On Hiatus
Hi everyone!
I know that I am just back for bento making but life here is so busy lately. I am thinking to take a bento break in June when my kids are on 3 weeks school break after the final exam. But lately I have been busy with so many things outside the blogging, it burns me out. So I decide that I will be on hiatus from now until July when the kids are back to school again. I will definitely be back ... promise!!
Even better, stay tune in July because I will celebrate the 2nd Blog Anniversary. You can check some cool giveaways later. Until then, thank you for all my bento friends and readers for your kind and sweet comments that always encourage me (^.^)
Bentolicious #196
Happy Monday! Glad to be back in bento making again. I had a trip to London 2 weeks ago with hubby. My kids couldn't join us this time because they weren't in school holiday. And with the final exam is coming near, they have many reviews at school. My parents stayed at our home to babysit the kids. That was our first time to leave the kids more than 2 days. And this was our first long trip after we had kids. Felt a kind of 'honeymoon" trip for us :) Also, I met Mils from notabrownbag on my last night in London. She and her hubby were so kind to meet me, and we had Thai dinner together. She was totally cool! Glad to meet a bento friend face to face. Kids were on 3 days school break again last week because the Grade 6 students had their final exam from the Government. So I didn't have much bento making ongoing. Then blogger was down last Friday, so I didn't have a chance to post Friday's bento. But some of you might seen the rubber duckies bento already from my twitter and flickr. And today's bento is shown below. The 'confused tiger' was made from egg sheet, cheese, and nori. I should have put more details from nori but didn't do that because I didn't have much time this morning. Inside the box : boiled egg with yellow spices, stir fry bok choy, and fried middle wings. Hope everyone have a great day! And happy bento-ing :)