Bentolicious #201
Today's snack bento was pretty easy to prepare in the morning. I made a small little green boy from quail egg, kamaboko, and food pick. I dyed the quail egg with food coloring by soaking it in the bowl with water + green food coloring. If you want to get the round shapes of the quail egg, you just need to shape it with your hand while the egg was still warm to a bit hot, right after you peeled the skin. Starting next week, I will be back to make regular lunch bento for the kids as they will go back to the normal school hours until 2PM. Big A will stay longer at school every Tuesday and Thursday until 3PM for the Grade 6 enrichment class to prepare them for the National Exam.
Tomorrow as some of you already know is My Bentolicious' 2nd Blog Anniversary. It just does not feel that I have been blogging for 2 years. Time flies so fast. Still I want to thank you my husband and the kids for being so supportive all this time. All of bento friends that have been very supportive too with all of your lovely comments. Thanks for sharing your bento works so we can get inspired by one another. All the blog readers for dropping by and checking my post. I really appreciate it. After 2 years of bento blogging, I have found so many good friends, met up with some of you already and still hope to meet more friends along the way. I am very grateful to be able to join in this bento world with all of you. My husband has been teasing me from time to time. Because he knows that I am easy to get bored doing something. He bet that I would stop bento blogging after 2 years. Hahaha ... don't worry, I'm not ready to retire yet. Hopefully I can still make bento for the kids and share it with all of you in this blog.
To share the love of bento making with all of you, I put 4 giveaways. All you need to do is just give your comment with your name, country, and e-mail address as the following format example :
{comment} ....................................................................... {comment}
Kitty, Indonesia, kitty [at] yahoo dot com
You can put your comment to enter these giveaways until Thursday, July 28. One person one entry. Then after that I will draw for 4 winners and post it in the blog on July, 29.


Happy early blogaversary! Wow, can you believe it? This has been a constant inspiration for me to head to and also a place where I smile from your bentos. Thx for sharing your talents with us! And congrats on 2 years of amazing blogging!

Wow, congratulations on two years!
Lil, Australia, blue_hello_kitty [at] hotmail dot com

Hi Lia, congrad on your 2 year! I am new in bento, i got to see your blog through a friend. i am viewing it almost everyday to get inspiration. Your bento are really nice n i find it very creative. As a beginner, i wish to do sandwich/snack bento.
Grace lee, singapore,

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! ♥ You're blog is great!
Kaori, Germany,

Hi Lia, already two years! That's fast ~ a Big Congratulations to 2nd Blog Anniversary !
I'm always inspired by you. <3

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! My daughter is starting Kindergarten in August. Two months ago, I started looking for Bento inspiration and found your awesome blog. All the information are really helpful. Thank you.
Carol, USA, cymail168[at]gmail dot com

Hi! Ive been a silent reader of ur blog since I started bentoing this yr. Yr blog is awesome n full of inspirations. Congrats on ur blog anniversary. I hope to win the 1st giveaway coz I've been looking 4 the crown picks. If u hv extra set to let go, I dun mind buying. :) Ashlee, Singapore,

So cute! Great to see you blogging again, I've missed them so dearly :)
Julia, Australia, gummibear59 (at) hotmail dot com

this bento story called love love love everybody hehehehe... what the inside of the bread???
oh, yeah congratz for you two years anniversary ^__^ and i' ll follow your giftaway hehehehe
Uun, Indonesia,

Hi Lia, congrats! It seems only yesterday that I found your gorgeous blog.

Wooow, they’re fabulous giveaways. Lia, Happy 2nd blog anniversary! Hope your blog keeps growth as it’s really inspiring. I've learnt bento-making a lot thru your blog as well.
fangfang, Indonesia, yufangfang73[at] gmail dot com

Congrats! I love your blog, and I hope you keep it up!
Timeeka, USA,
teaanncrutons [at]

Happy anniversary! I read your blog for a long time and still like it a lot! Keep up the good work! :)

tutora, Hungary, tutorara [at] gmail dot com

Happy 2nd Anniversary for your blog! What a nice bento you can prepared! I wish I could prepare for my son also in future. Keep it on.
Ann Nie, Malaysia, antan79 [at] gmail dot com

mba saya Ibu RT yg anaknya baru sajaa masuk playgrup,sepertinya anak saya sgtt tertarik makan klo makanannya dibentuk2,akhirnya tercetus ide krn abis liat fb temen bkinin bento anaknya jg,mb LIa Masi jual perlatan bikin Bento ga??kbrii yaa saya sangattt berminat,ato mungkin mbak,bisa kasi link dimana belinya,makasiii ...oia untuk newbi alat bento apa dlu yg hrs saya punya??makasiii,liat blog mbak bkin laperr n sgt terinspirasi,makasiii

Congratulaions Lia! Just want to say that your talent is totally inspirational. I can't help but smile the rest of the day after visiting your blog.

