Bentolicious #196
Happy Monday! Glad to be back in bento making again. I had a trip to London 2 weeks ago with hubby. My kids couldn't join us this time because they weren't in school holiday. And with the final exam is coming near, they have many reviews at school. My parents stayed at our home to babysit the kids. That was our first time to leave the kids more than 2 days. And this was our first long trip after we had kids. Felt a kind of 'honeymoon" trip for us :) Also, I met Mils from notabrownbag on my last night in London. She and her hubby were so kind to meet me, and we had Thai dinner together. She was totally cool! Glad to meet a bento friend face to face. Kids were on 3 days school break again last week because the Grade 6 students had their final exam from the Government. So I didn't have much bento making ongoing. Then blogger was down last Friday, so I didn't have a chance to post Friday's bento. But some of you might seen the rubber duckies bento already from my twitter and flickr. And today's bento is shown below. The 'confused tiger' was made from egg sheet, cheese, and nori. I should have put more details from nori but didn't do that because I didn't have much time this morning. Inside the box : boiled egg with yellow spices, stir fry bok choy, and fried middle wings. Hope everyone have a great day! And happy bento-ing :)


How cute!!!

@Uniflame : Thanks a lot Cynni!

Yay! I'm glad you're back :) That's so cool that you and Mils got to meet! I bet you two had a lot of fun. I love your little ducklings, they're adorable!!

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! It was awesome :)

oh..happy to see your bento post again, Lia. How was the trip? Should be romatic & sweet..hehe. Went to many places in London? ;)
Both bentos are so well preapred and cute, as always. So cool, can meet with blogger bento friend.

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! The trip was fun even though we had a long flight. Went to some famous places in London and watched Mamma Mia and Les Miserables. Good break for both of us hehehe ... :D

Oh you're so lucky to have gone on a trip with the hubs and what a treat to meet Mils! Hopefully one day I'll be able to meet you both as well. : ) Those duckies are insanely cute! I love the way you made their beaks. You have great carving skills!

I like your cartoon style! So so cute Lia. And glad you had a great break. Fun to meet virtual bento pals irl!!

Welcome back lovely Lia! Hope your trip was fantastic and full of foodie fun!! Cute and perfect bento...

Yes, I have seen the rubber duckies in Flickr and they're really cute...! I love the confused tiger too, you're so good at egg sheet cutting...!!!:D) Thumbs up:)!

Great to have a 2nd honeymoon!
Did you managed to catch the Royal Wedding? :)

Love to see all your cute bento again!!! :)

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! I would love to meet you too someday. Wish that all bento friends don't live that far :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Hope I can meet you too someday (^.^)

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I think I missed a lot of good foods there. This trip was more to sightseeing rather than culinary adventure. But I'm happy :)

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot CG! You are so sweet to say that :)

@Angeleyes : Thanks a lot Alice! My trip was after the Royal Wedding, so just watched from the TV hehehe ... :)

The rubbers ducks are cuter than the real ones hehe. So glad to have you back on bentoing mbak Lia :D. Hey, your simple and yummy side dishes get my interest a lot, would you love to share the recipes in bloglicious? I think I'm starting to get bored with my bento whose side dishes are often dominated by fried/fast/frozen food. I need something tastier and healthier hehehe. But, I'm no force here :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! I will try to post it on the other blog for the recipe later. I'm trying as much as I can for not putting frozen food in my kids' bento now :)

So glad to see your new bentos, they are super cute!! Love the rubber duckies especially, so tempted to squeeze them? :P

cute rubber duckies!
Glad you enjoyed your trip to London and its so cool to meet up bento friends in person.
I might want to do so in future.
I have been wanted to step my foot again to England, its has been 20 years..
hmm..I will wait for a few years more when my kids grow up.. I want to watch live EPL at the Emirate Stadium!

Hi Lia, oh your cartoons are always so nice and cute.. I saw your bloglicious and will try out the recipe there too. I like the garlic & ginger prawns and purple potato cakes!! looks yummy and nice

just sooooo cute!!

@KidsDreamWork : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Rubber duckie was the best buddy for my kids when they were little. Bathing time is so fun with it ;)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence! I haven't meet you yet. I will be in Singapore this weekend but the schedule is full this time, so next time we should meet for sure :)

@Fennie : Thanks a lot Fennie for a very encouraging comment!

@javapot : Thank you so much!

Wow!!! nice!

I love your creations. They're very cute. I'll be going to Hong Kong soon. Do you know where I can buy bento tools in Hong Kong other than Daiso or similar Dollar Store?

so cute! your blog is so nice!