Bentolicious #203
I made a quick bento this morning without any characters in it. Only punched some daikon flowers with the cutter and placed them on the top of the rice. Inside the box I put stir fry chayote & corn, cherry tomato, five spice pork that I cooked in my pressure cooker last night, and salted duck egg. I only needed to stir fry the veggies, reheated the five spice pork, and salted duck egg was boiled last night. So it was pretty quick to put everything inside the box this morning. Kids just got back to the school last week and they already had many home works and projects. Couldn't believe it. Big A is more responsible to do her home work & school projects on her own while Little A always needs to be reminded about his home work & school projects every now and then. So I must check his school agenda everyday after school. And I will need to sit down with him to see whether he needs any helps to do his homework or school project.


Your bento with small daikon's flower is so pretty and cute^^ (I'm sorry I'm french I don't speack very well english!) but I love your blog ^_^ Thank you so much for your creative bento!!!

@Julybentos : Thanks a lot July for your sweet comment!

Hi Lia,
Normally would you prepare next morning breakfast or lunch for kids nite before?need your advice...thanks...cos sometimes i really so rush in the morning, wondering if can prepare those next day bento a day ealier.

@Elizabeth Wong : I never prepare my bento at night. But I do sometimes cook the meat at night and just reheat it in the next morning. Veggies can be cut at night and I can do a quick stir fry in the morning. So while I'm decorating the bento, the meat and the veggies are cooling down. I find that very helpful and saving me a lot of time for bento making :)

simple and pretty bento..

ya.. being a mum is not easy rite? we need to take care of the kids every needs.. :)

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! Who said being mom's job is easy? Is easy if you don't care for your kids. But we aren't like that, aren't we? How hard is that, we always get through it :) *proud mom*

Your works never fail to satisfy my eyes, Lia. This one also makes me curious for the taste hm hm hm... must be yummy.

everything you made are looks wonderful to me hehehehe... and your child really lucky to have a Mom like you, Lia. Smooch =*

Soooo pretty.... I think bento theme like this will be great for Audrey when she enters junior high :D (so girly but not so kiddy). Ah, telur asiiinnn.... I think I need to put it too for my bento ^^

It’s a lovely non-charaben bento. Love it!

So pretty Lia! The food looks yummy too! :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! My cooking for the kids' bento are very simple but at least my kids love it :)

@Oen Priyanto : Thanks a lot Oen! So sweet of you :)

@tatabonita : I think you are right Ta! She probably won't need any charaben bento next year, so better start practicing hehehe ... Thanks a lot Tata! P.S. Salted duck egg is absolutely yum ;)

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang Fang!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

Hehehe, dikasih 3 atau 5 pun sekali makan bisa habis aku kalo telur asin, suka bgt :D. Oh ya mbak Lia, daikon kalo fresh rasanya gmn sih? penasaran nih sm rasanya, jarang makan yg mentah2 nih soalnya hihihihi ^^

@tatabonita : Aku juga suka banget tapi kalo 5 bisa bisulan besoknya Ta LOL ... :D Daikon fresh rasanya kurang enak, mungkin karena nggak biasa makan mentah2. Kalo yg kulitnya pink malah lebih strong lg rasanya. Lebih strong dari rasa wortel dan dari yg kulitnya putih. Kebanyakan aku masaknya buat sop seperti soto Bandung atau pakai iga sapi / babi.

Kalo buat soto bandung ai sukaaa bgt, seger bgt soalnya. Hemm... orang jepang kok suka dan bisa ya makan mentah2 gitu hihihihi