Here's to many more anniversaries!

Wow, only 2 years? Seems like I've been reading your blog all my bento life ^_^ Big congrats on reaching this milestone, and I'm so happy, along with everyone else, that you've continued teaching and helping us! You win the bet; I hope you get a nice prize, hehe!
I love meeting fellow bentoers too, and you are on my list. We will find a way someday, Lia!! Love to you and the kids! <3

Happy 2nd anniversary, Lia Chen! Your blog gave me lot of inspirations, thanks for sharing.
Kel, Malaysia,

Congrats Lia!!! Your lovely bento(s) inspired me to start making bento again!!!! May you continue to bless and inspire the rest with more bento(s) of yours.

Ellena, Singapore,

Mba Liaaa, hello, I'm Gita, 24 years old from Jakarta, Indonesia... I'm a big fan of your blog!! Heheheheh, actually I'm a big fan of cooking not bentoing but when I looked at your blog years ago, I suddenly wanted to make my food looks nice like yours ;p. I've been looking at your blog for my preferences on how to make my food looks even yummier... This blog was the one who tought me how to make tamagoyaki and how to cut it and shaped it like heart, and how to cut sausages into animals... Jangan berhenti blogging ya mbaaa... And thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge of bentoing with us (ME :p)!!! \(o^_^o)/

Gita, Indonesia,

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! I love reading your blog posts. Keep up the good work!!! :)

Maria Veligrantaki, Greece, mveligrantaki [at] hotmail dot com.

Congrats on two years. Thank you for providing us with inspiration for all this time.

Elsie, USA, 0o0elsie [at] gmail dot com

Susan, Northern Ireland,

Congratualtions on your two year blogiversary Lia (^_^) I look forward to seeing lots more bento of yours in the future!

I love reading your blog!

Rebecca Clegg, Utah, USA, elizabethdufleur [at] gmail dot com

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! Your bento always looks so cute, and really delicious.

Jennifer, USA, thiefofthesky [at] gmail [dot] com

HI! Congrats on your 2year blogavirsary!!! We'd love to win any of your giveaways!!

Chasity, United States, csobota2007 at yahoo dot com

Wow Two years!!! Great Job!

Elisabeth, USA,

I hope you keep bento blogging a long time, I only recently "found" your blog, and your bentos are awesome. Happy anniversary!
Kristin, USA, wyowoman68 at yahoo dot com.

Hi Lia,
Congratulations to your 2nd Blog Anniversary ! I just love your blog. Very good food photography.
Anna, Germany

Congrats on reaching the two year mark!!!!

Rachel, USA, followinginmyshoes (at)

Hi Lia Chen, congrad on your 2 year blog Anniversary.I love your bentos + pretty blog, all picture are nicely shots. Its really excited following up ''surprises' from you here everyday....thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.You lovely works encourage me to go on bentoing...wish that one day i can hav a nice blog like you did..

Hi Lia, referencing back to your 1st anniversary blog, noted that today is also your birthday! Double celebrations! Happy Birthday to you and Happy 2nd anniversary on your wonderful, inspiring and creative works on bentolicious!

Cheers to you and to your bentolicious blog! Hip, hip hooray...

Yenny, Australia,

Congratulations Lia!! I hope you keep making bentos for many years to come! You have some of the most beautiful and intricate bentos I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Happy Bloggiversary, beautiful!! <3 Your blog is lovely, and Congratulations! I hope you've had lots of fun!!
Bhevarri, United States, Bhevarri @

Yours was one of the first blogs I happened upon when I started packing bentos. I'm always so impressed by the cute factor! I'm still working on adding cute to my lunches. :)
Pam, U.S., scrumptiousbento(a)gmail(.)com

Hello Lia Chen,, thank God I found this site. I'm beginner in creating bentos and I'm trying to collect such a pretty bento tools and recipes. Reading your blog makes me wanna make some bento's food for my li'l family.. Congrats for 2nd anniversary. I love your works.. Wanna send me one of your pretty giveaways?? ^_^

