Bentolicious #216
This morning, I only cooked beef soup and rice for lunch bento. I didn't bother to make any decorations for today's lunch bento, instead I tried to decorate today's quick snack bento for the kids. Two bread balls stuffed with beef floss inside. Decorated it with black beans, nori, and cheese to make this black and white buddies. I put some fruits (strawberries, seedless grapes, oranges) from the fridge inside the box. This was quick to make, I meant like really quick. This afternoon we will be cleaning the whole playroom downstairs. Kids will be helping to clean their library and I will be working to clean the other shelves in the room. During the 1 week holiday next week, my husband and I will give some house chores for kids to do. No bento for next week but see you all soon after the holiday. I might be posting something on My Bloglicious during the holiday since no bento making will be happening next week. See you all after the holiday! Have a wonderful weekend and wish an early Happy Eid for friends who celebrate it :)


cute big eyes.. haha!

It's so amazing to me how you can make the simplest stuff so cute! I love it!

mbak lia this is so cute although it simple. have a nice holiday....

hmmm it's so yummy tummy....ssslllrrrpppp....^^

Aww such a cute snack!

This is sooo much fun to eat! I so need someone to make me and my girl bento like this one! Ya know I suck at making cute stuff ^0^;
Have a wonderful holiday Lia!

Quick bento but totally adorable, Lia...:D)!! I am finally back again to the blogging world ;), I still have one week holiday but then I have to get back to work. But it's not that bad looking back that I have done quite a lot of things during my holiday :). Enjoy your time with your family, Lia :)!

@prince n princess mum : hehehe ... thanks!

@BlueFrogJ : Thanks a lot Jenn for your kind comment!

@Oen Priyanto : Thanks a lot Oen! Hope you enjoy your holiday with friends and families :)

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn!

@babykins : Thanks a lot Izumi! I always hungry when I saw your bento. So can we exchange our bento? hehehe :D

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Sin! Glad to have you back in bento world. Always love to see your bento making. Back to routine is not something bad, totally agree :)

Aww, so cute Lia! They look like Po from Kung Fu Panda. :)

Love the cute expressions! Have a lovely holiday :)

I just found your blog and I would love to know how to make the stuffed bread balls. I think my kids would really like them. And what is beef floss?
Thank you,

Hi Lia, are you able to share how you made the bread ball? Did you use normal slice bread from brands like Gardenia? Thank you!

Hi Lia, are you able to share how you made the bread ball? Did you use normal sliced bread from brands like Gardenia? Thank you!

wow! i just discovered your blog via fabsugar and all i can say is wow... you are fabulous and as a new mom of twins, i'm definitely going to be following your blog!

wish you had a happy holiday, Lia
I adore the roundness face of this snack bento. I tried once but not so flawlessly round like yours hehehe your kids get something cute everyday? They are so lucky. I do make some cute food for my son to bring to school, but only maybe once every other month. Haha...I really am not a morning person ;p
Can't wait to see your new bento! You've always had the cutest idea!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan!

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot Steph!

@Heather : I'm planning to take some step-by-step pictures on tips section very soon. Working on it ... Please check it later this week :) Floss is dried sweetened meat pulled to separate the fibers and spun until it has the texture of crispy cotton candy. Very common in South East Asia. Can be made from pork, beef, chicken, and fish.

@Twenty3 : I will try to post the step-by-step pics very soon. I use the sandwich bread, any brand should be ok :)

@Jiyoonie : Thanks a lot Jiyoonie! Wow ... mom of twins is cool! My sister also had twins. Hope you can try to make bento for your kids. Doesn't have to be complicated, most important is healthy foods :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Hi Yen! I'm really going to post the step-by-step pictures since I got so many requests. Hope the tips can be helpful later :)

@Tiffany : Hi Tiffany! Try to do everyday but sometimes got uninspired so I not everyday actually hehehe ... As long as my kids still want it then I will prepare it for them ;)

Another cute bear. Like fine art. Sometime I just wonder how you can come out with such a good ideal & skill. If I happan go to Jakarta, must visit you & learn some skill from you. Ha Ha.. Or if you happan to visit SABAH, do drop by for your Bento class.

That looks so cute and delicious! It reminds me of the disney movie Kung Fu Panda lol

hi Lia Chen, yea me too since long time ago wan keen to knw how to make a stuffed bread balls, using plastic paper to shape n fix the ball shape? and how to stick the bread tips? looking fwd to see the step o..

Really missed visiting your blog Lia for all these adorable bentos, they are just too cute! :)

hi, im very new in bento. would like to ask, the black beans used for decoration, can they be eaten?

will your children know what can be eaten and what not?

and the lettuce used for garnishing, your children will eat them plain as well?



@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot! You are so sweet. No worries, you can do it too :)

@Gigi Baby : Thanks a lot! Yeah ... sometimes we got inspired here and there :)

@KidsDreamWork : Thanks a lot Ai Ping! I have fun making all bento for my kids :)

@curiositykills : Yes, the black beans can be eaten. I usually put everything that can be eaten by kids in the bento and to decorate :)