Bentolicious #192
Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to start the new week. Happy bugs bento for this morning. It was very quick and simple to make from onigiri wrapped in nori and put some face details. Food picks for bug's antenna ... whoalah! only needed 5 minutes to create the happy bug. I cooked sauteed chicken & bacon with celery, mun tofu, tamagoyaki, and steamed carrot flowers. Put the foods together in one box. Then use silicone cups for the happy bugs, just to keep the onigiri dry. I will only make 3 bentos this week as my kids want to have their lunches from school catering on Tuesday & Thursday. And they want another Pokemon bento on Wednesday. So I have to start looking on what I should make for them. I might need to read their Pokemon Dictionary or search from Pokedex.
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Hi Lia!!! your Monday bento is awesome! love the happy bug creation ^__^

Happy Monday Lia! The Char Siu looks delicious! We Char Siu for lunch too..

This is so cute! You're always so creative :)

Too too cute. Too adorable to eat :)

Happy Monday Lia! So speedy yet so cute! Love the heart shape face a lot! :)

@Just a MOM : Hi Lin! Where have you been? Miss you and your bento. Thanks for your sweet comment as always :)

@Bobo : Happy Monday too Florence! Char Siu for lunch is absolutely yum :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! I'm waiting for your bento hehehe :D

@Shaz : Thanks a lot Shaz for your kind comment!

@Kids Dream Work : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! I love the heart shape face too. Kind of different from the usual round or oval :)

Cute bugs and the chicken bacon is tempting. :)

I can see their heart shaped eyes, clever idea! Happy Monday Mbak Lia, always wish you a great week ahead :D

Happy mood on happy monday!

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Happy Monday too! Since they have heart shaped face then I just used tiny heart cutter to make heart shaped eyes too :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot Kylie! Have a great week ahead :)

Hey you should make a Zorua bento. That is a super cute pokemon.

(Anonymous) Yes, it's cute! But I won't be able to get that grey color for the character :)

Sweet April bugs! Their smiles put a smile on *my* face.. not only do your bentos looks so cute, they look delicious too! Happy Monday to you...

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! Your sweet comment put a smile on my face, always :) Happy Monday! Hope you enjoy your week!

love this unique take on bugs with the black-and-white contrast and bright antennae! can't believe you make such cuteness in only 5 minutes, you are a bento master! :-)

happy monday to you too lia!

Cute bugs! Happy Monday to all of you. I have to use the guidebook to see what the Pokemon characters look like too. Good thing we have the handy reference :D

Happy monday Lia dear! So cute bugs! Fun and nice quick concept ^__^
Now I wait for you pokemon bento ;)

I have seen the tip, thanks Lia! I will surely try it out and hopefully this weekend :). The two bugs are just adorable, I love how you use food picks as the antenna!

@megan : Thanks a lot Megan! Not a bento master but these bugs really don't need so much cut out details. Just use cutter and puncher to decorate the face, that's all. Easy to prepare for busy Monday morning ;)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Hope you are feeling better today :) And yes, glad we can borrow their guidebook, dictionary or something else so we can keep up with their trending topic LOL :D

@karaimame : Thanks a lot Lilian! Should find more quick ideas for bento-ing. Save time :)

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot CG! Hope you can try it this weekend and have fun with it :)

Hum a couple of heart bug in monday morning. Really sweet and tasty for imagine. By the way mba lia, do have a facebook account or YM ID?
Hope could talk more fun directly with you. Off course if you dont mind . Happy lovely monday for you and your family. HUG:D -3sna

mbak lia, can i ask you... what you wear when you cut out a tiny nori? a puncher or a knife? heheheheheh thanks a lot mbak....

This is adorable - I want this for my lunch! How did you make the carrot flowers by the way? Do you have a cutter for it?

@XinMei : Thanks a lot Xin Mei! I used flower cutter and small round cutter to cut the carrot :)

The happy bugs are so cute! Your bentos always bring a smile to my face! :)

mbak lia, can i ask you... what you wear when you cut out a tiny nori? a puncher or a knife? heheheheheh thanks a lot mbak....

@3sna : Thanks a lot Esna! I do have FB and YM but very rare to use it. So, you can contact me via email :)

@Oen Priyanto : I used nori cutter to cut out the face details and scissor to cut out the heart shaped face from nori :)

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! Glad to spread the happiness through bento :)

haha..happy bugs make me feel happy too. Simple and nice, great bento, Lia. :D

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily!

What an adorable bug! SO adorable I just want to 'eat' it all up :)

I love your bento boxes, so lovely to just look at, I wouldn't want to eat them! I tried to make a bento box today (my first one ever!) and hopefully one day I'll be as skilled as some of the other bento box makers I've seen out there, such as you. Great blog!

So simple but so cute!