Bentolicious #210
Tomorrow is a pubic holiday to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. I made today's bento to match the theme for the Independence Day, a boy with a party hat and the red & white flags which are the colors for Indonesian flag. Inside the box : Indonesian yellow/tamarind rice, stir fry green bean with corn, shredded sunny side up egg, and sweet chili sesame prawns. Usually in our neighborhood, we have some competitions for the kids and also for the adults. I don't know about this year because I have not received any notification regarding the event. Probably because this week is still in the fasting month, anyway ... we are planning to eat out and watch a movie tomorrow. Will be back to make bento again on Thursday. Happy Independence Day!!


Happy Indonesian Idependance Day! Enjoy your holiday.

Happy Independence Day to Indonesia!
Now I know its on the 17 Aug, Malaysia National Day is coming soon too.. ;)
I like the flag and shredded sunny side up.. hmm.. what a unique idea..:)

happy holiday, Lia...
Don't eat too many krupuks hahahaha
the boy looks lovely

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary!

@Bobo : Thanks a lot Bobo! Sunny side up give us 2 colors, so it just great to add colors in our bento :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! Happy holiday for you too ... You know who will be so happy for the eating 'krupuk' competition? LITTLE A hahaha :D

Hurrayyyy...happy independence day for Indonesia... yeah, you're right mbak Lia because of this is a fasting month so competition on this August. and maybe if there were any competition, much people will be go home with starving feeling after followed it hahahahaha...

Happy Independence Day!
I love the way you made the two color flags!

@Oen Priyanto : Yes, that's true. I think many peoples will fail their fasting so better not hehehe ... Thanks for your comment! Happy to read it :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri!

Salam kemerdekaan! Btw, your cute flags remind me of my home when we are celebrating our national birthday hehe. Yummm... the shrimps look DELICIOUS :D~~

@tatabonita : Thanks Ta! Did you arrange some competitions for your students? Or probably you vs your students hehehe :D