Bentolicious #220
I made a naughty monkey for today's bento. He is naughty because he throws bananas everywhere. The bananas are from fruits picks set that I bought long long time ago at Daiso. I used them here for another monkey bento that I created before. October is the month of breast cancer awareness and Halloween. I am thinking to make pink ribbon bento next week. And I am starting to dig some ideas for Halloween bento. For sure I don't want to create something scary for my kids' bento. This month will be fun in bento making. I think I will see many pink ribbon bento and Halloween bento floating around blogs. Inside the box : rice, monkey (made from yellow and brown color egg sheet, nori, banana picks, tofu), creamy corn, cherry tomato, stir fry cabbage with chilli & spring onion, and roasted chicken with honey & five spice powder.


Lia , your naughty monkey is so cut, not scary at all. I have to make a Halloween bento this year. I am so far behind. I do like getting ideas from you!

@Lyndsey : Thanks a lot Lyndsey! I love our bento community. We just get inspired by each other :)

Hi Lia, Seems like long time did not visit you...sorry, been quite busy and tired lately but when I saw your naughty monkey makes me so alert :D So cute!!

Ha ha! So funny. Naughty monkey. I have got to get cracking and make some Halloween bento myself. I can't believe I haven't done one yet.

OH MY!!!! you never fail to amaze me!! always always always love your bento crations ^__^

Lol! Have him throw one my way!

Festive and lighthearted, this was just the bento to look at after a long and rather silly day...what great flavors too--love the combo of honey and five spice powder, inspiring, Lia!

hahahhaa..his face expression is certainly a naughty one.
Ohhh, no..I haven't had a time to dig the ideas for halloween bento...

haha.. Cheecky Monkey! ya.. will be anticipating your pink ribbon and halloween bentos!

Welcome back Lia,
Another fine job & so cute. Looking forward on your Pink Ribbon Bento.

I have been following your blog and am looking forward to your new bento everyday.
May I know how long you take to prepare these bento each day? Looks a lot of art work to me.

@Ann : Me too. So sorry missed out so many post of yours. I'm trying to switch to the new routines so I can have sometime for my online life lol ... Thanks Ann! Don't forget to rest and hope your day will slow down a bit :)

@Lina Gladman : Thanks a lot Lin! Always so sweet :)

@Sonoma Bento : Thanks a lot Michelle! I haven't start any Halloween bento too. I'm sure you will manage to make it very soon :)

@Ohayo Bento : Are you sure? hehehe ... Thanks a lot Heather!

@Bentobird : Thanks a lot Jenn! I'm trying a lot of new recipes lately and making a note to which one that my kids like :)

@Journal Mommy Yenny : You can make one after your business trip. No pressure dear!

@Bobo : I knew you have started the Halloween theme bento. I will follow you soon :)

@Mary Chey : Thanks a lot Mary! Love to read your comment. Hope I can find the idea, wish me luck :)

@EIN : My bento making time is so vary from 30 minutes - 2 hours (including cooking time). I usually cut out the cooking time in the morning, so I just need to decorate the bento in the morning. I cook the meat at night, put in the freezer and re-heat in the morning. Veggies are cut at night, so I just need to stir fry them in the morning.

He's just too cute! I love the way he is outlined in the brown color, it is very eye-catching :)

Lia, so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. So young and so tragic. I hope she is okay. Will take so much time to heal. I am thinking of her.
Your bentos are always so fun, so intricate and so imaginative! I love it. I know how busy life can get. I'm trying to catch up as well and failing miserably. Busiest time for my job right now is.. now. lol. Can't wait to see your halloween themed bentos!

Hi Lia! I've known you from twitter, but never had a chance to visit your blog till now. Oh my goodness, you make crazy bento!!! I'm so impressed by your talent! I grew up with bento from junior high but my mom wasn't a good bento maker...and so I am. I have 5 year son and 3 year old daughter that I'll need to make bento everyday from next year. Your site will help me inspired to make cute bento box!

@Natakiya : Thanks a lot Natakiya! The outline definitely shows the layers, so my egg sheets are not too flat :)

@Nami : Hi Nami! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and to leave your lovely comment! My kids still love to take kyaraben bento to school, so whenever I make one I will blog it. And for some busy and uninspired days, they just go with school catering for lunch hehehe ... (^.^)

@ChantaleP : Thanks a lot Chantale! You are one of the sweet and caring friends that I knew. I thought my life will be less busier when the kids are bigger ... apparently not lol :D Please take care of your health even in your busiest days.