Bentolicious #177
2 more days for the kids to practice at school and at home before their spelling bee contest on Saturday. We have been doing so much practice at home in the afternoon. Anything can happened on Saturday but I really hope the kids will do their best. I made a 'spelling' bee for their bento. The bee looks a bit dizzy, maybe it suffers from too much spelling practice LOL :D Instead of 1 hour lunch time. The kids will only have 30 minutes lunch time today because the English teacher will have some tests for them to prepare for the contest. Hope they can finish their lunch quick. Kids were asking for fried rice bento but hey ... Mommy didn't have that 'blank' day anymore this morning, so fried rice bento will be served next time. Inside the boxes : steamed rice, stir fry Chinese spinach and corns, fried egg, pan fried chicken with oyster sauce, mun tofu, and cherry tomatoes.


the bee is very cute, Lia! Hopefully your children could practice well and become a winner in the spelling bee contest this Saturday. Good luck.

Aw! Supercute spelling bee! I hope they do well with all their preparation! Seems they just had one recently? Best of luck to them!

Wish they do well in spelling contest, Lia...
The bee sure looks like enthusiastic in joining the contest too :) LOL

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli! So many participants from different schools so that will be tough. Just hope and pray the best for them :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Not yet, the contest will start this Saturday. Parents are not allowed to enter the competition room, only the students and the teachers. But I think is better, so kids can concentrate more :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : hahaha ... Thanks a lot Yen!

am sure your little ones will win the contest especially after eating this adorably "dizzy" bee bento! :D

@Xelia : Thanks a lot Xelia! Hope they don't get too dizzy and forget all the spelling lol :D

Busy busy bee! (as dizzy as me! hahahah :D)
So cute spelling bee!
I wish your kids all the best for the competition! They will do well, no matter what is the result ^_^

Lol, I love the dizzy eyes! Good luck to your kids at the spelling bee!

@karaimame : That's rhyme hehehe ... Thanks a lot Lilian!

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather!

Like d Bee! Very Cute. How u make d eye? Did u use egg sheet too?

hehehe! Dizzy bee.. he's so adorable. Good luck bonne chance to your kids for the spelling bee! I'm sure they are going to rock it out! And it always helps to have fun lunches like these Lia.. : )

Lia, am sure your kids will pass their spelling bee contest and the dizzy bee looks so cute!

I love your egg sculpting, I have never done something like this before, but it looks like fun, but I am not sure if I would be able to do it as good as you, because I have never been so good at craft.

Spelling Bee is so very cute!! Good Luck to the kids on their spelling :)

I can't believe they usually get 1 hour for lunch! So nice! Kidlet's school gives 15 minutes, not enough time to eat :(

@Emily Wong : I used white egg sheet and nori for the eyes. Thanks a lot Emily!

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale for your sweet comment and good luck wishes for the kids! Really appreciate it :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot CG! I know you can, is fun to use egg sheet to make the character :D

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! 15 minutes really is not enough time to have lunch. My kids usually eat very fast, less than 30 minutes and they will play with their classmates or go to the library for the rest of their lunch time :)

tee hee the bee really brightened up my day! It put a big smile on my face.Crossing my fingers for the kids! :D

HI Lia Chen, your little bee is so cuteeee..i like the eyes though haha funny look.... how to make that? can you please guide me? :) is there a cutter to make it and what is egg sheet?

I love the bee Lia! Good luck to the kids on the spelling bee! :)

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi!

@Fennie : Thanks a lot Fennie! You can use various sizes and shapes cutters to make the bee. And you can find egg sheet pictorial from the tips section :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

Sorry to be commenting so late on this one! Love not only the sweet bee but the most clever use of letter picks ever. Happy weekend to you and family, Lia!

@Bentobird : I always happy to see and read your comment. Thanks a lot Jenn! Happy weekend to you too :)

Wow...the bee look so real..& of couse sooo cute. :) I missed out so many great posts from your site here, will need some time to catch up again. :)
Lia, I have stop blogging on the wordpress site, and hosted to a new site:
Please change your link to this new address. Thanks so much!! ^^

You are such an awesome bento maker! Your designs are cute and inspirational !

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! I will change the link to your new web address soon :)

@Egg104 : Thanks a lot for your sweet comment!