Devi, Medan (Indonesia)

happy 2nd blogiversary! :)

thanks for the giveaway

clara, usa, fantastikfoodie21 [at] gmail dot com

happy 2nd blogiversary! :)

fantastikfoodie21 [at] gmail dot com

Congratulations Lia!I just started this month (JULY 2011) enter the BENTO WORLD and wonder if I can substain how long? For our love ones, I'll do my very best to keep it up till....??? Need your support by giving me more ideals and I alway belive that sharing is happyness. God Bless to all your family always.
Mary Chey, Malaysia,

Happy Bloggiversary sis Lia.. :)
I've been admiring ur blog eversince, and beena passive reader too :P
this year my son is in his kindergarten, so i got more inspiration in reading your old postings :) which is very useful

I think i'm going to enjoy bento-ing more and more.. :) please keep updating, can't wait the 3rd bloggiversary of Bentolicious.. !

ariany, Indonesia

Hi, Lia..

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary..

Thank you for always inspiring me to do my bento. Many things i had learn from you and your blog. I'm so happy when first time i saw your blog and only could say: "Wow...Wow.." Everything in your blog is really an inspiration for me. For me, you're my 'virtual teacher'. So, Thank you so much and i always waiting for your bento everytime i checked my blog. :)

Yuli Saputra, Indonesia, saputradotyuli at gmail dot com

Happy 2nd Anniversary! I just stated bentoing this July and your blog was one of my inspiration. I love how you present your bentoes and give glimpses of your family life at the same time. Keep it up! I know what you're doing is also inspiring other bloggers like me that's only starting up.
Anna Valera, Philippines,

Happy Blogiversary!!! I am looking forward to C going back to school so I can make bentos again. With the moving to a new State and trying to get settled I have not made one in quite some time. My supplies sit in the coroner of my room mocking

Happy 2nd Anniversary Lia!
You are one great bento artist and I hope you'll continue to inspire all of us!


Angeleyes, Malaysia,

Hi Lia,Happy 2nd blog anniversary :)
I'm a new mum and still learning to make bento n I've been reading ur blog a lot n learn the tips from it.such a beautiful blog with clear good quality picture so easier for me to follow the tutorial.maybe share more of ur recipes that u put for the bentolicious,Thanks.



I hope this Blog will be better and better, I'm so proud that in Indonesia, there are people like you that are very creative, kind, and like to share many things for us all..

I love reading your blog and seeing the photos, you've got so many ideas! Even the simplest fast-made bento looks very good. =)

Keep Alive! Jesus Bless you, your husband, and the two kids always!!!

Yovita Astuti Djohan, Indonesia,

Happy blogiversary!
Dawn USA. dawsha62 (at)

Happy Anniversary Lia! Thank you for your generosity the past two years in sharing all ur lovely bento creativity! I hope for more years of inspiration from you! Gambatte!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Your blog is really very inspiring to me! Thank you for posting all your lovely update! I love it so much!
Linda, Australia

Hello !! I have been reading your blog for a while now (a few months) but since i didn't have a Bento Blog, i didn't know if i could write comments.. Now that I have one, I think that this giveaway post is a great occasion to write something !! Your website is absolutely stunning, i love your bentos: they are always cute, beautiful, they look so yummy ! And your pictures are always great. There is another thing i love about your blog, it's that it's so beautiful ! Every single detail is gorgeous, even the little onigiri to write comments !!!! Your website looks like a welcoming home, really : ) <3. Thank you for all your bentos which are also a great source of inspiration (even if i haven't tried these beautiful things i saw yet ^^). Thank you thank you !!! Oh and, happy blog-birthday !! Two years, woawww !! I just started mine and I hope it will last long as well !!!!! Caroline, France,

oups, i meant Happy Anniversary, not Happy Birthday o^.^o

Happy Anniversary! Have been following your blog, getting new ideas every time. Thank you and cheers! (^.^)v

Yuna Mama,Singapore,

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happy blogiversary! Love your bentos, they're beautiful to look at and very cute. Keep it up!
Elizabeth, USA,

Happy Anniversary! Mine is in about five months or so. ^^

(this is a bit different than the full one for mailing)

Bou, United States,

congrats on your 2nd blogaversary! as soona s I found out about this blog a year ago, I fell in love with it and it's still a huge inspiration to cheer up my job-lunches!
Silvia, Italy,

Being new to bento making, I cannot thank you enough for all those tips and inspiration ! Congratulations on you 2 years !!!

May the force be with you Bentoing for many more years to come!!!

vash_the_stampate {[at]}

Oh congrats! I've really enjoyed reading:)
Laura, United States,

Hai Lia... finally u are back.. I'm the big fans of ur blog... your blog is my inspiration in making bento... =)
Herlina, Indonesia,

Congrats...!! happy 2years of blogging anniversary. LOve your bentos, they are so inspiring, always wait to see your masterpieces


Happy Blogaversity!

