Tips - Stuffed Bread Character
I don't prepare any bento for this week. I don't even know what I'm busy at ... but I feel so lost. My boy was a bit disappointed because no bento for this week. Next week I will be just preparing bento for 3 days as I will be traveling to Singapore on Thursday morning and will be back on Sunday morning. I feel so unproductive in bento making now. This morning after the kids went to school, I prepared this step-by-step pictorial on how to make stuffed bread character as many of you have been asking for it. I'm so sorry that I didn't make this earlier, partly because I knew that you can find out from many bento books on how to do it. I can't take the credit from this pictorial but I'm happy to post it just to share it with all of you.

Make sure that all the tools are clean and hygiene before you use them.
You can combine different kind of sandwich breads like pandan bread (green), whole wheat bread (light brown), kabocha bread (yellow), yam and purple potato bread (purple), bamboo charcoal bread (black), choco bread (dark brown) ..... I even spotted pink bread that some of Japanese bento maker used. Alternatively, you can use food spray from Wilton to make different color layers from the white bread. Don't worry, even if you only get white bread to use, you can still make this stuffed bread character for your bento. I'm just showing some options that you can use so you can get more creative to make your own stuffed bread character.
These cuts are useful for folding the bread later.
If you are happy with the shapes then you can open the cling wrap. You might need to trim a little bit from the bottom part of the stuffed bread.
You can also use other things such as jelly balls, nori, bread crust, egg sheet, beans, cheese, food picks and a lot more that you can think of to decorate the character. I usually use what I have in my fridge and in my kitchen.
Hopefully this pictorial can be useful. Is not too hard right? You can always write your question in the comment box and I will try my best to answer it. Have fun in creating your own stuffed bread character and wish everyone a great weekend!!


Wooo this would be a great help for cute-ben beginners like me! Thank you Lia!
Have a happy weekend, too!

Hi Lia, very helpful tutorial
yes, I read once in bento book but I still confused. Especially I wonder about if the bottom part remain closed after we remove the cling wrap. I will give it a try.

Have a great weekend yourself.

Hope little A will understand your situation

aww..cute bear bear!

Hi Lia, Thanks for such a detailed guidelines. Indeed, it's very useful. Have a great weekend too!

Hi, thank you very much for taking time out to do this setp-by-step! Have a good weekend!

@babykins : Enjoy your weekend with family and friends! Thanks Izumi for your kind comment :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Yes, you will need to squeeze the bottom part with cling wrap otherwise the bottom part will open widely and the filling will come out. Just 'whatsapp' me if you have any troubles hehehe :D Enjoy your weekend Yen!

@Fang Fang : Thanks Fang! Happy Friday and have fun this weekend :)

Thanks a lot for the tips. It's very useful. Btw, cute bear.. :)

@Twenty3 : No worries! And have a great weekend too for you :)

@mama elaine : Thanks a lot Yul! I know you won't have any problems to make the stuffed bread ;)

Your bear is always look so cute & thanks for sharing your tips.

One day will make this cute bear for my children. Happy weekend

This is so awesome Lia! Thank you! Ah yes.. sometimes there's no need to know why we feel out of sorts and busy as bees.. It just happens. Have a wonderful weekend and have a great trip to Singapore! Hope you are able to get some "mommy only" time so you can recharge. xo

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary! Hope you can try it soon :)

@ChantaleP : Hello Chantale! The trip should be canceled but I can't have my refund for my ticket so hope I can enjoy it and have 'me time' for 2 days there. Hope you are enjoying your day and happy weekend!

Thank you for sharing the pictorial! I don't have access to many bento books that are in english - this is wonderful :) I love your bentos, hope you keep sharing. happy day to you :)

Thank you for the tips, Lia. This is very helpful. I will definitely try it soon. Take care!

@wyowoman : Thanks Kristin! Hope I can post more tips in the future and share them with all of you. Happy weekend! :)

@Anna : Hope you can try it! Have fun and thanks Anna!

this tips are very usefull thaks a lot mbak lia...

hey, that' so sweet, you are good 55

Good clear instructions THANKS, I will be trying this one! Wilton food spray is a great idea to color bread I would never have thought of it!

@Oen Priyanto : Glad that you find it useful Oen! Thanks :)

@Chefdevil : Thanks a lot!

@Big Momma : Happy to share! Hope you can try it soon. Thanks :)

Dear Lia Chen
Thanks somuch for the wonderful sharing.I'm going tontry it tonite or tomorrow k daughter gonna love it much for sure!thanks!

So cool and clever. Very nice tutorial Lia.

@Elizabeth Wong : No worries! This is not totally my idea but from the bento book. But glad I took some pics and put it on the blog. Please let me know the result later :)

@Jenn : Thanks Jenn! Hope this is useful for you too :)

This tutorial is perfect!
In Germany you can´t get bread with all these coulors, or are they selfmade?
Your blog is really great!

@nicekitty : I bought the bread from the bakery shop. I think you can also make your own but unfortunately I don't have the recipe. Anyway, thanks a lot for reading my blog! Hope I can share more tips in the future :)