Bentolicious #186
Friday is here! It means the weekend is coming and I couldn't wait. I felt so bored this week and hubby is still glued to his tons of job. When you do the same routines everyday for so many years, I think it is normal that you feel bored. Not complaining for the routines that I have to do for my family or being selfish about it, but I really need a break and I think I deserve that. Today's bento was a quick one again. It was easy to prepare and I hope those 2 little pandas didn't melt before the lunch time. I made it from cheese and nori, put them on the top of the rice balls. I put some middle wings fried chicken, sweetened red cherry, kani & edamame salad (dressing in the separate container, not pictured), carrot flowers, and 'egg noodle'. Psstt .... That egg noddle was actually omelet that I sliced thinly so looked like a noodle. Enjoy your day and wish everyone a great weekend ahead!


Simple but fabulous! I like the way you arrange things in your bento, it looks beautiful.

Yes, you're right! Sometimes i get bored also and want to take a break for 1 day to pamper myself. :)

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli! As a mom and a wife, sometime very hard for us to take 1 day break. I feel lucky enough to take few hours to just have coffee with friends :)

Yes Lia! All of us mommies deserve some day off! In fact I've been telling my hubby I wanted to take Annual Leave! hahahah I am thinking of a weekend (just myself) going down to Singapore for a good ME time! You keen? hehehheehe We can start planning!

@Angeleyes : Hey! I'm actually will back to Singapore 20-22 May to watch Lion King Show with the kids. Meet up?

That sounds good!
Let me go 'bincang' with the
hubby when he's home tomorrow!
Btw, he's in JKT now! :P

Everyone deserves a break every now and then! You should take some time to unwind and relax, then do something really fun! I love your egg noodles!!!

@Angeleyes : Ok, no problem. Let me know later ;) Eek? Your hubby is in Jakarta now? He must be stress out because of the traffic jam here hahaha :D

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! Glad that you like my fake egg noodles lol ... :D

I work from Monday to Saturday, so Sunday is a day that I always wait for, but Sunday always flies so fast. I often complain to myself, I need 48 hours in a single Sunday ^^. Btw, really like the "noodle" egg idea, you're so good in slicing them :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! 48 hours will never be enough. Times fly very fast, end of March already ... Oh my! Egg noodle is pretty much easy to slice. With your cutting skills, I don't think you will have a problem :)

Ah Lia, enjoy and take advantage of those boring weeks! Sometimes, it's just good to be able to enjoy the time and veg out. lol. I need a boring week, let's trade! I also love the way you present and pack your bentos. So pretty. Have a wonderful weekend Lia.. enjoy enjoy!

@ChantaleP : OK, deal! Let's trade lol ... Thanks a lot Chantale! I feel better after read your sweet comment :) Have a wonderful weekend too!

I am also glad that it's weekend, I need a break from my job ;)! Well, at least I know how to appreciate my weekend now. Your bento is again adorable, they always make me ohhh and ahhh...;).

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot CG! You are so sweet! Hope you have a relaxing weekend, escape from work for 2 days :)

Hey, I want one of those 48 hour Sundays too! Plan to use the panda-in-cup idea and egg noodles idea, heh... Always something happy and bright in your bento Lia. Hope the day and weekend gets better for you~ ^_^

I love the egg ribbons! I never thought to try that.

Love your Bentos! I've put you on my homepage. Could you tell me how you make those gorgeous colored egg sheets? I'm in awe.

Hi! I love checking your blog for the daily bento updates! So cute! Please can you do a tutorial on how to shape the vegetables? Especially the carrots! Thanks xx

delicious and lovely! happy Friday

Sweet pandas! ♥♥♥ Panda ! Ahah.. and hedgehogs... and mushrooms! Ya! ^_^
Hope you will get some great time this weekend!

I love panda and your bento pandas are so cute!
Hope you have a great weekend :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Kids love egg noodles, they said it was fun way to eat egg :) Enjoy your weekend too Sheri!

@Michele Bonna : Thanks a lot Michele! So much that we can do with egg. It's fun to make different presentation from it :)

@Wendy : Thanks a lot! You can click on the Tips section at the top. I posted about how to make the colored egg sheet. Have fun!

@The Little Welsh : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! I will try to do some photo shots later and share it on the blog :)

@Design Elements : Thanks a lot!

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! Have a great weekend too! Give my big hugs to the girls :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann for your sweet comment! Have a wonderful weekend :)

i Love panda :D

so sweet panda...Hope you had enjoyed your weekend?

perfect friday bento, love the cute panda faces and your creative "noodles" -- everything looks bright and happy. hope you had a great weekend lia, can't wait to see what you bento this week! :-)

Love d two cute panda face! agree with mama elaine, your bentos arrangement are always attractive & appetizing. keep-it up & take time off to pamper yourself. enjoy!

cutie lovely pandas!

Thanks a lot Esna, Yenny, Megan, Emily, and prince n primcess mum for your kind comments as always! I love to read all of your comments :)