On Hiatus
Hi everyone!
I know that I am just back for bento making but life here is so busy lately. I am thinking to take a bento break in June when my kids are on 3 weeks school break after the final exam. But lately I have been busy with so many things outside the blogging, it burns me out. So I decide that I will be on hiatus from now until July when the kids are back to school again. I will definitely be back ... promise!!
Even better, stay tune in July because I will celebrate the 2nd Blog Anniversary. You can check some cool giveaways later. Until then, thank you for all my bento friends and readers for your kind and sweet comments that always encourage me (^.^)


We will miss you... will will will and will :D

Enjoy your break with your family..
Congrats on your coming 2nd Blog anniversary!

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! I will miss you too dear :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Florence!

we'll be waiting for your comeback :)
gue juga lagi break. kayanya gak ada inspirasi nih buat bento. daripada bete, gak maksa ngebuat deh

AAwww... gonna miss all your great bentos. But I'm sure you'll be back with more amazing stuff soon. Hope you'll enjoy the break! :)

Have a nice break, Lia!! Gonna miss u (*.*)

Will be waiting for you to come back blogging..

I'll be missing u lots in June then..:)
Enjoy your break Lia~ :)

I can definitely understand how you feel Lia. Enjoy the time out and take the time to recharge and just have fun! We'll all be here for you when you come back. : )

woooaaaaa... i'm gonna miss you much much much mbak lia....

Lia, take your time and enjoy your break. Will definitely miss u :)

Enjoy the nice break with your kids! :)

A break is a good idea! I think I'll take one too, since our school year will be over in 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy yourself and look forward to your lovely posts when you return! <3 <3

休息是为了走更远的路! Have some great rest and enjoy your break. We will wait here patiently & miss you a lot..take care. :)

Pasti bakalan kangen bangeut nihhhhh, soalnya tiap hari pasti mampir ke bentolicious untuk liat latest bento.

Seudah break, pasti nanti banyak ide2 fresh nih..ditunggu yaaaa...

Hey Lia, Get a lot of rest and have lots of fun with the kids. I'll be waiting for your return.

Totally understand that as I'm having the same situation! I'll sure miss you, and looking forward for your coming back in July! :)

Enjoy the break Lia! Look forward to your return.

I'm in the same boat as you, burnt out!

First time dropby your blog....love reading your blog.
Enjoy your break and looking forward to your next post.

Selamat berlibur Lia ... can't wait till you're back with your amazing bento ideas ^_^

wow... your blog is almost 2 years old? Can't believe that you still have so many cute ideas!

Will miss you! Have a refreshing break Lia, we all look forward to your return!!

wah mbak Lia, selamat menikmati hiatusnya ya :) will miss your posts!

definitely looking forward for your return...wah baru bertamu, yang punya rumah sedang pergi...
salam kenal dari kami (bento mania)yang baru belajar bento

came in for an update but just remembered that you're on a break :) cant wait for your return. tell us trip stories if you have any ya. missing your inspiration-packed posts!

please check my blog http://floralblossom.blogspot.com/2011/06/inspiration-award_05.html
I have awarded you the inspiration award.

Cheers! :)


It is always great to be able to take a break. Looking forward to have you back in July. Is that a new header design? Very cute!

welcome back anytime soon...

Lia, hope you get a good break and looking forward to your 2nd Blogoversary celebrations!

Looking forward to read your post in few days...

You're such an inspiration for me. My daughter will start her first day at Pre-K next week. Will try to make bento for her.

Though, I don't have any fancy bento equipment yet. But, will do my best.

See you soon ^_^

wow is soooo kawaiii

Happy 2nd anniversay. Can't wait for the giveaway