Bentolicious #171
Yesterday was a public holiday here, so no bento was made. I cooked a big pot of Indonesian chicken curry this morning. And packed the curry for today's bento, added some bok choy & egg tofu stir fry along with the steamed rice. I put the little monkey on the top of the rice and banana picks all around. It looks like the little monkey is juggling the bananas :)
Both kids were chosen from school to participate in a spelling bee competition  for international curriculum school on March, 5. So they are starting to practice at home. And their English teacher gives them a special training as their preparation. My girl didn't make it to the Top 3 last year. This year she seems to be more motivated. For Andrew, this will be his first time to join. He is usually very shy in front of public, so we keep encouraging him to be brave and to try. We also keep telling them that it doesn't matter whether they win or loose, the imporant is that they should try do their best for this competition. But we also want them to learn about always giving their best, not only for this competition, but for everything their do in life.


The monkey is very cute and neat too. You're very good with the eggsheet.

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli for your sweet comment!

Oh, that's a cute size thermal. Is it 10 oz? I think that's a good idea to pack another container for the other foods. Good luck to the kids in the spelling bee! My son has a history of studying all the words to perfection at home, then misspelling the first one he gets on stage. Oh well! It is good practice for life, you're right :)

i agree, you're very good with the eggsheet. and the bananas, how did you make them?? those are details.. love them!

Wish your kids win in the competition.. its the participation that counts.. to build up their confidence.

My boy asked for a Monkey bento the other day.. maybe i can steal some idea from u..haha..

I thought the banana is from egg sheets your eggsheets are so perfect..:)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! That thermal box is like 250ml. Good size I think for the kids. I don't usually pack food with many liquid for kids' bento but the curry still ok on that thermal box. And yes, anything can happened on the competition day ... just hope they will have some fun, no pressure for them :)

@Bunda zahraa : Thanks a lot Zahraa! The bananas are from food picks. Save me a lot of time :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot dear! No need to make bananas for today's bento hehehe ... Will be waiting to see the cute monkey on your blog soon ;)

such a cute little monkey~
My gal is requesting for a monkey bento recently, but i am out of idea how to make it.. haha... how i wish i got a magic hand like you..:P

Good luck to your children in the spelling bee competition. ^^

Cute monkey!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! Please make one for her. I know you had something in your mind already hehehe ... :D

Oh dear, the monkey is so so so cute!! Love it!

@KidsDreamWork : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Glad that you ♥ this little monkey. He isn't naughty, I guarantee LOL :D

This monkey looks so cheeky :)

@Uniflame : Thanks a lot for your comment!

Indonesian curry might be superb! Wish I could try it... I am a huge fan of curries :)
So cute juggling monkey! I loved the picks too!! You have so neat collection of them ^___^
Good luck to the kids in the spelling bee! I was (and still am) terrible to say something (important or not :D) in front of public. I would prefer to put a paper bag on my head instead..

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! The curry is very tasty with coconut milk and other spices in it, just love it. Glad that I collect so many food picks. They come in pretty handy to decorate bento. Me, have the same problem. Just don't like and don't enjoy to be in front of the bunch of people that I don't know :)

Alright! Congrats to your kids for the spelling bee competition! Your kids are so smart. The monkey here is sooo cute! I love the details.. What is the difference between thai curry and indonesian curry?

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! We use more spices than Thai curry. The tastes is absolutely different, Indonesian curry is richer in my opinion. I cut down the amount of chili as kids will eat it too, so I don't want to make it too spicy :)

Another sweet bento vision, love the humor and energy of this bento! Its a pleasure to read about your children and what loving parents they have...

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I'm blessed with those 2 :)

I love how the tail curls up and around, it's such a fantastic detail! Good luck to both your children, it will be a super experience :)

The way you think about the competition is great. I'm the same way about A-chan's taekwondo tournaments. It doesn't matter if she wins, she is learning to do her best and to persevere which is a very important lesson.

Love all your bentos. Very cute & yummy too. Wish i can be that creative too!

You are so blessed with 2 very smart kids. Do you give them any food supplements?

LOVE it!!! That monkey is awesome!!

@Lily's Lunch : Thanks a lot Michelle!