Bentolicious #204
Today's bento featured white dogs inspired by Ocha-Ken. I made an Ocha-Ken before here. I made exactly the same bento in the afternoon plus one snack bento for the interview by one of the local tabloids. They thought I was making bento for business such as kid's party catering and bento class ... hahaha ... I really never thought to turn my bento making into business because this is a pure hobby and I'm quite happy with my bento blogging. No pressure :D Inside the white dog bento box : rice balls, cucumber pickle for food divider, cherry tomato, soy sauce chicken, and stir fry enoki mushroom & yellow paprika. Inside the snack bento box : bread stuffed with chicken floss & sesame seeds (shaped into bear), bread rolls with strawberry and blueberry jams, strawberries, melon, blood orange, and orange.


I want to eat the bear bread. ;o

Lia, if you turned a business you would support your bento accumulation hobby! You are getting expert with the stuffed bread balls; so cute!

@Czarina : You can have it! hehehe ... :)


@sheri fujihara chen : I'm very good this past month. Not much bento stuffs shopping hehehe ... Thanks a lot Sheri for your kind comment as always :)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn!

So cute Lia! Your bento business would be a success, you are so creative!

What a pair of winsome, sweet bentos! Always a refreshing break to visit your site and emjoy your bento artistry, Lia!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! I'm happy with what I'm doing right now. Just making bento, blogging, and have fun hihihi ... :D

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn!

I just love your presentation.. that makes the difference.. :) so much to learn from you..

yea.. why you dont' what to get into the business as you are a happy and contented mother of 2.. :)

congrats for the interview Lia..:) Love your little doggies, so cute..^^

Very nice bento sets
Love how you do with the cucumber pickle...!

Yeayyy!!! Congrats for the interview :D. Yeah, I'm totally with you; it's purely a genuine love for bento making and I really enjoy it. Some friends have asked me for bento catering but I keep refusing that; if they want to try my bento I'll happily make free for them (for 1, 2, or 3 bentos of course hehehe). Love to know that nowadays many people make bento as their business :D. I surely have special place for those cute green doggies, and your bread-y snack bento is always inspiring :D

it looks delicious! ♥
want to try it~♥

@Bobo : Thanks a lot! You will find the style that you are comfortable with eventually :)

@Rachel Hei : Thanks a lot Rachel!

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Tata! Can you make me one of your cute bento? hihihi ... :D

@Felicia Dita Antefa : Thanks a lot Felicia!

Both white dogs & bears are so cute. Congratz on the tabloids'interview. Hope you'll also publish your very-own bento book in the near future.

So cute the birds!!
I couldn't eat them! :S

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang Fang for your kind comment!

ni Lia Chen, the bear bear ball is so cute. How do you shape it??

@Elizabeth Wong : Thanks a lot Elizabeth! I use plastic wrap to shape the bear. I will post the step-by-step pictures very soon :)