Lindy from England

Happy 2nd blog anniversary!I just learned to make bento for my pre-primary son and I found your blog so inspirational, full of wonderful ideas complete with the instruction on how to make them. Keep up the good work...

Happy blogiversary! I am new to bento and I love your blog. These prizes are great!

Dawn USA

Happy 2nd Anniversary to "My Bentolicious" !! I really love your ideas of making Bento, Lia. I wonder where did u buy all those cute bento stuff especially the silicone mold & stitch cutter (on ur post no 3 & 4)? I want it so badddd (T_____T) drooolllllsssss....... Love it Love it Love it... Anyway, keep blogging!! I'll always support u!!

Yoan, Indonesia,

Congratulations! Your blog has really inspired me to actually make cuter meals. Thank you and good luck in the future!

Sulgi, United States,

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary Lia! yea..we got to know lots of friends through the bento community..
I have started a year ago and never look back since.. its so much fun!
and please don't stop bentoing! hehe..

Florence, Malaysia,

{comment}Your blog is an inspiration! So glad to see you're back from hiatus and serving up beauty, taste and style again! :) Congratulations on 2 years of enriching the world of food! {comment}

Karen, Australia,

Hi Lia, Congrats on your 2nd Blogging Anniversary..^^ Continue with your lovely bento making ya, i'll always be your supporter..:)
The little green boy in the box is lovely..^0*

Rachel Hei, Malaysia,

Hi Ci Lia, Im wawa and Im baby bento maker..firstly, wish your blog happy 2nd anniversary..recently i addicted to Bento, and come accross to ur website which made me totally fall in love with.. almost everyday i see your website.. even when i working..! thanks for such a beautiful work. keep going and i waiting for ur beautiful creation.
and i wish u all the best.

Wawa Indonesian but staying in Singapore.

Congrats on 2 years!
Nicole, USA, discojing [at]

Congrats on 2 years!
Nicole, USA, discojing [at]

Happy 2nd Anniversary! I love your blog. All your bentos are awesome.

Amy, Malaysia,

Congrats on the 2nd anniversary! Thanks for always inspiring us with your bento ideas :D. 2-year blogging is definitely not an easy job, we need high dedication to it. I can remember well when we're just starting our bento blogging, we could use our ten fingers to count bento blog in Indonesia. But now? It's numerous!!! Even we can't use our 20 fingers to count the total of bento lovers now :D. Yeayy, you did and we did! All of us bento lovers did it! Btw, I put my eyes on your pink two tiered bento boxes, so I join the give away hehehe ;D

Tata Bonita, Indonesia, bcw_blog [at]

Blessed 2nd anniversary! Your blog has never failed to bring inspirations to me since the first day. Even your egg sheets looks so impressive all the time!

Yeapies, Malaysia,

Very nice blog Sis!! Never tired looking your blog, great composition and yummy bento! Congratzz your 2nd anniversary blogging and I'm look foward the next bento idea & your creativity!
Nia, Indonesia, listania [at] gmail dot com

Very inspired blog! I never get tired looking your creativity and idea! Keep a great job of bento blogging! Congratzz your 2nd anniversary! I look forward more your blogging day :)

Nia, Indonesia, chubbykitchen [at] gmail dot com

Happy & Blessed 2nd Anniversary!! May your blog anniversary gives you many many good blessing, and lots more cutie posts too!

Cynthia, Malaysia,

Happy anniversary! I love looking at your blog, it's such an inspiration!

Jennifer, USA, sanctumdesign [at]

Thanks for sharing your love for bento making and inspiring beginers like me to pick up the courage to start =) Happy 2 years Anniversary!

Perle, Singapore,

Hi! I wish I could make such beautiful creations as yours, you are truly talented :)

TheLittleWelsh, UK,

Happy Anniversary! You have such cute Bentos!


Congrats, you make the cutest bentos!! i love all your pictures. And so neat.

Congrats on two years :)

Jing Qi, Singapore,!

