Bentolicious #180
Entering a new week and my weekend passed so quickly, I didn't feel that I just had a weekend this week *sigh*. My husband and I arrived in Jakarta from Singapore on Saturday noon and had a traffic jam on the way home for couple of hours - it took us longer from the airport to our house than from Singapore to Jakarta LOL. It just tired us. Miss the kids and finally got home around 2.30PM, saw their happy faces were priceless. Hubby's medical check up result was all good but he got an infection for his sinus that has to be treated for 2 weeks. His sinus has been gone bad lately and went to many doctors in Jakarta but with no good results. That was why we decided to check with the doctor in Singapore. Pray for him so the medicines will work well on him and his sinus can be treated well too.
I met two wonderful persons, Tona and her cute son, Kimi on Saturday. Tona is one of the bento moms from Singapore. You can see her blog here. We went out for lunch, had a chit chat, and did a little bit of shopping on the way back to the hotel I stayed. I had a great time with her and Kimi. Thanks a lot Tona for everything! I hope we can meet again next time. Although I couldn't get much online when I was Singapore but eventually I manage to get online from the hotel's wi-fi and was shocked to see the tweets about Japan's earthquake and tsunami on Saturday. I was waiting for my hubby from the hospital at the hotel room and my heart sunk to see the pictures from CNN news about the earthquake and tsunami. Thanks God that all friends that I know were ok and safe. This is a traumatic experience for the people living there. I know this experience has been exhausting both mentally and physically to my friends. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Thanks to Makiko Itoh, the writer of The Just Bento Cookbook and the owner of Just Bento and Just Hungry blogs. She has been worked very hard to tweet and keep updating about the latest situation in Japan. You can follow her on her twitter @makiwi. And if you would like to make some donations, please check on her post here.

This week my kids will sit on the mid-test. As usual, they will be dismissed from the school earlier and have lunch at home. So this week, I will just prepare small portion bento or snack bento for them. I made onigiri bread stuffed with pork floss for them and put some fruits inside the box.


Adorable little bears! Glad you made it home safely, I hate traffic jams too. I'm so glad to hear that all of your friends are safe. *hugs for Japan*

this is so cute!

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! We should pray for Japan. Hope the situation will turn better soon there :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot!

Hi, Mbak Lia! So miss you :D. I've missed a lot of things during my disappearance hehehe. Yeah, 30 teaching credits for this semester really occupy me T_T. Send my pray for friends in Japan and am really happy too to know the ones that I know are fine. Love the bento cuties, really love the idea of flower ears :D. And hope the best for Mr. Bentolicious and the kids :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Miss your blog post too. Hope you are not too exhausted, take care Ta :)

Beautiful super cutie bentos.. I never thought to make onigiri bread. Oh Lia, hope your hubby's sinus clears up.. I went through that and it was extremely painful. It was such a painful weekend wasn't it? So hard to watch what is unfolding in Japan.. All our hearts and thoughts go out to them..

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! Saw the interview with the tsunami survivors on TV, tears came out suddenly :(

Your bento is so cute, again !!
I have friends in Japan too and I felt the same until news from theim. I hope yours will be fine.

Hope your hubs´ sinus clear up soon. It might be very bothering..
I´ve been on antibiotics for the weekend too ( throat infection) and I just hate this. bleh
So cute bentos, lovely bears! Are those rabbit picks new?
Dear Lia, please take care. When we see so much tragedy we figure out how life is precious but delicate and we should really appreciate we are so lucky.
Let´s keep positive and hope the chaos will end soon.

@Juliglups : Thanks a lot Juli! Let's give our support to them in Japan through our prayer too :)

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! He just can sleep on one side or else his nose will block. But now is ok, thanks God! Those rabbit picks are not the new ones. Got it from Daiso last year. Agree with you, have a faith that Japan will recover quickly :)

Hope his condition clears up quickly with medication. Thinking of all the victims and their families, going through so much. Wishing them strength for their healing.

Hi Lia,

nice bears and the dragonfruit looked so yummy. a silly question: any tutorial on how to do the bears onigiri and how do u carve our such perfect dragon fruits balls? tks.

@sheri fujihara chen : Hope the same too! Keep thinking positive and pray that God will give them strength.

@Monster Mum : hehehe ... I hope I can manage to take some pictures on how to make bread onigiri next time. For dragon fruit balls are easy. Just use melon baller, no need to carve :)

Wow I really surprised that the owner of this blog is Indonesian. I want to make a post about bento and I do blog walking from many blogs until I find your blog. May I copy your image and share a little bit of your blog to my post? Maybe your bento can change Indonesian people's opinion about bento.
Please let me know if I can save your image.

Hope all is well for your husband, Lia :)
These are two cute bears.
Praying for Japan too

The bear sandwiches are just too cute...:)!!

Dear Lia, hello, thank you for this beautiful post, sharing your hopes and well wishes for all of Japan...

Gorgeous and delicately sweet bento as always!

@Sya : Thanks a lot Sya! Yes, you can use the photos on my blog. But if you can put the link back to my blog, will be much appreciate it :)

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot CG!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

welcome home Lia :) miss your bento a lot :D

@Bunda zahraa : Thanks a lot Zahraa!