Bentolicious #179
My boy said to me last night to make a special bento because he would miss us when we were away in Singapore tomorrow and Friday. I said how about airplane but he said no. So I made mom and dad characters with a big heart for today's bento. Hope he can feel our love through this bento. I also made his favorite steamed meat balls from ground turkey, diced carrot and glass noodle. Added stir-fried chayote & edamame, omelet with red paprika, and cherry tomatoes. I know that cherry tomato isn't his favorite but I'm still trying to put that for his bento. Stubborn mom LOL :D I hope I can manage to get online from Singapore to see all of your beautiful bento. But as for me, this bento is the last one for this week. Sorry for being so unproductive this week. Happy bentoing everyone!


So sweet of your boy and so thoughtful of the mummy to make mum & dad bento! You are better than me, I have no bento yet this week! :P

So sweet, what a happy family..after become a parent, i just realize it's difficult to raise children, you're such a great mom, have to learn a lot from you. :)

aww.. i bet you will miss them too..

enjoy your trip!

So cute! Have a fun trip!

Your boy are sweet..:) This bento was warm with dad and mum inside..^^ Enjoy yr trip ya~

I love that! What a sweet heart he has. This lovely bento will surely warm his heart while he awaits your return. Hope you have a great trip!

Lia, your boy is so sweet and I'm sure you miss them too when you're in S'pore....tomorrow?? Oh! how I wish I'm here to meet you but I'm going to Malaysia for two days....what a coincidence :(( Hope you enjoy your stays here, happy shopping :))

@KidsDreamWork : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Get well soon, bento can wait so have a lot of rest :)

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli! I think we all are the same as a mom. Parenting is something looks easy but difficult, looks difficult but easy. Glad to have a wonderful husband that very supportive :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! I will miss them 100% ♥

@Christine Wu : Thanks a lot Christine!

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel! My boy was happy with his bento and finished everything except the cherry tomatoes hahaha :D

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! The kids are bigger now and with my parents at home, I think I can ease my mind :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! Would love to meet you too, next trip maybe. Probably end of May, I will have a trip to Singapore again :)

This is the sweetest bento ever! Lil' A surely feels comforted and loved with this meal you prepared him ^_^.
Hope you will have a great time in Singapore!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian!

You made a wonderful bento for him! I love how you did more 'adult' faces, they are brilliant. Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures :D

Bento with lots of love! Beautiful!

cute bento!

have a nice trip mbak, jangan lupa oleh2 yah...hehehe

But Singapore is not that far away...So it's not that bad you can tell them :). By the way, I am not from Singapore - saya juga dr Indonesia sebenernya, tapi skrg tinggal di Jerman ;)! Kenapa banyak yg kirain saya dr Singapore ya, hehe ??? *confused*;).

So sweet this bento! Your family is so warm and loving, always makes me smile to read about you! Have a wonderful trip Lia dear :D

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! From all of the bento that I made for him, I hope he will remember this one :)

@Quay Po Cooks : Thanks a lot for your sweet comment!

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot Syl!

Cooking Gallery : Oh my bad! I thought you are living in Singapore too hehehe ... :D

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! My family is everything to me :)

Wow, you are here! Welcome to Sg!

sweet sweet bento...feel so warm and make me thinking of my parents too...hehe. You are blessed with a loving and sweet family, Lia. :)
Safe journey.

Happy trip Lia :)
I'm sure the kids, especially your boy, will miss you both :,)

Enjoy your trip...
you bento always full of love :)

Aw.. so sweet. I have yet to take a trip away from my girl so it would be *me* missing her more than the other way around. hehe. But a trip adults only is always much needed by parents. Have a super time Lia!!

Sweet bento..

Lovely bento! hope your son wouldn't feel so lonely with this bento you prepared for him. I m sure my boys will be very happy and touched too if i prepare a bento like this for them :)

Hi again, Lia, I have an award for you, please pick it up whenever you have the time :).

@SIG, @Emily Ng, @Bunda zahraa, @Journal Mommy Yenny, @ChantaleP, @prince n princess mum, @Emily Wong ... Thanks a lot friends for all of your kind and sweet comments!

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot! Very appreciate it. I will pick it up later :)