Bentolicious #198
We have some left over rice from the dinner last night, so I made quick bacon & egg fried rice for bento. I used my small and medium sizes of heart shapes rice mold to shape the fried rice and put cherry tomato to fill in the gap between the two small heart shaped fried rice. In the other round tier, I just put dragon fruit, kiwi, and mangosteen. After took the picture then I realized that I couldn't put mangosteen in the bento box as they turned brown very quick, so I took it out and replaced it with more dragon fruits and kiwis.
Big A loves to read and her hobby actually brings a good impact to Little A. Now both kids love to read and their book collections in the playing room is growing so fast. I have to re-organize the space soon, so we can put more books into the bookshelf. My husband and I set a new rule that starting this new school year, the kids are not allowed to read story book and comics during the weekdays / school days. They only can read them during the weekend and on holiday. We have the reason for doing that. It is simply because we want them to be discipline and to be more responsible for their studies. By the way, I think some of you can guess the books that I put on the background of this photo. Those are Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The story is quite funny. I didn't read the book but we have the DVDs. We watched it for movie night on last Saturday night and had a good laugh. Of course, after watching the movie we told the kids what was good and what was bad, the things they could follow and should not. As parents, I believe that we are responsible to teach and guide our kids about that.


OMG, these are super cute!!

Agree totally with u Lia!! We are important in shaping our children's character somehow!! Gambate in ur parenting skills!!

It's good for kids to read, but you're right to limit it during the school week. My boy can spend hours reading too, and he also likes the Wimpy Kid series.
Cute fried rice heart idea; you haven't lost charaben touch at all during your break ^_^

Glad that you are back Lia! Miss your lovely bento so much! :)

So cute and great ideas!

Again, such perfect bentos! I love how artistic and creative you are Lia. I can't believe your kids are back to school already. We have barely started our summer here. lol.

Hi Lia, so nice and happy to see your cute bento posts again...missing you so much. :)
Great bento with the two kids reading. My eldest son love to read too, and I hope that he will bring good impact to my youngest too, just like yours...hehe.

yup..i totally agree good reading habit has to be from young..
I started with bedtime story to my boy.. hopefully little miss E will love reading too..

your bento looks so delicate in that tiny box.

Great works! i love it :)
How to make the hair? :)

I totally agree with you, Lia :)
by the way, the 'boy and girl' look so pretty

Your Bento post is so intresting & creative. Like to follow you post.

Ah, you always amaze me with your genuine bento idea, carrot book is cool! I love to use books or novels as by photo prop/bg too, haven't post 'em yet hehehe :D

Glad to see your bento's as nice as always

That bento is so delicate and cute. Just lovely.

hihi you're back !!! This bento is so cuuuuute !!

@Quay Po Cooks : Thanks a lot!

@Xelia : Just try our best to give them the best. Not to over protecting or spoil the kids. They need to learn from young all the basic things and discipline is very important :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! I want kids to know that study is still their first priority :)

@KidsDreamWork : Glad to be back too Ai Ping :)

@AikoVenus : Thanks a lot!

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot for your sweet comment Chantale! If the school break is too long then I will be in trouble hahaha :D

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! Miss you too. Usually the youngest one always copying the older one. So I hope your youngest kid will love to read too :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot! Soon Miss E will be the one who telling you the stories hehehe :)

@Felicia Dita Antefa : I used yellow egg sheet to make the hair. You can find the tutorial on the 'Tips' section. Just cut it with round cutter and then trim the hair with knife or scissor :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen!

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary! Very appreciate it. Love to share the passion in bento making :)

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! Sometimes it's hard to find the idea for the kids bento. But luckily there is school catering hahaha ... and kids are bigger now, they aren't asking that their bento should be cute everyday. Yeay!! (^.^)

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot!

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn!

@juliglups : Hello too! Thanks a lot Juli for dropping by :)

Aw, Lia the kids are so cute! Everything looks delicious as always. :)

Amazing, reading-topical and perfectly delicate sweetness. Your bentos are like no one else's Lia!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!