Bentolicious #188
I saw a picture of this silly sheep when I browsed some animal pictures on the internet for Little A's homework last night. So I cut out the silly sheep from the egg sheets and put it on the top of steamed rice. I was looking for my butterfly puncher and cutter to make a butterfly on the silly sheep's nose then remembered that I have the butterfly pick. I quickly use that. I need to re-arrange all the food picks in my boxes this afternoon. I don't know how many sets that I have collected so far. I am not obsessed to collect them but when I find a new cute set, normally I can't resist to buy it. My bento shopping isn't so crazy as before, believe me. I try to cut down the budget for bento shopping this year. I only buy something that I will use and I need for my bento making. Inside the other round box : spam meat with egg, fish cake tofu, cherry tomatoes, and stir fried Chinese cabbage with carrots.


Hehehe..what a silly face. What did you use to cut the sheep? it is really neat. I always admire your cutting. :)

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yul! I used X-Acto knife to cut my egg sheet :)

what a happy bento! the sheep is looking at that butterfly on his/her nose and thinking, hmm, what do i do about that!

i have the same problem with picks -- i can't resist them, and while i have cut back on some expenses, picks are often inexpensive enough that i can easily justify acquiring "just this one new set," which becomes 2 or 3, haha! oh well, we are bento ADDICTS! :-)


adorable sheep! i thought it was cheese because it was yellow. I should have known! I'm with you on the picks too lol

Ah so cute! I know I shouldn't say this but.. I really love Spam. lol! Except we don't have Spam anymore here, we have fake Kam. ;p I love your variety of picks. I need to expand my collection this year!

@megan : OOooo ... The butterfly is in trouble :) I just finished tidy up my picks. We really are uncurable bento addicts LOL :D

@Dina : Thanks a lot Dina!

@Kelly Polizzi : Thanks a lot Kelly! You know me, I am too comfortable with the egg sheet hehehe :)

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! We love Spam too but eating it moderately now. Please share your new collection later :)

hahaa...the silly sheep is real cute..makes me laugh!

It's such a cute sheep, I love the expression and the way you used the pick! What is fish cake tofu??

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann!

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! Fish cake tofu is actually made from white fish puree and tastes similar to kamaboko or fish ball. Because the texture is so soft so we called it fish cake tofu. Our supermarket sells it and this is very convenience for cooking. You can fried it, put it in the soup, slice it for fried rice/noodle ... many ways :)

Hi, I am a Bento newbie and am fascinated by the various interesting bentos that you make.
Would like to ask:
(1) which is a good online place to get the bento tools?
(2) when do you cook the food for these bentos, in the mornings?

hehehee..the face really looks silly :) and smooth. I always admire your smooth egg sheet :b

I tell you, I always blow my budget when it comes to bento shopping!!! Sometimes I will buy multiple and send to friends!!!!

Btw, I love those spam with egg!

@JK : Haven't found any online stores who sell a complete range of bento tools / stuffs. But you check out the following online stores, they have many variations of bento stuffs :
- Bento&co
- J-Mama
- Bento Craft
- J-List
- Check on eBay too.

I prepare my kids' bento in the morning. Both cooking and decorating. Hope these can answer your questions! Thanks a lot for your comment :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot dear!

@Angeleyes : hahaha ... I knew it :) Spam & egg FTW! So simple to cook.

The egg sheep is super cute...! You're a real expert in making characters using egg sheet :)! I need to learn how to make egg sheet too because I have never tried it before.

So adorable!!! Totally have to use this idea. :)

Ahaha, I like his silly eyes, look so natural ^^

What a great bento. I am sorry I haven't been to visit in a while. Took a break from bento for a bit because life got a little crazy! Been fun getting bento stuff back out though- I really missed it.

Love your Bento! How do you make the egg stick to the ham? I tried but the egg doesn't coat the ham nicely like yours look in the photo. Thanks.

Aw, so cute! I have the same 'new year resolution', to cut down my expenses on bento gadgets, and I hope I can achieve it :)