Happy Anniversary!

terih [at] shaw [dot] ca

congrats on the Anniversary!!!

terih [at] shaw [dot] ca

congrats on your 2nd blogaversary! :D
cute cute cute your bentos are too cuuuteee! >_<
omg i wish i could make bentos like yours! ^^v

Cindy, Indonesia,

Congratz 2 years and still going strong! love all your bentos, they look so cute and yummy !
Michelle, Australia, hiep_thuy_130501[at]yahoo dot com

Congrats on your blog anniversary. Wish you many more to come :)

Vardhini, USA, vardhiniskitchen(at)gmail(dot)com

Congrats & Happy blogversary :)
terus untuk selalu menginspirasi :)

deetha, Ina

Congrats & Happy blogversary
terus untuk selalu menginspirasi

deetha, INA
pindangtempe [at] gmail dot com

Hi Lia, its me..Jasmine. After receving your email last year, am still working on the set up of my own blog. My daughter is going to 2 next month and I really plan to make bento for her :) Your blog is really cool and did inspires me alot. Thank you so much and happy 2nd anniversary!! :D
Jasmine Foo, Malaysia,

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! Keep Bento-ing!! ^.^
Wynn, Indonesia,

Congrats on your blog anniversary and dedication! I'm a new follower, looking forward to reading your awesome posts!!

Ashlee, USA,

Happy Anniversary 2 yrs. is a long time in the blogging world! I grew up with bento lunches when I was a child in Hawaii. I'm reliving my youth and a bonafide bento box beginner, try saying that 3 times fast! Thank you for the inspiration I need when mine takes a vacation. Keep up the awesome work!
kala,USA,kala717[at]gmail dot com

Congrat's for u'r2 anniversary, your blog very inspiring me. i loved when my daughter looked her bento and she'll say "terima kasih ibu, makanannya lucu deh". thanks a lot bentolicius
Nani, Indonesia,

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful Lunches made with lotsa love.
Clover, Singapore,

dear lia, congrats on ur blog's 2nd anniversary. i'm a mom of one very active boy. ur blog gives me idea of how to present his meal attractively so my boy will finish it happily :) i'm now starting collecting bento stuff n making bento for my hubby too. thanks a bunch :)

venny, indonesia,

Happy happy anniversary =)
i love your bentos! they're such an inspiration <3 ^^

Linda, Germany, die_linda[at]hellokitty[dot]com

Thank you for making such super cute bentos! I love reading your blog and love how you make such lovely bentos less intimidating to make! I look forward to reading more in the future

Kim, USA,

COngrats upon the 2nd anniversary!!
Am so happy for you:)
I have been following your blog since I started bento making and I must admit, your blog is always fascinating and colourful!
Keep up the good work k! :)))

Angie, UK, angeleneteo[at]yahoo dot com dot sg

hi salam kenal..silent reader.. selamat ya! thanks udah sharing membuat bento.. sangat menginspirasi.. GBU!


Lia, happy 2nd blog anniversary! You have such an amazing blog with tremendous amount of inspiration for creating bento! I really love your blog! SunP, USA,

Dear Lia, happy belated blog anniversary! So sad I missed the day :(, I've been such an absent friend lately...
Two years of pure inspiration and happiness from giving me a smile on my face every time I come to visit your beautiful blog! Thank you so much for all ^__^!
I am your big fan and will always be.
Huge hugs to the kids and much of love to you!

congrats for your 2md anniversary
i love your bento creations, it's really cute
you are my inspiration for making bento
thanks for all tips that u gave, those really help me

Rika,Indonesia,riqa_chou[at]yahoo dot com

Happy 2nd Anniversary Lia! Your pretty bentos never fail to inspire me all the time! Please don't stop bento-ing! :)

I always come here to steal your idea on making bento, they are so awesome. How wish i am to get to your stage on making such nice of bentos to my kids in 1 day! Please don't stop bentoing, I need your blog to cheer my life!
Hanny Loo, Malaysia,

awalnya ga sengaja ketemu blognya mba lia.... tp saat itu juga, langs jatuh cinta sama segal sesuatu yang barkaitan dengan bento.sekarang kerjanya tiap hari kerjanya bukaiin terus and ga bosen2 ngeliat dan ngebacanya.
meisy, indonesia.

Happy 2 Anniversary :)
Amey, Indonesia,

I love ur bento soooo much.....and I hope I can be able to make a simple bento for my kid. U're really my inspiration, u're so creative!!!
stephanie, Indonesia,

I'm new to bento making and love reading your site. Your charaben are amazing! I'm still working on incorporating flower cutouts and making the meal look presentable. I'm sure your kids will never grow out of these lunches. :)

Elizabeth, USA,

Hi Lia,
Happy 2nd anniversary
I recently found yr blog, love all yr bento.
They are awesome ;-)...

Gerdy -USA

Happy Anniversary! I LOVE your blog :D

Vanessa, USA ,

Happy Anniversary! Your website has been such an inspiration for me, as I'm sure it has been for many others across the world. I can't wait for another year of beautiful bentos.

Brenda, United States,