Bentolicious #174
Many cooking competition shows are showing on the cable TV right now. Me and the kids love to watch cooking shows lately. And the kids' favorite cooking show is Junior Master Chef. I can say that the show is quite inspiring for the young kids and even for me. To see how they are so motivated to cook and to present it very well to the judges. At such young age, they can do all those amazing food styling. I'm not sure that I can cook and present the foods so nice like they do. So today's bento I made Junior Chef bento for the kids. I used various cutters to make the junior chef. Inside the other box : corn fritters, sauteed Chinese okra, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, and tiny pork sausages. Tomato sauce was put in the different container (not in the picture).


Cute idea for Junior Chef! Do you think your kids want to get interested in really cooking with you? That would be so cool! I've seen very young kids that can stir and break eggs like a pro. It's amazing!

Oh they are very cute! I love to peep JMC's official website too and I'm always amazed by their creations. Those little chefs are amaze-zazing hehehehe :D. Mbak Lia, I wonder how did you make that boiled egg with heart-shaped egg yolk :D

great that your kids are interested in cooking, so they will cook some lovely home dishes for themselves and family when they are grown ups.

ya.. i was thinking how do you make the hearshape egg yolk too?
do you cooked egg yolk and egg white seperately?

Think you will expect most of us will ask you how to make it right? haha..

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! They love to help in the kitchen but mainly because they love to play the real cooking and making the kitchen messy LOL :D I remembered once when Andrew wanna helped to break the eggs and it was like eggs all over kitchen table (@.@)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Same question with Bobo. I actually used a bento tool to make that. Will post the pictorial soon when I can get it right. I wasn't satisfied with the result yet :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! These days are too convenience to eat out or for take away foods. But I think kids need to learn some basic cooking skill too. To make that heart shapes egg yolk, you need a special tool which I will post on the next pictorial :)

my goodness! so this is what you're telling about in tweeter pics--that you've failed yesterday and will try to make another last night. And you succeed ! yippie! Anyway, the egg molder, where did you get it :D

@Bunda zahraa : Thanks a lot Zahraa! I will try again tonight. You can get the egg molder from the online store but I got mine from friend who lives in Japan :)

hi there, this is my very first comment, i`ve been put your blog link in my blog long time ago.

i was trying hard to make my own bento, but always turn so ugly :(
then i stopped it, i guess must try again & again, rite?

what a nice & cute bento blog you have !!! :D

Looks beautiful and delicious! I LOVE the heart shaped yolk in the egg!!!

Wow! How did you get the egg yolk in a heart shape? Ok wait, I just read everyone's comments. I think we all have the same question. lol. So cute! K likes to help out in the kitchen but only to make a mess and then leaves when she feels she's done. We are her personal servants. haha! Cute cute bentos!

So cute little chefs! I am also very intrigued about the skills of those kids in the Junior Master Chef... Once I allowed my oldest daughter to help in the kitchen.. i got sooo stressed when she decided she can cut tomatoes and onions. O_O

So bright and charming! So nice to read of your kids interest in cooking, what a creative activity to share :D

@Luciana : Thanks a lot Luciana for your first comment here! No ugly such kind of thing in bento making. And yes, please try again. Don't lose your passion for bento :)

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather!

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! I will post the tools later, hopefully can make the pictorial too. Don't want to make you all curious :) All I can say ... don't let the kids in the kitchen if you are on your lowest level of patience LOL :D

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! Don't worry, you are not the only one that get stress out to see kids around kitchen 'helping' hahaha ... :D

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I do hope they can learn basic things in the kitchen especially for my daughter as she is getting bigger now :)

HI Lia Chen, Your bento is really lovely! Since I'm new, I was wondering if the kids going for morning school, whether the rice is from yesterday's nite or it's freshly cooked? Cos cooking rice also need some time so I dont know whether it's enough time or not as I've to rush to work as well.

Aw Lia these are great!!! I love the Junior Chef bentos- you are always so creative! :)

Your bento always inspired me. I think it's good for the kids to try to learn cooking too. oh i've sent u an email and hope you can reply me ..thx :)

I love the facial expression of these junior chefs..he he he..and like everybody else, I am waiting for the next

So cute and adorable!!!
I think your girl can help you prepare bento soon!

@Anonymous : Thanks a lot for your comment! I usually cook everything in the morning. But you can prepare the rice from night before and steam it again in the next morning :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Very appreciate it :)

@Fennie : Thanks a lot Fennie! I thought I have replied your last email. I will check it again. Thanks to remind me :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! I will share it soon :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! I hope so ... And I can give all my tools to her :)

I am sure it is the mother's talents that actually grow into them :)

@Jun : Thanks a lot Jun!

Wow my favourite side.
I love your Bentos, all of them are decorated with Love!
Thanks for these impressions .-)

I love watching cooking shows too, even though my all-time favourite is still 'Iron Chef'...;)!!

too cute and sure to bring a smile :)