Bentolicious #219
I'm back! I have been in MIA mode for the last 2 weeks from blogging. My kids were sitting in the mid-test 2 weeks ago and went home around 11AM. So I didn't prepare any bento for them. After the mid-test, the school hours is back to normal which means I should be back in bento making. I was busy last week since hubby was doing his Master program again in Singapore and India. So I didn't have much time to check the blogs and twitter. So sorry about no-update from me. During my absence in blogging, I just posted some pictures from my mobile phone to Instagram. If you have an account on Instagram then you can check my pictures. I use the same ID with my twitter's ID : bentolicious. 
One of my best friends had lost her husband from heart attack last Thursday morning, which put me in shock because I never heard that her husband had a heart problem before. I knew she was in a big shock too when she called me around 8AM. I couldn't believe it and was blank in few moments until I texted my husband. Thursday until Sunday became a very long day, I tried to give my support to her, being with her almost everyday. I hope God will give her and her kids strength so they can move on.
This week, a lot of routines changes for the kids which effect me too. Big A will have enrichment class at school twice a week and additional lessons at home for National exam twice a week with a tutor. Starting from now on, I will make a post at night after the kids go to sleep. And my bento making hour is changing from early in the morning to after kids go to school. It means I will send the bento 1 hour before lunch time to school from now on. Inside the boxes : rice, squirrel (made from yellow & white egg sheets, nori, jelly ball, food pick, lettuce), stir fry veggies (bean sprouts, carrots, ear wood mushroom, red paprika, spring onion), chicken cooked with dark soy sauce & rice wine, and cherry tomatoes.


So sweet of the squirrel, Lia and welcome back.
Must be a big shock for your friend and also for you. Hope the family is given the strength to move on. God Bless

@Journal Mommy Yenny : Hi Yen! Thanks a lot for your warm comment! Are you still in your business trip?

I love this squirrel! Must pin it!!

Thanks for participating in the meme at Bento Blog Network!

What a cute squirrel ....
And I am so sorry for your best friend's loss ... I know it must be so hard.

@Diana : Thanks a lot Diana for organizing and hosting it! Love to join in with others (^.^)

@Lina Gladman : Thanks a lot Lin!

Yes, I am, Lia. This week is in Santiago.
Anything you want me to bring you from here?

Oh my goodness, what a terrible thing to happen to your friend and her family. She is fortunate to have found strength and support in you during this difficult time of her life. Hugs to you too.
Love your squirrel! Best to your kids as they finish their mid-terms. I'm sure they did wonderfully!

welcome back Lia! having missing you and your post already..hehe..
yea.. life is so unexpected.. we must cherish our family..

@Journal Mommy Yenny : No Yen! Just come back safely, meanwhile enjoy your trip ... have fun :)

@sheri fujihara chen : Thanks a lot Sheri! Kids did well during mid-test, they had good marks. Now, I'm concentrating on Big A's National Exam. She will soon leave primary school level to secondary school. I'm nervous already lol ... :D

@Bobo : Thanks a lot! Miss you too. You are so right, we have to cherish every moment with our family. Nobody knows what will happened ... But believe that God never leave us :)

So glad to have you back Mbak Lia :D. Send my pray to your best friend that she'll always be loved by Him. Btw, I love the yellow theme of this post :D

@tatabonita : Thanks a lot Ta! I was deliberately use everything yellow. Hope not too boring :D