing me fresh eggs from her chickens tomorrow, so I will definitely have to try this method. :)

It's cool how it really does look like a hard-boiled egg! Was it intentional. I absolutely love staring at your beautiful pictorials. You work so neatly, the way I would.... in my dreams. Hehe!

I love this, cannot wait to try it. I made one on our griddle once and it came out ok, but I NEED one of those pans! Your photos are so great by the way, I just love eggs! I'm not sure if my youngest would be willing to eat this in a bento room temp. though. Thinking a dry run at home is in order!

wow what a great idea! It looks so cool! 8-D Have to try!

@Sysyl: Your welcome Syl! Sushi rolling mat bisa beli di Food Hall, Hypermart atau Giant juga ada :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! I know what you mean hehehehe ... Have a great weekend too :)

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot Michelle! Have fun trying this and enjoy your weekend :)

@sherimiya : Thanks a lot Sheri! I think because of the yellow pattern in the middle that makes it looks like a hard boiled egg. My neat work only show on the blog, you have to see the mess around my kitchen when I'm cooking LOL :D

You still amaze me Lia! Your photos are exquisite and your tamagoyaki looks so clean and fresh. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial. If I get really brave I'm going to try your technique!

Just found/like your lovely blog.
Hope more post from you on step by step make easy for us to follow. Tks for sharing & god bless always.

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! You don't need to think about the braveness, just have fun and do it hahaha ... :D

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary! Will post some more later :)

@Token : Thanks a lot Token!

Now THAT is inspirational, Lia! I must try this at once. Thank you!

@Stephanie Rempe : Thanks a lot Stephanie! Gladly can took the pictures although have to admit it was hard to take pictures while cooking hehehe ... Please try it and hope your youngest one will love it too :)

@Judy : Hi Judy! Thanks a lot!

That is so cute! What a fun way to eat egg :D Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

You always make excellent tamagoyaki :D. Many thanks for the pictorials, they are very helpful and informative. Btw, in making my tamagoyaki, I applied your tutorials in making good egg sheet and it always worked very well :D

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn!

@yunitarahmasari aka tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Glad can share this with everyone :)

HI! Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Hope you'll accept, the details are on my blog at (geez this sure does read like spam!)

Nicely tips mba Lia,
by the way love your picshoot..
I think you are as good as farah Quinn for making Bento ^^

This is cool, Lia. First thing I need to do is get a right size pan :)

Thanks for sharing (*.*).....

@Stephanie Rempe : Thanks a lot Stephanie! Really appreciate it :)

@3snahousedesign : Thanks a lot Esna! Whoa ... can't compare with her. She is the pro hehehe :D

@Vanessa : Thanks a lot Vanessa! Tamagoyaki pan is available at Daiso and any other kitchen supplies stores. Even can get it from supermarket here :)

I always enjoy your tutorial Lia! I'm into Japanese food nowadays so your tutorial will come in handy. I have to get a tamagoyaki pan!!

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! Your blog post with step by step pictorial is so inspiring. Will be great to see some Japanese cooking on your blog :)

I made tutorial too for the tmagoyaki at my blog. but i didn't even think to make it to 2 tones !! Gee, it's awesome !! :)

dear, i've tried it..check my blog today ..:)

Oh my soooo Great!!! I love it! Thank you very much now I have a very easy recipe that I can try. I'm excited to have my own bento ^_^v Oh by the way, you might like to try the stainless steel bento tiffin container. It is an alternative for plastic. It's really good and I'm very amaze of it.

I've tried it yesterday...and it was a success :-D

Thanx for sharing.


where we can buy that tamagoyaki pan in indonesia??? Ace hardware??

@wynne : You can buy it from Daiso or local supermarket like Giant, Hypermart, etc. My pan is the one from Maxim :)