Bentolicious #211
I must be hallucinating this morning. I thought I heard the sound of the rain outside but it actually was nothing coming down from the sky. No rain at all this week, and we are all longing for the rain. Hope the dry season will be over soon. My kids are now bringing a big 1L water bottle to the school to avoid dehydration. Every time I pick them up, I bring extra bottles for them to drink in the car. Some of their classmates have been down with sore throat, cough, and flu. I kept telling the kids to drink a lot of water between the lessons. Kids are allowed to put the bottle on their table, so they can drink anytime they want without asking permission to the teacher. I promised to Little A to make Pokemon bento this week so I made one this morning, a Pokemon's character called Minccino or also known as Chillarmy. I saw it from kids' Pokemon book and looked pretty easy to make. I used rice ball, nori, fish ball, and red paprika to make this character. Inside the box : asam chicken (you can find the recipe here), cherry tomato, cucumber, and stir fry Chinese spinach sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Oh, it's cute too! I like the cute ones better, heh. I hope you get some rain soon! It can be hard for kids to remember to drink enough. We don't have that problem; I'd happily send you our wet morning fog if I could!

chillarmy is so paprika-ly cute!!

The weather is confusing, we have dry season but the air is very cold. The chilling air always tortures me from night to dawn *sigh. Yesterday, I suffered from flu and fever. Btw, is the cute monster celebrating our Independence Day? It comes in red and white LOL :D

Yeah, it is so dry out there
sweet Minccino...

Like it. So cute!

@sheri fujihara chen : Thank you Sheri! Please send it over here ... Need that ASAP hehehe :D

@Xelia : Thanks a lot Xelia! I had half red paprika left in the fridge. Too lazy to make egg sheet :)

@tatabonita : Your place will always have a colder weather from here, lucky you! Can we switch place? Hope you are getting better from your flu and fever. Take care Tata :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : I want to take shower again and again or just sink inside my bathtub lol ... :D

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot! Hope your place is not as hot as here :)

Looks really cute! love it!!

wow...this one is CUTE. :) Minccino...first time to hear this name(so out-dated)..hehe.
Weather here is hot too, but at least it will rain sometimes, so not as dry as your place I think. Stay cold and drink more water. :)

@Anncoo : Thanks a lot Ann!

@Emily Ng : Thanks a lot Emily! I wouldn't know if I didn't see it from the book. Too many characters in Pokémon. Can't remember all like the kids. I guess my old brain will hang if I do that LOL :D

Mmm, he looks so cute and delicious! Hope you get some rain soon.. our super hot heat wave has gone and we have quite mild summer weather right now. Is it bad to wish for a slightly hotter weather? Yes yes, it's bad. lol. Stay cool!

Oooh, he's so cute! I'm only familiar with a couple of Pokemon characters. I'm sure one day A-chan will want me to know more :)

I hope that you get some rain soon! We are very dry with no rain in a long time as well.

I'm really admiring your talent. Minccino turned so lovely. Asam chicken looks tempting too, thanks for sharing the recipe.

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! I grew up in tropical country. I have to be used to this kind of hot weather. But I really want the weather cooling down a little bit. I don't ask too much, do I? hehehe :D

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! A lot of Pokemon characters, I don't think I can keep up and remember them all too as our kids do :)

@Fang Fang : Thanks a lot Fang for your sweet comment as always :)