Bentolicious #202
Happy Monday all! How was your weekend? I hope everyone had fun and is ready to start the new week. I cooked a lot of Indonesian yellow rice (turmeric rice) last night for the dinner. So this morning, I only needed to reheat everything in this box with the turmeric rice, fried chicken, and Indonesian yellow pickles, except for the cherry tomatoes of course. It saved me a lot of time to prepare this bento with dinner left over. I added a small portion of turmeric rice in a separate small bento box because I know those 2 yellow rice balls won't be enough to fill my kids' tummy. I decorated the rice balls with egg white, nori, and tomato skin so the rice balls look like cats. Chili sauce for the chicken was put separately inside the sauce cup for Big A. While Little A was happy with the tomato sauce only. I'm trying slowly to get Little A to try a mild spicy foods at home. So later, I don't need to cook 2 batches of foods at home - spicy and non-spicy for little A. Big A is already on board for the spicy foods and she loves it so much. As my kids are getting bigger now, I start to think whether the kyaraben bento is still appropriate for them. Or do I need to learn a new style of bento? Still thinking about it.


Rroaaarr... hopefully my imagination is right. It's lion right? xixixi...

The yellow pickles must be very delicious, but too bad.. i have to hold myself for eating sour and spicy foods.hiks..

The overall bento looks adorable and yummy. As usual, I love it!

Can't stop admiring your bento. :)

Hi Lia, I enjoyed looking at your cute and pretty bento. Please don't stop :DD

If were Audrey, I would totally be fine to always get cute bentos even for senior high level. If friends make a joke on it, it just means they do that because they don't have a cute lunch like mine LOL. If I were Andrew... well, may be not hahahaha. Wow, I would be very glad if you invited me for the dinner; nasi kuning + acar kuning + ayam goreng = ajibbb :D. Would you post the recipes on bloglicious? :D

Lia, they are adorable! Everything looks delicious. :)

Happy Monday, Lia...
the cats look happy and delicious too..
Perhaps it is best to talk with both little and big A if kyaraben is still acceptable by them. I am sure their answer will satisfy your curiosity :) nicely deco Lia, normally how long did u spent for those bentos?

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yul! So sweet of you. It's between cat and lion I think hahaha ... What happened to you? Sour and spicy foods are my favorite. My kids will soon follow me :D

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann! As long as the kids still bring their lunch then I will still make bento. Hopefully lol ... :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! When? When? Please come to Jakarta for holiday. I will make a post for turmeric rice cooked in rice cooker soon. I'm struggle to post between 2 blogs hehehe :D

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! I think you are right. I have to ask the kids about that :)

@Elizabeth Wong : Thanks a lot Elizabeth! The duration for my bento making depends on how complicated the character that I make. I can say is about 15 minutes up to 1,5 hours including the cooking time :)

Lia, Happy Belated Birthday! Trust you have had a great birthday celebration. The cats look cute. I love your bentos. They're wonderful indeed.

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang Fang! Very appreciate it. We had a great time together on my birthday dinner. Happy :)

Hi Lia, I've been following your bento blogs for a while. Your bentos are so cute!!! Love them!! I'm just wondering if you would mind posting the recipe for the turmeric rice and the indonesian yellow pickles? I love those but don't know how to cook them! I live all the way in Canada so I really miss some of the asian food back home.

@mish : Thanks a lot for your kind comment! I will try to post the recipes on My Bloglicious next week. Please check it later :) yum yum, sure fingers licking good. :)
Cute pair of cats...I thought of tiger when first saw the photo..hehhe.

@Emily Ng : hehehe ... Cat and tiger are so close :D Thanks a lot Emily!

What a very good combination :D
your kids must be very happy to eat that :)

@Felicia Dita Antefa : Thanks a lot Felicia!

I just had to follow this blog.<3
Everything looks so good.
Plus this gives me inspirations to make some.<3(:

@Czarina : Thanks a lot Czarina for following! Hope you can make your own bento too and join the fun :)