Bentolicious #206
Kids had 2 days school break for the first two days of the fasting month. My kids' school didn't have any break for the beginning of the fasting month before. This year is the first time they have it. Before I forgot, to all my Moslem blogger friends / readers, I would like to say Happy Ramadhan! Hope your fasting will go smoothly during this fasting month. May God bless all of you!
Today's bento was actually yesterday's bento for Little A. Big A has a group school project and this time she had to do the project at her friend's house from 9AM-1PM. I made this bento, because Little A came with me to drop Big A and went to grocery shopping. I was a bit worry that he would feel hungry because we had late lunch after picking up Big A. So I tried to put everything in the box some foods that were easy for him to eat in the car. Inside the box : rice wrapped in egg crepes, tiny pork sausages with cucumber, stir fry veggies (carrot, daikon, mushroom). Today, no bento making in my kitchen. I just arranged school catering for the kids as they requested. So will make bento again tomorrow :)


Too cute :)))

lina_to_u said : Thanks a lot Lina!

Cute idea for pointy ears! Love your creativity Lia :D

so cute. Lia, you seem never lack of idea.

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Your comment always encourages me so much :)

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang! I got many days without inspiration for my bento making and those days were my kids ended up with school catering hahaha ... :D

Love the party elves to the last bit! So cute and petite! :)

Heehee, they are so cute! I love their pointy ears! :)

Winsome little elves are perfect with party hats. Loving your deft and sweet bento style, Lia!

Cute elves! Love them!

wow! a delicious combination! it's so cute :3

@KidsDreamWork : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! Only put everything inside. Those petit elves were easy to make and easy to be gobbled up hehehe ... :D

@Felicia Dita Antefa : Thanks a lot Felicia!

This is such a cute bento, I love your festive elves, they have such a personality! I always have easy to eat snacks for the car when my daughter was little too. Funny they seem to do better than we think, but then I didn't have a boy, maybe they get really hungry! :)

so cute Elves...:) the nose is so round and red :D