Bentolicious #169
How fast the time is already Friday again. Wish everyone a great weekend ahead! Today I just made a simple snack bento for the kids. Kids will have lunch from school catering today. Mainly used cutters to decorate this bento. Inside the box : egg fried rice, oranges, cucumber, lap cheong Chinese sausage), asparagus, and strawberries. I should put more efforts to decorate the face details but I wasn't really inspired today, so I just used puncher for the details with nori. I separated the egg yolk and the egg white to make the white and yellow egg sheets. I cut it with X-Acto knife and made it in 3 layers this time. Love my tiny heart cutter but actually I made some cut by hand at the top of the heart so you can see the heart shape clearly. Oh well, maybe this bento will be the last Valentine's theme bento if I can't manage to make one more on Monday. Tuesday will be a public holiday here, so I'm planning to have dinner out with the kids on Monday night because hubby will be on the company trip from tonight until Tuesday night.

26 comments: it because of the humid weather, the baby elephant is also having a shower with cute :))
Happy Valentine's Day!!

@Anncoo : It has been so hot for the last 2 days here. But it's raining today, yeay! Thanks a lot Ann for your kind comment! Happy Valentine's Day too ♥

Cute elephant! It must be really happy to be showered by lots of love :D. I've missed some of your and other blogger friends' posts, *crying* lepikuuuu kena virus ja-haaatttt huahuhahuaaaa T_T

What a cheerful little thing :)

From Sheri :
I know how he feels, looks so refreshing! Cute elephant! Thanks for a nice picture to take to my dreams tonight!

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Good night and have a big sweet dream :) Sorry I accidentally click delete instead of post the comment before :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Shower it with love ... oh no ntar virusnya betah nggak mau pergi LOL :D

@Uniflame : Thanks a lot Cynni!

So cute! I feel so loved =)

What a lovely snack bento! I love the elephant, he is so precious and too cute :-D

I finally got a chance to try making egg sheets for the first time yesterday - I used your tutorial and they were great! Thank you so much for your clear and easy to follow instructions!!

Little eggy elephant is extremely cute!

Oh this made me smile! This is actually a bento my K will eat up! Uh, minus the asparagus. lol. Your bentos are always so beautifully presented Lia. I just love looking at them.

@pigpigscorner : Thanks a lot Ann!

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! I saw that on your blog, well done! Your are welcome ... I'm happy to share it with my precious bento friends :)

@Xelia : Thanks a lot Xelia!

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! Lucky my kids love asparagus. It's expensive here so I didn't cook that so often. BTW, you have to brain wash K hehehe :D

So cute Lia! The elephant is adorable!

Yummy asparagus! So waiting for Spring to come and bring all the fresh produce! ^^
So cute bento!! The hearts in the background, you arrange everything so beautifully!
Have a great weekend Lia! Without the hubs, have fun with the kiddos! ^^

Kreatif deh mbak ^^ nggak inspired aja jadinya bagus gini :D

So original and wonderful, Lia! Your creativity never runs this happy little elephant. Thanks for the smile!!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Very appreciate it that you always encourage me through your comments from the very beginning I started blogging :)

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! Got that new paper background recently and I thought it will be wonderful for Valentine theme ;) I will have fun with the kids. You too dear ... have a great weekend (^.^)

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot Syl! Kalo dah ng inspired jadi rada 'malas' untuk bikin details-nya hehehe ... :D

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! Believe me I had a lot of that uninspired, no idea days hahaha ... But glad this one bring smile to you. Have a nice weekend Jenn (^.^)

What a cute elephant bento!
Happy weekend to you and your family too!

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice!

the baby elephant is soooo cuteee... :D
but my suggestion, try not to put any smile on the face, cause the trunk is cute enough. it's a lil bit less-proportional. try to put only one big happy eyes (like yours, but a lil bit bigger. or...if you still want the smile there, put the smile right at the base of the trunk, a small v-smile looks okay :D

oooooh liaa...but overall, i admire you in every master-pieces you've made. THEY'RE AWWWWEEEESSSOOOOMMEEE :D