Bentolicious #167
Little purple bear with the pink heart was made for today's bento. I used deco furikake or rice seasoning mix for my green, purple, and pink rice. I wanted to make the bear and everything with colored egg sheet but then I changed my mind this morning. I bought the green pack from Daiso and  pink pack from iSetan supermarket from my last trip to Singapore. I took the deco furikake pack picture, so you can see the packaging. It is a great use to make bento. Inside the other box : chicken wings cooked with Chinese cooking wine and ginger, stir fry bok choy, mini oranges, and strawberries.
This morning is a bit quite at home. Kids are in the school and hubby in the office, so practically home alone. Got some old cooking magazines, browsed through it and found some interesting recipes that I could try this week. Put post it to bookmark it. I am actually thinking to type all the interesting recipes from the magazines, so I can store it digitally and easier to find next time I need it. Or perhaps scan them is a lot easier to do.


Little lavender bear is SO cute. It's my favorite color! I've seen the same decofuri at Marukai but not Daiso here. Have you seen the Hello Kitty package? I don't know why it's HK since it's only coloring, but perhaps just to sell the packaging. I like looking at recipes online but I don't know how to best store them for searching. If you figure a way, let us know!

love it!
where did you find the furikake? i've searching it too, are there any in indonesia, so that we don't have to order it from e-bay? :)

Wow, I need to find some decofuri! Thanks for showing us "how it's done!"

I have the color furikake too but don't get to use them often. Love your super cool dual-color flower rice to bits! :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! I didn't see the Hello Kitty one. And still can't find any store here that sell those decofuri. Show the picture later if you buy the HK one. I'm storing some online recipes on my iPad. Just cut and paste, put the link too. And I think I will just scan the recipe from the magazine and store it as pdf file on my iPad :)

@Bunda zahraa : Thanks a lot! I still can't find any store in Jakarta that sell those decofuri. Checked at Daiso here, not available :(

@Debra : Thanks a lot Deb! Decofuri is fun to use. Coloring rice is so easy and quick :)

Ahh the bear is so adorable! *I'm a bear lover* :-P

Such a sweet looking purple bear!
So fast you're on your Valentine bento!

@Yeapies : Those 2 tones flowers were made of daikon. I cut out the center and soaked it in the water with pink food coloring :) Thanks a lot for your comment!

@Indonesia Eats : Thanks a lot Pep! Me too. I used to have so many bear dolls when I was a kid :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! Next week is Valentine's Day so have to start now lah :)

I always loves your bentos..they are so cute. :)

lovely purple bear.. and i was gonna ask what did use to make the flowers.. now i know its daikon. great idea.

I saw that colour furikake selling at a japan store here, but my hubby refrain me from getting he cant accept colourful rice, he thinks food colouring is not healthy..

I should have just bought it anyway.. heehee.. lovely of this bear...
I've purchased deco furikake from online store in here :) It is so great to color the rice. Great bento as usual, Lia :b

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli! Very appreciate it :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! I know some people are totally say NO to something with food coloring. But I'm still okay with it as long as not too much :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! If you can share the online store link that sell decofuri in Jakarta so others can buy it too :)

Hi Lia, last time, I bought it from "little bento house" and I found them in facebook.

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks Yen! I know the owner of that online store. Haven't check her online store for quite sometimes now. Thanks for sharing :)

Aw, it is fabulous you got decofuri! I remember once we talked about it and you said you couldn´t find it in Indonesia...
I´ve been willing to try it but still couldn´t find it easily :(.
Your bear is so lovely! Lavender is the color I buy the most for my oldest daughter (no pink ^_^)
About those magazines... I am just struggling with my pile of post-it-marked ones.., I have a little note in my laptop where I write the recipe tittle, tags and the magazine issue. But still feels so clumsy... Should try your scanning idea.

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! I still can't find it in Indonesia. Some online stores here might carry it but I think they get it from Daiso Singapore too. I bought a lot pink T-Shirt for my daughter but I think she is sick of pink color now LOL :p She have a purple theme for her bedroom not pink. She said it clearly no pink.

Same problem, post-it all over. I really should start to scan them little by little :)

Aw, Lia!
This little bear is sooo cute!
It's a pity I can't get those colorful furikake here =/
But it is a pleasure to see what you can create with it. ^-^

@Lil'chan : Thanks a lot Lil'chan! It's always great to try out something new in bento making :)

Tks for reminding valentine's day is just days away! I m still in cny mood n have not thought of it at all! =)

@anna2003 : hehehe ... now you have to start to make Valentine's bento before is too late :)

So adorable and such pretty colors! I have the same furikake and when I made the purple it turned out yucky looking. Certainly not like yours. Perhaps I made it wrong. At what point do you add yours to the rice?

Awww.... Little bear is too cute!!! love it!

OMG, now this my kid would go gaga over. Pink and purple bear!! I am such a newbie, have never seen or heard of decofuri-what? lol! But a new friend just pointed out where I can find furikake here in my city so I am going to check it out! Terrific Lia!!

Fresh and pretty bento, another fan of your delicate lavender tones here! Always appreciate the beauty of your bentos and the information you share with us, Lia :D

@Kelly Polizzi : Thanks a lot Kelly! I add the purple decofuri to the rice when the rice is still warm (not hot) so the color can blend it well :)

@Just a MOM : Thanks a lot Lina!

@ChantaleP : I'm a little bit late to use decofuri. Actually Pikko and some other bentoist are already used it from last year. I just can't get them here and too expensive to buy online just for decofuri. I can buy some more packs with the shipping fee :p Please try it! I think K will love it (^.^)

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Those decofuri are awesome for bento. Hope you can find it too from your local Japanese store :)

Yummy looking bento. I love the color of the bear. I have some of the same coloring packets you have but my purple wasn't so pretty - it was either too light or too dark. I guess I just need to play with it some more. :)

@Kuusou : Thanks a lot Kuusou! Just add it little by little until you get the color that you want :)

Lia, he is so sweet! I just love the lavender color, does it change the flavor at all or just the color?

the purple and pink hues are so sweet!

@Shannon : Thanks a lot Shannon! Decofuri not only give the color but also seasoning the rice. So the rice will taste a little bit salty. So far, no complaint from my kids :)

@noobcook : Thanks a lot Wiffy! Need a soft tone for Valentine theme hehehe :D

What an adorable little bear!!

@Bar 7 Ranch : Thanks a lot!

Mr pastel bear is another member of your already huge femily of bento cuties! :)

@gnoegnoe : Thanks a lot Gnoe!

Hi Lia Chen,

I bought lots of deco furikake from Tokyo's 100 yen shops.. but I don't really know how to use them as I can't read Japanese.

Will you be able to teach us someday? :)

@Kimmie : Hi Kimmie! Deco furikake is simple and quick to use. Just sprinkle to your rice and then mixed it. Add little by little until you get the color that you want :)