Bentolicious #199
I usually posted my bento before picking up the kids from school. But today it was crazy, so many things to do. Today's bento was just as simple as it looked. No cooking required at all this morning. Doughnuts were bought last night and I just put some fruits (strawberry, orange, and longan) in separate box for the kids. My yellow bear was made from left over egg custard filling for my bao. You didn't read wrong. During my bento break, I had taken some baking classes. Learning slowly from knowing nothing about baking and trying to be brave to start baking simple things. Oh well! Bao doesn't require baking only steaming but with still using yeast and other things just like in baking, still I was so nervous. Hopefully later I can bake my own doughnuts. Basically, I just rolled 3 balls from the egg custard filling, ressambled little bear and decorated with white jelly ball & nori. Quick and easy! I will post the custard filling recipe over my other blog My Bloglicious, so you can check it later :)


After gone thru all your bento blog, you should open a bento class & i'm pretty sure you can get plenty of student. Sometime I wonder how you do it. Really enjoy your blog. My children say Aunty have a wonder mind! Tks for sharing!

Lia..that's a cute bear!

Senangnya bisa ikutan kursus baking nih.. it's just my dream for now.. udah belajar apa aja nih? praktek2 ya..and share ilmunya di bloglicious. xixixi...

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary! I'm enjoying my bento making and sharing with other bento friends through blogging. We are all learning here, more fun (^.^)

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yuli! I hope you can find some places to learn baking there. Kalo dah test beberapa kali dan PD pasti aku post Yul tapi jangan diketawain hehehe ... :D

Welcome back to bento yee yay!! Your custard bear is freaking adorable! I thought it was a mouse at first though ;P
Lookin forward to see your cute baking creations! Baking is fun, right? ^^

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! I'm a nervous baker hehehe ... Just saw your post. You should to teach me how to bake those gorgeous breads (^.^)

Now you're a baker? Donuts and bao? I'm so impressed Lia!! I will look for your recipes because these look so fluffy and cute!

Hi Lia, welcome back :) I'm sure you can be a great baker too with your good photography skills.

@sheri fujihara chen : I'm starting to enjoy baking. Donuts were from store but I'm looking forward to bake my own. Still looking for the baked donut recipe, if you know any please DM me. Meanwhile, I will post bao recipe soon. Thanks Sheri!

i LOVE y our blog its soooooo adorable!!!! :D

Really hope I hav chance to learn from you one day (in person)...really love reading ur blog.

@Anncoo : Hi Ann! I will need a guru like you and a lot of lucks lol ... :D

@Two fit and fun gals : Thanks a lot! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

@MeRy : Thanks a lot Mery! I learn a lot from other bento friends via blogging :)

Welcome back Lia! Your yellow bear is just too cute. I love that you took baking class, maybe that's what I should do. :D I have not yet tried to make boa yet, but it's on my list. (I'm still nervous about that). I can just imagine all the beautiful goodies that you'll be baking up soon!

Those doughnuts look so yummy and the mouse is too cute! :) I look forward to catching up on all of your posts Lia!

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey! It will be great to learn another thing. You should try to make bao. I tried and wasn't as 'scary' as I thought before hehehe :D

@Susan Yuen : Welcoming you back to bento making and thanks a lot Susan for you sweet comment as always :)

Your bento never failed to surprise me... just love to click on "Bentolicious" everyday i saw your new post..hehe..

so i will be anticipating your baking creations soon.. :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! I also love to see what other bento bloggers make everyday :) Hope I can manage my time and learn baking more.

Cute! Bento is not just for lunch!

@Diana : Thanks a lot Diana! Snack bento is also fun to make :)

simple doughnut turns to be adorable one, you're so talented. I am also looking forward to your baking experiment!

Loves your Bento and how you photograph them. The neat yet interesting layout and nice colour coordinations. Well done! Such an inspiration.

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang Fang! Don't have a high hope as I am a noob in baking hahaha ... :D

@lil'tummyYummies : Thanks a lot! I visited your blog and you have a wonderful blog and photos too :)