Bentolicious #218
I made Pokemon bento again today because my boy wanted me to make some characters that he chose last week. Beside Pokemon, he also chose some other characters from Sonic the Hedgehog. I then ended up choosing Shaymin, who has a small hedgehog-like appearance. The character I made was its evolution type, a raindeer-like appearance. If your kids are a Pokemon fans then I believe you are very familiar with the 'evolution' term here. Evolving Pokemon usually has new powers or skills which make them stronger. I did a quick cooking this morning for kids' bento. Inside the box : rice, sliced omelet on the top of the rice, chicken rolls with teriyaki sauce, and stir fry veggies (green beans, carrots, big chilli). Today is another hot day to bear. If you are in the same weather with me, please take care and drink a lot so we can survive the heat.


Your creativity amazes me. I so can't do this type of bento. I love looking at your posts each day.

Okay I don't know Shaymin but I bet MM does, and it's very cute too! Love it! Did you flip through the directory book? That's what I have to do, heh. It has to be simple for me to attempt it. I bet they loved this one!

@Jenn : Thanks a lot Jenn! The kids sometimes requested their favorite characters, so it's a challenge for me but sometimes I just ignored it if too hard to make lol ... :D

Mummy always do their best to fulfill their love one. Lucky him.

I will know him once my boys reach the same age as little A's! hehehe
So neat and lovely :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Hi Sheri! I bet MM does too. Yes, I have to borrow their Pokemon book to find out the character. Otherwise I have no clue except for Pikachu hahaha ... :D I planned to make before and after evolution character for Shaymin but not enough time to make both.

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary! But mommy isn't so great so please give mommy an easy character to make hehehe :D

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Thanks a lot Yen! The Pokemon character is growing more and more, I don't know when the kids will give up on Pokemon :)

Lia, you are such a sweet mom! hmm I dunno this character either, but you're so right! Sometimes the number of characters just keep on growing and I just lost track. LOL!

@Bento Cat : Thanks a lot Shanna! It seems like Pokemon bento will never end :D

I remember when all the Pokemon were either Pikachu or Squirtle...I feel old. But I know that pretty soon I'll have to make a few pokemon bentos to please the horde. Have a great (and as cool as possible) day, Lia! ^^

His green details are so cool! I've never seen this Pokemon before... looks like I'm going to need to start playing again!

You're really so good at carving eggsheet...! I bought a cutter from Daiso to make characters from eggsheet or cheese, but I haven't got the guts to do so, seems to be so complicated, maybe one day... For the time being I will just enjoy looking at your beautiful eggsheet creations :D)!

@AikoVenus : Thanks a lot Bou Shin! Pokemon is a great source for kid's bento because they are so many characters in it. Have fun making one :)

@OhayoBento : Thanks a lot Heather! I will never able to memorize all the character's name like the kids do :)

@Cooking Gallery : Thanks a lot Shin! Once you try then you will know is not hard at all. Your bento already looks so pretty without using an egg sheet. Just do it the way you feel comfortable with :)

Eesh eesh eesh... I do want to spy you when you're making your egg sheet; I have to see it directly hehehehe. No matter how I tried it's so hard for me to come up with the one just like yours ^^

My kiddo would LOVE this, she is a huge pokemon fan. Your egg sheets are cut out so perfectly, what do you do to get is so exact? Another wonderful bento you made!

Oh my goodness, so cute!! The facial expression is fabulous, your so talented!

Super cute Lia! Paige loves Pokemon! :)

love how cute this is. Is the lettuce under the stir-fried a bet to prop those goodies up?

so nice!

omg! blognya lucu bgt!! keren2 foto2 bento nya, sukaaaaaa

Adorable! I love your pokemon bento's, they are always so detailed!

@tatabonita : Then you are welcome to come to my kitchen anytime you are in Jakarta :) Thanks Tata!

@Big Momma : Thanks a lot! I use X-Acto knife that you can get from your local craft store. It sure helps a lot to make a precise cut on the egg sheet :)

@Mommyof2girlz : Thanks a lot Steph for your sweet comment!

@Susan Yuen : Thanks a lot Susan! It's fun if my kids can meet your kids :)

@Mary : Thanks Mary! I put the lettuce so the rice won't be mixed with the chicken sauce :)

@prince n princess mum : Thanks a lot dear!

@dinky : Thanks a lot Din! Seneng deh akhirnya bisa liat blog-mu juga :)

@Mischievous Mack : Thanks a lot! So many Pokemon characters, but I only can make the simple one :)

wow i love Pokemon Bentos, when i have time a make also Pokemonbentos^^




wow yours is very cute

@melonpan : Thanks a lot for your comment! Glad to see your Pokemon bento too :)