Bentolicious #187
Today's bento is as requested by my kids. They love to watch Pokemon movie at home. And they have been talking about the new Pokemon character in the movie. So this morning, I got up early and made this new Pokemon character called Snivy (Japanese : Tsutarja). Kids can remember each Pokemon character's name, what they will evolve to, what type it is, and so on. I mean there are hundreds of the character in Pokemon. How come they know each one of them? Anyway, I think my boy will be pretty happy with the today's bento. He asked me so many times to make Pokemon bento for him. Inside the blue round box : strawberries, kumquats, sauteed chicken with yellow paprika, and water spinach & soy bean paste stir fry. The water spinach was too dark green, so I cut out little butterfly to make a contrast. Today's food picks that I used were from a dearest bento friend, Megan. Thanks a lot Megan to send it all the way for me! She sent them to me last year and I kept it for so long in the box that I almost forgot to use it. Glad to use it to add bright yellow color in the box.


mbak lia...its wonderfull green. your kyaraben at SEKAR magazine is so cute too... i always loved your bento, all of it ^_^

@oen priyanto : I haven't received any copy from Sekar Magazine, so I didn't know hehehe ... Thanks a lot for your kind comment :)

How adorable! You did an amazing job with it, your boy will be so thrilled! :D Kidlet loves Pokemon too, I have to plug my ears when I am driving carpool and he and his friends are going on and on about it! hehe :D

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! I know what you mean and glad to know that my kids are normal LOL :D

oh i see, so this cute pokemon character called -Snivy, I saw this cute Dinasour/Lizard look alike character in Karenmama's blog.
By the way, wonder what is it? a baby Dinasour? :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! Snivy is a grass snake Pokemon. I thought it was baby dinosaur at first hehehe :D

That is so cute, Lia! Elaine not yet watching pokemon, the only character she knows is pikachu at this time, because it printed on her toothpaste. lol

I always admire your cutting and eggsheet, it's always smooth and neat.

Your hands are cursed by lots of cuteness talent :D. When I saw this character on Kaerenmama's bentos, I thought it was baby dinosaur too hehehe. Yeah, can't wait to see your other pokemon character bentos ^^

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli! Usually boy is more into the Pokemon than girl. But Pokemon movie always have a great moral story. Elaine might like it when she is a bit bigger later :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! *blush* Will make another Pokemon characters from time to time :) My son already asked for another one hehehe ...

Wah, it is full of nice detail for Pokemon figure. I don't exactly know about them since my kids don't yet aware about Pokemon. But I am sure someday they will. hahaha... Good job, Lia :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! I am sure your kids will ... Especially when they get bigger and their friends at school start to talk and discuss about the characters :)

Very neat and tidyly done!

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot Kylie!

Pantesan aku ngerasa pernah liat dimanaaa gitu...ternyata ada di blog-nya Kaerenmama ya...

Aku selalu salut dengan ibu2 yg punya waktu utk bikin cute bento! :D

the picks look great in this bento lia, so glad you like them.

i am blown away by your cutting skills! snivy looks perfect, i had to look him up online, haha so funny what you said about kids knowing them all.

fruits and veggies in the other box look so tasty. great bento!

I love all the cute characters that you make for your bentos. The colors are so bright and beautiful

As alawys I love your sure, bright and delicate bento touch Lia! The details of this cute Pokemon character are so fun AND beautiful. WOW!

(Would love to see your bento art published in a book, really!)

Lia, this is superb! You are such an amazing mom. How lucky is your son to open this up at lunch and be happy? I know, I don't understand how our kids have the kind of memory that they do have. Weren't we like that too once upon a time?? Right? hehe..

@Sysyl : Thanks a lot Sysyl!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Pokemon is very popular until now maybe because there is always a new character coming out. I'm glad that they stop collecting the figurines now. Have so many at their playing box now *fainted* hehehe ...

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I tried and learned to put different foods to make the bento colorful. But we don't have so many choices for fruits and veggies here like you do. Always love to see your bento with so many different foods that are not available here :)

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! Of course we like them once upon a time LOL :D I just wish if they can memorize their school subjects as quick as they memorize all those Pokemon :p

I LOVE the tsutarjaaaaa!!!! :D :D :D

@Bunda zahraa : Thanks a lot Zahraa! Glad that you like it :)

I bet there's no character you can't make in this whole world. The foods in the blue container looks great as well!

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! I give up if I have to make those anime characters for bento hehehe ... So hard and many details :)

Hello Lia dear!
Sorry I couldn't comment earlier.. oooh... it has been so busy :/
Great pokemon character! Yay! I should play my pokemon game on ds... wish my day would have more than 24 hours :P
You make the most perfect egg sheet and cutting ever!

@karaimame : Hi Lilian! That's why I don't like to put too much games on my phone or iPad. Too distracted hehehe ... Thanks a lot to leave your sweet comment for me! Hope your day will wind down and you can have your 'me' time :)

I always see Kaerenmama making this character but have no idea where it is from... hehheehe Looks like I'm not a huge fan of Pokemon! kekekeke

Those picks are awesome! I have been looking for them but no shops are selling...

@Angeleyes : I'm not too but my kids are hehehe ... You can make a request to J-Mama. Hope she can add those picks to her online store ;) Thanks a lot Alice for your kind comment!